Inuyasha – BD Releases, [Fullmetal] Sub Review (Season 1), Series Opinions

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Man, if you thought the sexual exploitation of black girls in Korea was bad– Oh, you didn’t? Huh. Well let’s talk Inuyasha instead then.


But Why Inuyasha?

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A Post 20 Years in the Making

Other than requests for my three sizes, the number one query I’ve received in response to my season preview posts is, “Why aren’t you talking about the sequels that are gonna be airing?”

You on the left. Me on the right.

I thought leaving sequels out of the previews made sense. After all, why would you need my assessment of a series sequel when you presumably would already know what you’re getting into?

But now I’ve come to the same realization you all knew inherently: my opinion is so fucking good that it absolutely should invalidate your previous thoughts on literally anything.

So, yes, I’m aiming to be caught up on every series with a new iteration coming in Fall 2020. And that means sitting through 83-some hours of Inuyasha, so I can more accurately tell you whether the sequel about lesbian dog girls is gonna be a 10/10 or just a 9/10.

Perfection has a price.



BD Release Options

I would endorse this, if it switched Sesshomaru and Kagome’s spots.

There are three “English” options for the recently released BDs: [Fullmetal], [DmonHiro], and [SAD]. None of them are good.

I recommend you stop right there and skip to either of the review sections. But if you need convincing…

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A Brief History of People Who Should Be Pushed Down Wells

A bit of background here. (I’m like 90% certain on the timeline.)

Long ago, some garbage group named Anime-Supreme ([a-S]) did a terrible DVD rip of Inuyasha, in which they introduced a shitton of errors partly because they didn’t know how to OCR, and partly because they’re a bunch of fucking retards. Since shit always rises to the top in the anime scene, this obviously became the most popular sub base for Inuyasha releases.

We’ll use [Cleo]’s release as an example, since it’s the only seeded DVD release on Nyaa:

Spacing issues are the most common problems you’ll find in no-effort pump-and-dumps like this.

Enter an illegal Israeli streaming site titled sdarot. They snagged a release that used the [a-S] script, adding their own name into the eyecatches, because how else would people know what site they’re on? This, courtesy of a cool cat named snufkin1089, also known as Jasman, who is apparently not a man.

From a lazy Google Translation, it looks like she translated it into Hebrew for them as well.

Fast forward a bit to the first English BD release on the scene – [Fullmetal] – uploaded by adamluffy, who credits the subtitle source to… sdarot?

Weird that adamluffy didn’t know the actual source, considering whoever put the [Fullmetal] release together was Jasman, aka our girl snufkin1089, but okay.

This, of course, is not that interesting. If you want interesting, feel free to scroll through our friend’s Twitter account.

If I had to describe that account’s central thesis, it would be that filming yourself shitting blood and marrying your father is the best way to fight nazis.

This doesn’t come from her twitter, but it proves that some “art” should be considered a war crime.


Back to the subtitles. After [Fullmetal] releases, DmonHiro jumps in, citing [RUELL-Next] as his source.

But comparing mistakes between the releases, either [RUELL-Next] fucked up the OCR in the exact same ways [a-S] did, or they just edited [a-S]’s release (poorly) and called it a day.

Comparison of the scripts in a release with both of them:

[SAD] with the default track (from [DmonHiro]) & bad stylings
[SAD] with the alt track (from [a-S]) & bad stylings
For our final contender, we have [SAD], as seen above, which released with two tracks: one pulled from [DmonHiro]’s release, and one pulled from [Fullmetal]’s. Their font choice sucks, so if you end up with this release, I’d recommend changing it to something legible.

Every fucking time.

[SAD] appears to have modified the subtitles a bit, but since their eyecatches promote sdarot, it’s not too hard to tell they didn’t directly source from [a-S].

[SAD] ([a-S] track)
[SAD] ([a-S] track)


So… which release to get?

None of them. Partly because they’re all shit, and partly because the show sucks (which we’ll get into).

  • DmonHiro doesn’t believe the human eye can register more than 720 pixels, and he thinks mux is a pokemon.
  • [SAD] is eyecancer.
  • And [Fullmetal] is… well, you’ll see. I’m confident in saying it’s the worst.

If you can’t fucking wait till someone decent touches the series, maybe go with [SAD] and do your best to ignore the subtitles. Not that the differences are huge, anyway:

[Cleo] (DVD)
[SAD] ([DmonHiro] track)
[SAD] ([a-S] track)
If all you get out of this post is that bad Inuyasha subtitles prove Israel’s illegitimacy, I think I’ve done my job.



[Fullmetal] Reviewed

We need to go deeper.

The screens used below are taken from episodes 1-27 of the [Fullmetal] release. Depending on the episode, the release quality varies between C-tier and F-tier, with the episodes after 80 getting so fucking bad that I couldn’t even spite watch them.

Spoiler for

1-27 (Season 1, I guess)

This alone is disqualifying. However, please consider:

There can’t be too many timelines in which people are stupid enough to come up with the above. But we’re in one.



Scanlator-Tier Translations:

Some of this just reads so poorly that I find it hard to believe [a-S] ripped the official DVDs for S1.

I mean, TL Notes for fucking Nobunaga? Viz sucks, but they don’t suck that bad.

I’d check my copies, but they’re in storage in one of 50 bins of weeb junk I couldn’t fit in my new apartment and that does not seem like a fun treasure hunt.



Apostrophetic Failure:

The opposite of Elysium is a lack of proper elision.



