Hey D_S Whatcha Watchin’?

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Welcome to this “hidden” page.

Consider this just a way for me track my own thoughts. I usually do this in a .txt, but figured I may as well put it on Crymore and share it with the few of you that find this place. There will be no analysis unless you request it of me in the comments.

Titles are listed in order of favorite to least favorite.


Current Show Ratings – v8.2

For v8.2 ratings, the only shows that will appear are those I have seen 10 episodes of. The numbers in parentheses are thus redundant, but I’ll keep them in anyway.

Kill la Kill (10)

Yozakura Quartet (10)
Kyoukai no Kanata (10)
Samurai Flamenco (10)

Outbreak Company (10)
Unbreakable Machine-Doll (10)
Golden Time (10)
Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga (10)
Kyousougiga (10)

Yuushibu (10)
Strike the Blood (10)
Nagi no Asukara (10)

Yowamushi Pedal (10)
Tokyo Ravens (10)
Miss Monochrome (10)

Blazblue – Alter Memory (10)
Gingitsune (10)
Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova (10)

Non Non Biyori (10)
Super Seisyun Brothers (10)

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! (10)
Walkure Romanze (10)

Coppelion (10)
Galilei Donna (10)
Log Horizon (10)

Diabolik Lovers (10)
Gundam Build Fighters (10)
Ace of Diamond (10)
Meganebu! (10)

144 thoughts on “Hey D_S Whatcha Watchin’?”

  1. Good God, I think I saw something like this on someone’s MAL profile page a couple of days ago…

    Anyway, I had a similar problem with rating shows, until I moved on to only watching completed shows.

  2. I’m glad to see you’re digging KlK, I’ve watched it like six times already. Here’s to hopinh her suit starts covering more skin as she gets more of those uniforms’ ‘magic’ threads. Also, it’s one of the few shows where it kinda shows sex equality: both genders are stripped almost naked, and I can’t recall any anime in which a man beats a girl to a pulp like that…yay for violence~

  3. You sure you should put Yuushibu way up there? I know the manga is amazing, but they really dropped the ball on that first episode. The comedy felt very forced. A disgrace to the manga and novel if you ask me.

    • The rating is accurate. It’s everything it set out to be. Mild comedy with serious amounts of ecchi.

      MFW the entire time.

      • The MC seemed to have his retard hat on though.
        “Man, this guy has a very cute face like a girl”
        “Man, this guy has long feminine hair”
        “Man, this guy has tits”
        “OMG IT’S A GIRL!”

        • My dear Erik-kun, the MC is irrelevant.

          What matters is the burning in your heart when demon-chan smiles. The fire in your blood when the soap suds are about to disappear from her bosom. The flames that course through you when she screws up a social norm despite doing her ganbarre.

          Erik-kun, my friend, this is moe. More importantly, it’s moe with ecchi — the perfect combination. None can doubt this show is one of Japan’s finest achievements.

  4. I’m 14 minutes into Kyousou Giga episode 00 and I have no freaking clue what’s going on. Is this show 2deep4me or is it all supposed to start making sense later?

        • KlK picked up that stupid style in episode 3.
          It sucks. I thought they said there wouldn’t be much CG in KlK before it aired but I guess they just went “fuck it” and threw in really out-of-place CG to split the animation load across teams or something.

          I was actually enjoying the show before that episode but after being vaguely uninterested nearly the whole way through (even without the CG) I really just don’t care, anymore.

          I’ll still watch it to the end but that shit better stop.

  5. Appearantly D_S finds Outbreak Company, Golden Time, and Strike the Blood better than he originally anticipated. Especially Outbreak Company.

    • He’ll probably change his ratings again after a few episodes since it’s too early to know whether or not the shows will suck.

      • He put Outreak in his shit category before the season started, but now that he’s gotten to see the actual series he’s giving it a 9/10 so far. Substancial difference, even if it is only one ep in.

      • That’s the idea. The (##) is the last episode I saw and the rating will change accordingly.

