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    • Are you referring to anime or manga mostly? Also, list some series that you think I might bring up that you hated so I (or whoever else wants to chime in) don’t have to waste my time on them.

      • Anime shounen in general. I hate how they make side arc characters who only show up for a few episodes look absolutely retarded (see: most naruto ephemeral side characters, the entire cast of blood lad, hell even the fatass rock eater in kami sama, which isn’t even a shounen). The plots are dull and any combat they have is never interesting enough to justify the 300+ build up episodes they employ. Then again I’m probably simply not the teenage otaku target audience.

        Now excuse me while I go whack it to and idolize female centered shounen like symphogear and raildex.

        • Throw me a list of what you’ve seen. Japan puts out a lot of shounen, so there’s a lot of stuff to choose from. I’m getting the impression nobody recommended you anything good so you’ve just seen long-running series that rely on filler (Bleach/Naruto/One Piece) and B-tier shit like Mushibugyo, Blood Lad, and Ao no Exorcist.

          Everyone likes Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. You checked that out?

          • I haven’t actually watched any shounen, which is probably why I’m calling it shit. I imagine I would actually enjoy shows like fma, but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to them because I’m a faggot hipster who chooses not to watch things on principle, regardless of whether or not I’ll actually enjoy them.

            • If you don’t want to watch hyped shows, do something like Hunter X Hunter, which is a very strong entry in the genre.

              People like it, but the hype is muted.

              Shounen is like half of what Japan produces so I’m certain you’ll be able to find something. The only issue is getting you watch it.

          • I don’t think any anime fan can say they haven’t seen and enjoyed at least one shounen considering how like half of translated manga is shounen…

    • I’m doing fine, thanks. Drinking some alcohol to celebrate my recent raise and making a list of what manga to buy, assuming my sites of choice host Labor Day sales.

      How are you doing, Juu-chan?

      • I’ve been fantastical myself. Currently trying to catch up on some of this season’s shows. Nothing is really catching my interest though.

        Labor Day sales completely flew over my head. I’ve already spent my extra funds on last month’s buyfagg bill. ;_;

  1. Can you put a best loli of the season poll up? One like doki’s but more comprehensive.

    Quick note: the only reason I go to doki’s site is for their Kimi no iru machi releases. I’ll save you some trouble here, kimisubs’s release is unwatchable, frequently completely incorrect, and uses borderline incomprehensible English.

  2. Oh great dark_sage what is your will towards the peasants which take advantage of those illegal stream sites instead of using superior MatrosKaVideos to jerk off to.

    • Finally.

      It would be a good idea to remove KimiMachi and Day Break illusion from the queue. You’ve got a .001% chance you’ll review stuff fast enough to get around to them.

  3. Whimsical translations for shows I’ll never sub anyway but all the song translations I find are shit, Part I of ∞
    Doesn’t the world look dull to you too?
    Even if we know it shone brightly long ago, I can’t tell how things used to look
    I don’t need to understand why, I’ll just misunderstand anyway
    I’ll never need to talk honestly to anyone but you!

    Livin’ Livin’ Vi-ViViD – Let’s paint the whole world freely in vivid colour!
    Baby Baby No Limit – Splash colour about and make it seep into the bleak future with a scream!
    Throw away your preconceptions, and don’t hold back – show me your colours!

    What makes up ‘normal’ is different for everyone
    So even if someone dashes out past you, don’t bother trying to match their pace

    The azure skies, the crimson flowers, and even your sadness
    I’ll walk slowly to make sure I take it all in
    As time alone can never be rewound

    Livin’ Livin’ Vi-ViViD – Even if loneliness clouds your eyes gray again
    Baby Baby No Limit – When we laugh together, we can make a vivid squall anywhere!
    You’re unique in this whole world, so show me your colours!

    The mosaic cast by the sun upon the trees is always changing
    Never ever again will we see the same image
    I’m watching a true miracle right here and now… Beside you…

    Lookalikes won’t do, I’ll wait all night with you to find out the true colour of the coming dawn
    Baby Baby No Limit – Splash colour around and make it seep into the bleak future with a scream!
    Throw away your preconceptions, and don’t hold back – show me your colours!
    Incidentally, I have the exact font used in the OP credits.

  4. I hear it’s amazing when the famous giant purple stuffed worm in flapjaw space, with a tuning fork, does a raw blink on Hairi Kairi Rock! I need scissors!! 61!!

    • Fansubbing has a culture of self-promotion and competition. This is compounded by the reality that fansubbers can only really be successful if they have a lot of time on their hands or are willing to make sacrifices in their lifestyle to engage in the hobby. So what you end up with is a bunch of people that are significantly invested in both the hobby and their brand (as a group or as individual subbers).

      People at Commie take it to the extreme, where they legitimately and honestly believe that they are perfect and can do no wrong.

      So what happens with a site like Crymore that doesn’t fit their narrative? Well, that’s unacceptable. They’re the greatest fansubbers who ever lived, dontcha know? Any mistakes highlighted in reviews must have been planted there or uncovered only through bias!

      So they’ll kick and scream. They’ll threaten boycotts. They’ll sit and sulk about how they’re being treated unfairly. And, yes, they’ll get mad.

      And it gets very, very entertaining.

      tl;dr: They take fansubbing too seriously.

      • D_S, in light of this, how can someone such as myself who doesn’t take anime seriously get involved in subbing?

        I’m certain I’d make a really mediocre editor, but I’d definitely have a different take on how lines should be worded. I think it’d be fun to put that out there. Unfortunately, I get rejected from groups either because I can’t be on IRC all day every day or because my applications aren’t masterpieces of kissassery.

        Yes, I realize that I’ve just opened myself up to all kinds flaming from anyone who’s rejected me.

