Anime Opinions: Happy Sugar Life v2

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Trigger warning: spoilers, good taste.

Where we last left off, I had just finished the three best anime episodes of this season (technically also the only three episodes of the season I watched). So what did I think about the rest? Well… it’s complicated.




Pink-hair and blue-hair live in an apartment together. Both have warped views of the world cuz of some gay trauma or w/e. Over the course of the series it’s revealed that pink-hair is obsessed with blue-hair and has kept her locked in an apartment cuz she’s a hoarder or something, and blue-hair is okay with this because her mom did the same thing to her. May as well keep the streak going.

Anyway, pink-hair kills a couple people and then dies herself cuz how else could you end the show? Now that we’re on the same page, let’s both bask in my perfect thoughts.



Things that are sugoi about Happy Sugar Life


The OP is hype af.


The rape and murder is rather satisfying.

Genderswapped Kavanaugh x Ford is my fetish. <3

Plus, if this scene didn’t get your own blood flowing, perhaps you aren’t really alive. Though, uh, if that’s the case, my bed’s got an open spot.


Crazy eyes.

Any yandere series needs crazy eyes. Wanna see my collection?



Ryona is a good girl.

Consummate best girl, you will never find a more selfless character.

Also, I still jack off to this scene on the reg:


Okay, she looks like an amorphous blob in that last one, but when she smothers his face it makes up for it.


Nice ending.

When pink-hair comes up with a plan to have her aunt burn their apartment complex’s floor down to provide cover for pink-hair and blue-hair’s homeless shelter honeymoon, and then the two of them decide to go back to get some stupid fucking jewelry or someshit, I kinda tuned out the shitshow that was about to result.

Perked up temporarily at this, ofc.

Then I saw the two MCs jump off a 12-story building and had to rewind to see if this was some ill-advised escape attempt or if the show really had the balls I was praying would be slammed into my sexy face.

And it did.

When I saw that blue-hair proposed that she and pinkie should just jump off the building and kill themselves so they could be together forever… Well, damn, that was the only point in the series that blue actually shed her NPC skin.

Fuckpuppets are nice, of course, but seeing that little girl grow into a crazy bitch of her own right brought a tear to my eye.

Too bad pink-hair had to die for the author’s plothole sins ;_;

And in the final scene, instead of the pithy “oh, now that blue-hair is out of all these bad situations, and she’s back in society, she can live as a normal girl!” cop-out bullshit you’d expect from a hospital setup, it’s shown that she’s now just as fucked as pink-hair ever was.

I was wondering how many outs the show had to justify its existence, and… yeah, the ending really was one of them.

Too bad the rest of the show couldn’t be as good.



Things that made me want to end my own Happy Sugar Life

The (male) characters suck.

Blondie is a whiny pedophile…

…black parade is an impotent do-nothing…

…and teacher-sensei doesn’t even swallow.

Before some nobody with a worthless degree comes in and says something about how ‘guys being bad is the point’, please note that it’s completely possible to have well-built characters the audience can despise, without resorting to sitcom writing.

Like, Shinji Ikari-san-kun is shit but he may be the best written bad boy of all time. Fight me.


The official TL (and encode) is awful. Like, it’s really fucking bad.

I shouldn’t hold this against the show, but I do.


Not enough lesbo sex.

This is the closest we got, and while I did try to masturbate to it, I had to finish off with my mirror.

Get with the times, ladies. It’s not shoujo-ai until at least two fingers are in.


No real direction.

This show never had an intriguing endgame to look forward to. I mean, “how long can I kidnap this kid?” is a fun game to play, but it’s a doomed venture cuz either the cops are gonna get you or the kid’s gonna hit puberty.

I feel it.

All in all, I got out of episode 1 what I got out of episode 5 what I got out of episode 8: not a whole fucking lot. Happy Sugar Life isn’t afraid to repeat itself, but there’s only so long you can circle the public toilet bowl before someone flushes.


Oh yeah.

Here’s some screens I can’t do anything with cuz now I’m bored and just wanna post this. I guess that counts as a knock against the show?


Love ya too, babe~




The show’s honestly a 6. Bluntly, it’s nothing but bad torture porn. But cheap steak is still steak, so this gets an 8.

Suck it, libtards.

5 thoughts on “Anime Opinions: Happy Sugar Life v2”

  1. I’ve been waiting patiently for this post. I really liked Satou so I was able to look past all the dumb shit and still enjoy it.

  2. I got bored of the manga at some point and didn’t care much for the adaptation but I enjoyed this post, so it’s a net positive.

  3. I ended up picking this show up because of your review. Although, obviously, because of the spoilers I had to delay by a couple of months until the liquor wiped my hard drive clean.
    Marathoning the entire show at once makes the dullness im the middle seem much less noticeable and the memorable things (the neck stabbing, the oba-san, the suicide, the broken loli)really made it seem like a worthwhile endeavour.
    Pink made the show and I can really relate to her and the “happy sugar life” when I come home to my daki. However, the daki smells like a different kind of milk.

    Thanks Dark_Sage, you really came through for me!


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