        After I’ve seen at least the first episode of everything, you’ll see the scores start to have a very even distribution.

  6. Coppelion is one of the major disappointments of the season. Judging by the poll results, a lot of people were anticipating it. But who can honestly say the show has met their expectations? I don’t think there are many who would.

    • If you read the manga, you knew what you were in for. So far, they’ve managed to improve on the manga, IMO. Notice how I carefully avoided claiming it was good at any point.

  7. Kill la Kill -> awesomeness
    Machine-Doll -> so far so great, yaya is love
    Kyoukai no Kanata -> Mitsuki best girl OTS
    Gingitsune -> unexpectedly great, very sweet
    White Album 2 -> DAT insert song
    Nagi no Asukara -> love triangles, gorgeous setting and art
    Strike the Blood -> might be good, Hosoya Yoshimasa FTW
    Dia no Ace -> might be cool
    Aoki Hagane -> CGI battleship, UI loli
    Golden Time -> okay so far, Linda best girl
    Tokyo Ravens -> okay so far
    Outbreak Company -> unexpectedly good
    Samurai Flamenco -> might be fun
    Yowamushi Pedal -> might be fun
    Coppelion -> interesting setting, probably disappointment OTS

    • The first episode didn’t grab me. It was like a boring Kick-Ass, which is saying something cuz Kick-Ass was pretty boring.

      Maybe it gets better later on, but considering it’s a Japanese seinen it’s probably gonna be boring and promote shitty morals like “if you’re just a nice guy things’ll work out somehow!”

      • I guess your opinion on it changed.
        I’ve been really enjoying it. I just find it to be a lot of fun and puts a big grin on my face.

        • Yup. I didn’t see potential in the first episode, but that’s why I resolved to watch all shows’ episodes this season.

          Spoiler for
          Flamenco Girl

          made it for me.

          I’m really digging it. I don’t know how strong of an ending it’ll pull though.

  8. Looks like Machine-Doll is winning the poll.

    You should do a translation party/review for the show… Might be the first time I actually use this site to determine which fansub I use. (The rest of the time I just check it in hindsight, in which case I am naturally biased towards the fansub group I’m already watching).

    • Golden Time is… an interesting show. As of now, I don’t think they needed to pull that ghost/amnesia bullshit, but on the off-chance the show does something interesting with it, I’m still allowing myself to be pulled along.

      That being said, with all the ridiculous shit we’re getting in what would normally be a fairly standard romance, there better be a goddamn good pay-off, because I’m gonna feel really let down if there isn’t.

      • The amnesia part was fine imo. You can tell by the premise that GT isn’t going to break new ground all that much but having this split personality/ghost bollocks business irks me to no end, even disregarding the fact that I’m pretty sure he should’ve died when he fell off the bridge like that.

        • The only reason I’m inclined to let it slide for now is that there’s no logical reason for it to be there unless the author is absolutely planning to blow our minds away with something.

          • I’m letting it slide in hope of a nice pay-off and because the relationship between Banri and Kaga is getting off to a surprisingly early start, especially considering Yuyuko Takemiya’s previous work.

  9. Now that Samurai Flamenco is ranked where it should be, this list is looking pretty good. Some shows (like Machine-Doll) are ranked a bit high though. The greatest offender on the list is Non Non Biyori at 1/10. It’s one of the best slice-of-life shows since Minami-Ke and Aria. And this is coming from from someone who (mostly) hated Kirino Mosaic, GJ-Bu, Yuyushiki, Going Home Club, and Tamako Market. It’s better than all of those shows combined.

    • It’s 100% up to date, unfortunately.

      I do like White Album, but I don’t anticipate it being anything other than another generic entry in the genre. It’ll probably finalize around an 8 at this rate.

        • Just because it’s generic doesn’t mean I won’t like it. I’m just saying it’s a standard romance anime.

          Kamisama Kiss, for example, was a very standard romcom and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I’m just saying that it’s not gonna get a 10/10 if it just plays the same old tune I’ve heard before.

