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v. Winter 2015

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Current Show Ratings – v1.02

  • Scores are not based on the episode, but my overall impression of the series by that point.
  • Don’t expect plebeian logic to apply.


To the bitter end

E.01 E.02 E.03 E.04 E.05 E.06 E.07 E.08 E.09 E.10 E.Final
Absolute Duo 4 4
Assassination Classroom 8 8
Death Parade 7 7
Durarara!!x2 Shou 9 9
Kamisama Kiss 2 9 9
Kantai Collection 5
Koufuku Graffiti 7
Maria the Virgin Witch 4 3 3
Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata 9
Seiken Tsukai no World Break
Shinmai Maou no Testament 8
The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls 7
The Rolling Girls 10 10 10
Tokyo Ghoul Root A 7 8
Unlimited Fafner 4
Yoru no Yatterman 9
Yurikuma Arashi Kuma Kuma



E.01 E.02 E.03 E.04 E.05 E.06 E.07 E.08 E.09 E.10 E.Final
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! 6 Dropped
Sengoku Musou 3 Dropped


77 thoughts on ““Hey D_S Whatcha Watchin’?””

  1. Lets see – we started with:
    – Index -1.0 (that bunny girl… she’s evil i can feel it! >_>)
    – lesbian bears -> Gao-chuu#
    – homo sailor moon…. at least they know how to hold a SHAFT….

    but everything will be fine and forgotten… after “My Imperial Japanese Navy Cyborg Girl Can’t Be This Cute!” and “Maou-sis – horny demonic step-sister slut in love”

    • The creators of Unlimited Fafnir:
      “Do you think we can make an episode solely built on tropes and without a single original scene?”
      “Let’s try!”
      -Some girls in the world have superpoweZ
      -The MC is the only man in the world who also has those superpowerZ
      -First scene (after the obligatory flashback): MC sees a naked girl bathing, she freaks out (how surprising!)
      -a few misunderstanding-solving scenes later: MC is introduced to the class, random arrogant girl jumps up and complains that a MALE (!!!!) joins the class. That is unacceptable.
      -the naked girl from earlier says some awkwardly phrased stuff, class hates on MC, naked girl is surprised.
      -class shows off their superpower
      -character scene where naked girl tells the MC that she has no personality
      -ALARM. There’s an attack. And it relates to naked girl! Who could’ve imagined that this would happen?!
      -Oh and obviously all names are related to Norse mythology, which is not overused at all.

      Creators: “Yes! We did it. A whole episode without ANYTHING original”

      …yea, I hate this crap more than Absolute Duo or World Break. Usually I’d say that every Anime shows at least some kind of potential or hints of entertainment. This one doesn’t.
      I’ll hatewatch this pile of shit, just so I can hate it more

      Also, why the hell are those things called dragons? They don’t look like dragons. One of those things is supposed to be a fucking TREE(in the original mythology)!

  2. If you were willing to give Shingeki no Bahamut a shot, you owe it to yourself to try Yoru no Yatterman. It is satisfaction concentrate.

    • Dark horse of the season.
      It’s more serious than Bahamut though but I think that might change, the franchise it comes from is more comedy based, even in the first episode it was getting really serious and emotional and just pulled a random comic relief momemnt, has potential but if it keeps going like this it won’t use half of it.


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