Part 1 of a 3-part series on K-pop drama.

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Section 1: An Introduction to Daud Kim

“Astagfilullah! Lord forgive me! I will never forgive myself!”

A Turkish muslim girl screams and sobs as she records a half-naked K-pop Youtuber on her TikTok app.

Daud Kim, a failed wannabe South Korean pop star, had grown to 2 million subscribers after his “conversion” to Islam. He was slumped and sitting at the foot of a staircase, slowly putting on his clothes.

The girl had allegedly woken up to find herself undressed with Daud straddled on top of her, attempting to insert himself, covering her mouth to stifle her protests. He had asked her friend if he could spend the night because he was “too drunk” to go home himself after a night of socializing, and her friend had given him a couch to sleep on without her knowing.

Daud had entered her unlocked room to commit his deed after finding that her friend’s door was locked:

How did it come to this? I scrolled back to one of his earlier videos. Daud sat ugly and droopy eyed, hunched over while awkwardly sneaking looks at the face of his middle eastern interviewee, flickering between a timid, cowed shyness and (in his mind) coy flirtation.

But in his latest video before the “oppalogy” series, Daud had now donned a cocky carefully crafted smirk, as if trying to portray a lightly cynical and unaffected air, adopted when Youtubers want to say something wryly while exuding charisma.

His tone in this video reminded me of venusangelic, a “cringe-kawaii Youtuber” when she had attempted to rebrand herself after suffering from depression, anorexia, illegal weight loss surgeries and the alleged abuse and control of her mother.

It’s essentially a disillusioned but likeable tongue-in-cheek/wry/cynical commentary speaking style currently popular with YTers. Add in the standard free video editing music, emotion-conveying sound effects, and lots of jump cuts to make it extra Youtubey. In other words, fake as fuck.

Daud had hit a jackpot, a niche within niches. Skeptical viewers figured K-pop was too risque for conservative muslim girls with its groups of up to 20 half-naked men gyrating, looking like a damn aerobics class. Daud catered to their secret deep-seated fetish of Korean men and desire to be noticed by their oppas, but in a more culturally approvable light, with less religious sexual guilt.

Apostate Prophet, an ex-muslim Youtuber, estimated that despite Daud’s pathetically shallow knowledge of Islam, he currently makes approximately $20,000 a month from his muslim Korean Youtube videos.

I pegged Daud to not only be severely socially inept and clinically retarded, but now equipped with the kind of entitlement and wild abandon of someone who felt he’d worked hard enough to live out his sexual fantasies and wantonly ejaculate into the unwilling bodies of women from literally the fucking most conservative and punishing religion on the planet without any awareness of the necessity for you know… actual seduction and skill in human interaction. More and more socially retarded losers have taken to starting a Youtube channel or other social media presence and posting a bunch of bullshit to gain popularity and clout, using it as an avenue to live out their sexual fantasies.

I asked my life coach why powerful men are constantly raping and sexually harassing women. “They aren’t used to hearing the word no,” he replied over the phone.

Daud’s awkward personality and rapey past echoed other common stories I’d heard of certain men in East Asia that acted shy and socially awkward, which western girls would read as innocent and non-threatening and lower their guard. The men would blatantly tell any lie possible to get in a room alone with their victim, then suddenly try to get into their pants and then gaslight and act like the confused one when the girl would try to stop them. All without the slightest hint of foreplay or even skilled flirtation.

Daud’s victim had agreed to keep quiet under the condition of an apology, but ended up publishing the story one year later after she found her and the friend blocked with the apology deleted. As shit hit the fan, Daud made another video spewing a bunch of bullshit to his Islamic base about how that “only happened when he was a sinful Christian”, while deleting all the negative comments.

It was the first time I saw an apology video as a form of self-defense:

The first few days were crazy. Numerous oppalogist muslim fans lept to his defense across multiple videos to blame alcohol, to instantly forgive him since this all happened “before he converted to islam”!!! It was just a mistake, it was the victim’s fault, it was alcohol’s fault etc., but not oppa’s!

There were all sorts of crazy excusing comments but I’ll just show a select few:

I mean, I think he drank to embolden himself to rape more, but that’s just me.



Section 2: A Community Backlash & A Community in Despair

“Attempted rape is not a “mistake.”

The Korean muslim Youtuber, Yoon, was one of the first to voice his opposition. His normally placating, harmless docile facial expression was gone and his features were sharpened even further by his dark mood and shrewd look. His face was slightly slimmer, highlighting contours of his face as he’d lost weight from stress. He made response videos with a look of anger and scolded the fandom for their conciliatory comments.

“Perhaps I’ve become more handsome, from the stress” Yoon quipped, turning his face and looking into the camera, injecting some humor into the final minutes of the 3-part (as of now) series on how Daud is a fuck-up.

After this video and another video catching him on his lies came out, Daud quickly and fully capitulated and came clean. This time, Daud opted to go for utter self-flagellation, prostrating himself in despair, in the typical remorseful Korean apology style that is popular in East Asian culture.