        • Well, you’re gonna need the time. Full-time work + fansubbing is very difficult and that’s the reason why the fansubbing crowd averages so young.

          And while I do despise the circlejerk culture of fansubbing, I can’t say that sucking up to the application judges is going to get you very far when you’re being judged on a skillset for a position as new blood to the scene. If you speak English natively and have proven yourself as a capable individual in the area (depending on your age, I could be talking about your report cards, your grades on essays, or even your ability to communicate effectively in the workplace), you should be able to pass the tests fairly easily as long as you know what they’re looking for. (Spelling and grammar are of paramount importance. Flow is of lesser import, since you can always be taught that. But nobody’s going to train you in how to spell words.)

          For positions like typesetting/timing/encoding, you don’t need a single skill other than the ability to show up and learn. So for those bits, you’re being judged solely on what potential they think you have. (I don’t think there are applications for those, so you probably aren’t talking about that.)

          If you’re being rejected when it comes to the “cultural fit” part of the application (you know, where the group decides whether or not you’d be a cool person to hang out with), then that’s just something you should accept. Ultimately fansub groups are made up of a bunch of pals having fun at doing what they think is a valuable contribution to the anime community. The social aspect is so important that many people keep subbing long after they’ve stopped giving a shit about anime or the community. So if a group doesn’t think you’re the right fit, you dodged a bullet. Find a more appropriate group.

          Do you have a specific application you feel like you were fucked over on?

          • I should also note that assuming the groups you applied to aren’t run by jackasses, if you ask for areas of improvement, they’ll tell you what the issues were with your application.

            • Other than a very, very basic understanding, no. You should know what honorifics are and some of the more common words that the more “wapanese” subs like to leave untranslated (sakura, bento, and samurai for example), but that’s about as far as it needs to go. Most editors only have that base understanding.

              Of course, the best editor is also the best translator because they’ll have a much better understanding of the script and avenues to explore to make it better. (Don’t tell anyone I said that, though.)

          • I can’t really point to an instance where I got screwed over. I know there was one application where I was so concerned with making a shitty script sound like real humans were talking that I let a couple of grammatical mistakes get by. That’s totally my bad. Generally it’s a they-never-respond-and-I-can’t-be-assed-to-ask-about-it kind of situation, so I don’t know if I was fucked over.

            What I was really wondering is how retarded it would be to literally *just edit* a Crunchy script by myself and use some shitty raw (or even jam the script back onto the Horrible Subs file from whence it came). I’m talking about giving it the ‘ol Wisconsin fuck it and leaving out kara, typesetting, and just hoping that leaving the HS timing alone will work out. Of course, I’d have to come up with some way of seeding, but that seems like a minor detail.

            I’m certain that I could pass an editing test — I spend most of my life explaining to lusers how to Windows and Citrix harder in a way that they can understand. Unfortunately the editing test has seemed to me to be largely irrelevant for most groups, especially considering the complete lack of one in Commie’s most recent application.

            I fail to see how free time is much of an issue. If I just want to be involved in a show or two, it seems like editing could be done entirely in my time after work or on the weekends. I realize that there is a shit ton of work that goes on in subs that I know nothing about, but considering that most releases seem to come out late evening or on the weekends, I don’t see how a normal work schedule would really get in the way.

            Also, why are you never on your own IRC channel?

            • You can do it yourself if ya want. I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with it, but you will need to be familiar with various basics of how to get it done.

              For the time issue, with most groups it’s a “you either do it on our schedule or we’ll find someone who will.” The rules change if you find a slowsub group, but people aren’t generally going to change their practices around you if you’re a newcomer to the scene. Typically only translators or other “stars” on projects will be able to dictate the show’s pace.

              As for IRC… it’s either because I’m working or because IRC is so addictive that I can’t get anything done while I’m on it. Usually the latter.

  5. if you were to be cursed to watch 3 animes in no particular order for all eternity, which would those be and by which fansubbing group do they need to be subbed.

    • I’m not so much a fan of the prompt because the “joke” answers are too obvious. So I’ll interpret that as “Which three anime have you watched that you think you’d most enjoy rewatching many multiple times? And which sub group whatever.”

      1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya S1
      2. Kino’s Journey
      3. Shigofumi

      My “top 3” make-up is a little different, but these are all shows I would definitely enjoy experiencing with quite a few more watch-throughs.

      And joke’s on you, I prefer dubs.

      • I kinda laughed when you said S1 of haruhi, imagine watching endless 8 for eternity.

        A plot twist has appeared, D_S likes dubs.

      • I wish I could prefer dubs, but anime isn’t even up to video gaming-tier voice acting yet.
        And before someone says I’m retarded, I’ll cite The Last Of Us and The Walking Dead as two good examples of voice acting I like.

    • So many ways to approach it: for example, would you just want to say, “One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach” just so you’d have all those episodes in between beginning them over? Or would you go with “Aria, AnoHana, and Natsume Yuujinchou” so that you had something easygoing and pleasant to deal with the stress of eternal damnation? Or would you just say “Fuck it,” and pick Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, and Cowboy Bebop?

      Of course, you could always go with Nodame, La Corda D’Oro, and Princess Tutu, so that you could just close your eyes and enjoy the classical music in between dialogue for eternity.

  6. Will you post your opinions in regards to next season’s shows? I’d like to see you argue against KlK, as I’m sure hipster_sage will do :)

  7. would you consider visual novels to be more like literature or more like a game? and with visual novels I mean the ones where the main plot isn’t boobs.

  8. I would recommend Katawa Shoujo VN. I found it to have good story development in each of the arcs, and it has the option of playing with or without the hentai scenes.


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