Pause for a Drink

The above screen ain’t even that bad in consideration of everything else.

But it got me looking at pictures of anime girls drinking cocktails, and I’m not gonna say what that led to, but it may have involved the appearance of an old friend.

This clearly ain’t a three-dots-and-a-dash, but I bet it tastes like victory nonetheless.



Find the Missing Word

If you’re looking to help your cousin pass their third-grade English test, I guess you could use these as flashcards:



Assorted Awfulness

AKA I’m gonna dump a few screens and call it good cuz this hackjob is giving me a migraine.

To quote the title of Kanye’s only good song, “Yikes”.



The subs were pretty bad before, but you could at least soldier on through the errors. But starting with episode 80, shit gets miserable.

I got to about episode 82 with the [Fullmetal] release before I got extremely pissed off at how common those errors were. Ended up downloading [SAD]’s version, which was maybe 10% better, and did my best to ignore their shit too.

Inuyasha doesn’t deserve this. (Well, it kinda does, but for sake of argument let’s pretend it doesn’t.)



Inuyasha (Briefly) Reviewed

The marathon gets easier when you realize there’s hot Sangos in your area.
Spoiler for

It’s “Tessaiga”, Not “Tetsusaiga”, and Other Hard-to-Swallow Pills

ED7 still makes me thinking Inuyasha could have been good. What a waste.


From this rewatch (I originally watched the Adult Swim run), I was able to validate all my positive & negative memories of the series were accurate:

  • The Kikyo x Inuyasha drama is technically good, but all the flashbacks and callbacks run it into the ground
  • Kagome has a lot of good moments, but she’s pretty much only motivated by Inuyasha’s thick dog dick
  • Sesshy is hot (there are no drawbacks associated with Sesshomaru’s involvement in anything)

While it deserves praise for its concept, and likable characters (I’ll give Rumiko Takahashi props there, at least), the story it wanted to tell could have easily been done in 48 episodes. Instead, we’re forced through a slog of macguffinery with all the plot development of Garfield.



Fill Me In

Unlike most shounen, the filler in Inuyasha is oftentimes better than the episodes that adapt the manga.

Like Ayame the wolf girl… totally anime original (until Rumiko rightfully canonized her out of respect).

And many of the fillers are killer concepts:

  • “What if Inuyasha tried to teach Kagome’s brother, Billy, how to fucking iron claws?”
  • “What if Sesshy decided to stick his dog dick in someone older than 7?”
  • “What if we had a Shippo episode?”

It’s little more than fan fiction, but it shows that the people working on the property actually gave a fuck about it.

Not gonna lie, #163 got a tear or two outta me.

On the other hand, after the main cast is assembled, the actual arcs resemble shitty spin-off movies more than anything that matters.

The Band of Seven arc gets like 40 fucking episodes to do little more than spin in place until you vomit.

Don’t get me wrong; this cute motherfucker is great. But when the arc starts off with like two of the seven dying immediately, it’s fairly clear how irrelevant they are to the main plot.



Third Section

Pretend I said something here other than “Inuyasha is a waste of time.”




Inuyasha gets bad, but it never gets miserable. I give Inuyasha a 6/10 out of respect. But taking the nostalgia goggles off, it’s a lot closer to a 5/10.

If you have fond memories of it and can at least remember who Kagura is, I’d mark that shit complete on MAL and move onto The Final Act. For those of you without nostalgia for the series… there are a lot of better shows out there that respect your time more.

As I post this unironically.

9 thoughts on “Inuyasha – BD Releases, [Fullmetal] Sub Review (Season 1), Series Opinions”

  1. Most of the time anime/manga, that get serialized into being longer than a season, run into the issue that they don’t really have a story they want to tell, or that they’ve completed the story they want to tell but the money is telling them to keep it going. In the former’s case it’s usually an issue that they have a concept they think is cool, but have no idea how to craft a lager narrative. (see 99% of isekai stories) In the latter’s case it’s rather obvious they’re just going through the motions of keeping the story going. The sad thing is that they just need to plan out a character arc and a plot arc.
    Someone also needs to show every single romance writer how to continue the story after the main couple get together so that they don’t feel bound to keep that plot line for the ENTIRE series just to keep it going. The only Shounen or Shoujo romance stories worth reading are the ones that are less than 8V or 1 full season (26ep). This is because they’ll have played out every trope in that time, so they might as well wrap things up.

      • Sound good, thanks. I’m interested in seeing how they decide to play the story out.
        I think something like Do Chokkyuu Kareshi x Kanojo tuned down by at least 60% would be a good series. The only thing is that there’s only so much relationship conflict you can go through before play out all the tropes, which is why I suggest shorter finished works. I have yet to come across a longer series that didn’t drag.
        Random aside; I would have most likely overlooked Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge without your recommendation. So thanks for that.

        • I’m curious what you would label as “good” in Summer 2006. Or in Winter 2006, outside of Ergo Proxy.

          I think you’re right with Spring 2006, though. That season was packed, as was Fall 2006.

          • In winter 2006, there’s also Hellsing (2006). I have not personally watched the hentai, Stringendo: Angel-tachi no Private Lesson, since I don’t watch hentai series, but I hear that’s a good one too.

            In summer 2006, there’s NHK ni Youkoso! and Hachimitsu to Clover II. NHK is not just good but great.

            But I guess you’re right that neither winter 2006 nor summer 2006 are as good as I thought they are.


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