“I’m married. I have a child. I only see them when I need to. I still drink, eat pork, party and meet girls in clubs,” he even confessed to unrelated crimes, as if he was finally ripping a bandaid off and giving up the illusion he had constructed to appear available to his female muslim viewers and play to their fantasies.

A trace of his voice had a slight air of franticness as if slightly tinged with fear. I watched, unsure if the video was to get ahead of the new emerging narrative, out of dismay for what would become of his life if he didn’t bare his soul and come clean, or both.

He looked rather different, too. I squinted at the screen. Surely he didn’t doctor his look to look cuter and more sympathetic for his oppalogy series? It’s hard to tell this change of looks was from Adobe Premiere fuckery, camera re-positioning, cosmetic surgery, or a miraculous side-effect of legitimate remorse. I mean his hate comment reaction video was just a week before and he didn’t look like this.

“The victims’ lives are currently in danger, and I beg you to protect them,” he says in a calm, sorrowful wistful voice.

Stories of rape and sexual assault had long since become common place among the foreign women in the Korean expat communities. It wasn’t too hard to find a comment like “I was raped last Tuesday,” in the groups.  “Be careful of language exchange apps. My friend was raped three times in one week,” a post in a victims group reads, as a general warning to other study abroad students. For the most part, many expats in the groups are already disillusioned after getting taken advantage of a few times. Thus, there was a notable lack of surprise that came in that community after hearing the Daud Kim story:



Section 3: Won Nation

And then there’s Won Nation, currently at large. My initial introduction to Won Nation, an underground South Korean Hip Hop group, came from a post on @diverstyworld, an apparent fetishization account that reposts any and all cute interactions between Korean men and black women.

In the video, lead member “richhobo69” is topless in a small South Korean street, pulsating and rolling his body in moves echoing those of Chris Brown and kneeling down to lick a black woman’s leg as she gasps in shocked delight. Behind them, a small gaggle of confused Korean high school girls abashedly gasp in shock at this display and shuffle towards a seat to watch this egregious example of PDA.

His personal page was filled with videos of him doing embarrassing public Logan Paul-esque stunts and humping (specifically) black women in clubs. I assumed he was an avant-garde performer who planned to gain notoriety through dirty and sexual shock jock-type stunts like the Andy Dick, Jackass crew or Tom Greene of earlier eras. Their looks smacked of the “crazy dudes that stand in front of the convenience store and catcall you” type, and they seemed like blatant man whores, but I thought they were relatively innocent.

But just a few months after discovering this wannabe hip hop star, the highly niche black K-Hip Hop fan social media sphere became alight with allegations of Won Nation and their alleged serial rape of underaged black woman in Korea. In one video, a severely drunk girl in white was slack bodied, strewn and draped in one member’s arms as richhobo69 approached from behind, grabbing her hips and humping her backside, leering towards the camera and making hooting noises:

A “Won Nations Victims” IG account had surfaced, chocked full of stories of Won Nation’s alleged rape, grooming underaged girls and pressuring nude swaps in IG chat rooms, harassment and sexual assault. Specifically of black hip hop fans, many of whom were underaged.

“I woke up from blacking out and RichHobo69 told me he had sex with me because I wanted him to,” a French translation on Twitter wrote:

Given the language barriers and lack of legal support for foreign women and other factors, there is not much you can do about getting raped other than vent on social media. The rape of foreign women in Korea is systematic.



Parts 2 & 3: Link Here


  1. Hello. This is totally off-topic but, since I highly value your enlightened opinions, I have to ask: are Virtual Youtubers worth watching or should I give up on life itself for even entertaining such thought?

    • Seeing as I removed the Off Topic section temporarily, any post can be Off Topic in its absence.

      Actual simping pisses me off to a degree that most would find uncomfortable. I’d start my whole rant on it, but the authorities would likely label it a manifesto and have me dragged back to the mindflayers.

      V-tubers, however, aren’t people. As little more than corporate chattel with a pulse, I don’t see much total difference between them and a fleshlight that vibrates. Consume away, but don’t put the product on a pedestal.

      • Very offtopic, but if you wanna do a scanlation review: latest Kaguya chapter’s gotten 13 different translations. The old group disbanded and there’s no heir apparent; people are now re-translating for the giggles.

        (Disclaimer: one is mine)

          • I think it was Jaminis Box. They pulled this stupid meme off by disbanding and then asking all aggregator sites to take their works off the sites.

            • Disbanding is fine, but begging for your releases to be deleted so actual human beings get negatively impacted? And I bet all the mainstream sites complied like the limp-dicked wannabes their parents always told them they’d be.

              Someone wanna DM me the addy of the former leader? I’ve been thinking about converting to Islam for a while now.

              • oh nah, I’m pretty sure most sites told them to fuck right off. Me and most people I know were using, which still has their releases. idk what Mangadex did cause they always seem to comply with whatever people tell them to do. I’m pretty damn sure others wouldn’t have removed it though. Mangadex is the only one I know which removes stuff

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