        • If you want to think of it like that for now, you could… but you’d be wrong once my scores are finalized. My system has it so that exactly 10% of my scores are 10s, 10% are 9s, and so on and so forth.

    • I locked myself into an anime marathon last night and I should get on it again tonight. The goal is to have watched up to at least episode 5 of every show, with episode 10 being the ideal mark to hit.

      Then I’ll normalize my scores in accordance with my weird rating system.

      This’ll cause a lot of score-switching, so I just put a hold on this page for now.

  10. So many Diabolik Lover and Meganebu episodes. I can feel his inner fujoshi awakening. Before we know it Dark_Sage will be bragging about how he has the complete Free! DVD completion.

    • Ah, the comment replies screw up every now and then. Often enough to be annoying, not often enough for me to figure out how to fix it.

  11. I hate it when you move stuff vertically on the episode-rating plane!

    Ever thought that maybe forcing a uniform distribution on the scores is actually pretty fucking dumb? You should try a Gaussian curve or something…

  12. Hi D_S,

    I had dropped UMD (DS9) at Ep 3, but decided to restart it with the next arc—since 5 of your top 6 shows (pre v8.2 rating) had matched my 5 remaining undropped shows. Great minds and all that.

    I still dislike the animation, but it’s tolerable since I fixed my calibration. The storyline in this arc is decent, though the scripts—mostly FFF but I flirted with Commie and Hiryyu—are often annoying. However, I’m stuck again at Ep 8. Five minutes in: Loki and Raishin are spurting enough testosterone to arouse two score of harem gorillas. I had to take a breather.

    Do things settle down a bit so I can watch the show without perpetual groaning, or should I fear proliferation of silver back hair?

      • Danke!

        I almost feel guilty for bailing, though. You’ve suffered 10 eps of Log Horizon with 15 to go—just one of 30-odd shows (a plague of anime?) you’re watching! You’re made of sterner stuff than I, Dark_Sage. I salute you!

        Next stop: Samurai Flamenco

        • Ah, it’s not so– Wait, 15 episodes to go? Oh god. Japan, why? Please don’t go through with this plan. What did I ever do besides your women? ;_;

          • I have to butt in here. Log Horizon is mediocre-looking, has forgettable characters, a slow pace and an extremely derivative plot setup. However, I have to say, it gets better and better with every single episode. Although I expected literally nothing at first, the way the situation they’re in keeps evolving is really a breath of fresh air. The way the show deals with setting up economy and government in a strange world, along with how the main characters have to make peace with the locals is something I definitely didn’t expect to see in something I thought would just be a SAO knockoff. It lacks SAO’s polished look and exciting action, but has at least ten times the depth. It certainly isn’t one of the best shows this season had to offer, but it’s probably the most surprisingly decent one.

            • The show contains less evolution than a creationist’s family tree. Fuck, the entire thing is just the author’s poorly written wet dream. “Everyone likes me in the game world because I’m so much smarter than everyone else and now the game world is real and holy shit I’m still smarter than everyone else and everyone respects me for being smarter than them.” The sad part is the premise could actually work, but it’s so bogged down by the author’s incompetency it can’t go anywhere.

              “I tricked all the smartest people into giving me 5 million dollars, haha” *glasses push* “now I can take over the entire town with my geniusness and create a government because no one’s smarter than me, haha” *glasses push*

              If you really saw that as an excellent manner of dealing with economy/government, you deserve to find the show enjoyable.

              • Part of the problem is that the anime took the character and story development from the light novel and compressed it as much as they could.

                …Not that you’re wrong with what you said, but it shouldn’t have been that bad if they weren’t compressing the novels to 2-3 episodes each.

                I’m looking forward to your reactions to Tatsuya from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei when the anime shows up if you hate this main character, though.

              • “If you really saw that as an excellent manner of dealing with economy/government, you deserve to find the show enjoyable.”

                Wow, you don’t have to be such a dick about it. I didn’t say it was excellent, just that it was much more than I was expecting and that I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t mindless drivel like it could have been. Sheesh.


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