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  1. I’ve been thinking about joining a fansubbing group for a while.
    But this will be my first try as a fansubber so I don’t really know much about the whole fansubbing process, so I want to ask you almighty Dark_Sage where should I start looking?

    I’ve been searching for an encoder position, is it a mistake to go for such a position for a first try? Or should I just pick timer?

    What about work, school, social life,… how do you combine it or is it “impossible”?

    And maybe a tip or a warning?

    • If you’re in high school or middle school, fansubbing will be pretty easy. In college, you’ll be fine as well. But it gets significantly more difficult to do when you’re working full-time.

      Any position is fine to start in, so do whatever appeals to you.

      As for which group to join, keep in mind that you’re essentially picking your first group of friends for the next however long you decide to spend subbing. You can find which groups are hiring by checking their sites and IRC channels. You’ll be trained in, no worries. And yes, IRC is mandatory. Download mIRC or something.

      I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to warnings. Depending on how long you’ve been reading this site, you know how fansubbers are. That should be enough information to let you know whether or not you can deal with the fansubbing culture.

      • >If you’re in high school or middle school,
        >middle school
        People in middle school sub anime? When I was in middle school I didn’t even know this scene existed.

    • You’ll never please everyone.
      Be proficient at using Aegisub even if your position doesn’t require it.
      Don’t expect QC to catch every mistake.

    • Sure. There ya go. You can still comment on the v1 if you want, but I figure most people are just gonna stick with whatever version is default.

  2. Spoiler for
    Background info:

    Thus, my drama spidey senses tingling, I ventured into Chihiro to see what I could stir:

    Aug 18 12:27:14 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 12:27:21 <FalseDawn> whatever you do, people
    Aug 18 12:27:30 <FalseDawn> don’t say anything bad about kristen/chihiro in this chan
    Aug 18 12:27:53 <FalseDawn> or she’ll send the hit squad round :O
    Aug 18 12:29:18 <FalseDawn> you’ve all been warned~
    Aug 18 12:53:21 <Lenmaer> mega trololol at FalseDawn, you’re 3 years late, since from the start (season 1) we always claimed using CR scripts
    Aug 18 12:55:34 <FalseDawn> not according to kristen
    Aug 18 12:56:02 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 12:56:10 <FalseDawn> apparently it’s opened a can of worms
    Aug 18 12:56:27 <FalseDawn> i think an “editor” might be getting the chop in the near future :O
    Aug 18 13:00:56 <Lenmaer> trololol
    Aug 18 13:01:07 <Lenmaer> you made my day

    Five dollars says he’s the editor in question and he’s weeping inside…

    Aug 18 13:03:39 <FalseDawn> oh dear, i thought Kristen was the only delusional one
    Aug 18 13:03:47 <FalseDawn> looks like it’s the whole group :S
    Aug 18 13:03:54 <FalseDawn> well aside from euronymous
    Aug 18 13:03:57 * FalseDawn waves at euronymous
    Aug 18 13:04:12 <Lenmaer> delusional of what?
    Aug 18 13:04:18 <euronymous> o/
    Aug 18 13:04:59 <Lenmaer> people who know me know that I don’t give a shit about reviews
    Aug 18 13:05:07 <FalseDawn> delusional if you think i’m trolling
    Aug 18 13:05:16 <FalseDawn> i’m genuinely trying to warn your leechers!
    Aug 18 13:05:29 <FalseDawn> they could accidentally point out a spelling mistake or typo
    Aug 18 13:05:36 <FalseDawn> and feel the force of the BANHAMMER

    It packs a mean punch.

    Aug 18 13:05:43 <Lenmaer> don’t bother to read them, don’t bother to comment on those on those sites
    Aug 18 13:06:52 <Lenmaer> you’re warning no one but making a fool out of yourself
    Aug 18 13:07:11 <FalseDawn> i’m warning 200 people, according to irc
    Aug 18 13:07:22 <Lenmaer> since the first season in 2010, we always claimed we would use CR for TWGOK, no news here
    Aug 18 13:07:25 <FalseDawn> these people need to know that they can’t have freedom of speech in here
    Aug 18 13:07:37 <FalseDawn> honest americans are covered by the constitution on that front
    Aug 18 13:07:46 <FalseDawn> but not in chihiro, so they should be warned in advance
    Aug 18 13:08:00 <FalseDawn> so why is kristen so surprised?

    I’d like to admit now that I may have mixed up chihiro and coalgirls, but hey, who can blame me?

    Aug 18 13:08:19 <Lenmaer> that’s why I’m letting trolls speaking, they are funny
    Aug 18 13:08:37 <Lenmaer> and more they speak better it is
    Aug 18 13:09:30 <Lenmaer> anyway don’t stop
    Aug 18 13:09:42 <Lenmaer> I wanna laugh more ^^
    Aug 18 13:09:43 <FalseDawn> that’s not answering the question
    Aug 18 13:09:51 <FalseDawn> why is kristen surprised?
    Aug 18 13:10:14 <FalseDawn> and if you’re just going to use the cr script, what’s the point of releasing? horriblesubs already do that
    Aug 18 13:10:17 <FalseDawn> and a lot quicker

    Uh-oh, don’t look now, but I may have just said there was no point in fansubbing… >.>

    Aug 18 13:10:43 <Lenmaer> the only person surprised is you actually ^^
    Aug 18 13:11:21 <Lenmaer> if you knew her, you would know she likes to feed the trolls
    Aug 18 13:12:06 <Lenmaer> actually it became a tradition
    Aug 18 13:12:16 <FalseDawn> how is that feeding trolls?
    Aug 18 13:12:23 <FalseDawn> i’ll quote the relevant part for you:
    Aug 18 13:12:24 <FalseDawn> Dark_Sage, for the sake of it, can you check another episode, like episode 3? I’m curious if it’s just this editor who’s doing this, or if it’s been going on for a while. You may have opened up a can of worms I’m not all too happy about.
    Aug 18 13:12:38 <Lenmaer> by having you giving us some good laugh for example
    Aug 18 13:12:38 <FalseDawn> clearly, she’s unhappy with the editor
    Aug 18 13:12:45 <FalseDawn> and didn’t know it was going on
    Aug 18 13:14:23 <FalseDawn> i’m hardly a troll – i’ve been editing before chihiro even existed
    Aug 18 13:14:51 <Lenmaer> yet you’re here now ^^
    Aug 18 13:14:57 <FalseDawn> but anyway, they’re not difficult questions to answer
    Aug 18 13:14:59 <FalseDawn> are they?
    Aug 18 13:15:33 <Lenmaer> all already answered in 2010

    Chihiro: Their FAQs require you to have a long memory.

    Aug 18 13:15:53 <FalseDawn> FalseDawn> why is kristen surprised?
    Aug 18 13:15:58 <FalseDawn> pretty sure that one wasn’t
    Aug 18 13:16:29 <Lenmaer> [14:11] <&Lenmaer> if you knew her, you would know she likes to feed the trolls
    Aug 18 13:16:51 <FalseDawn> well, all i can say is i’d be pretty fearful if i worked in chihiro when the leader expresses opinions like that
    Aug 18 13:17:02 <FalseDawn> censoring any opinions contrary to her own
    Aug 18 13:17:24 <FalseDawn> and apparently blaming the editor for something you’ve been doing, by your own admission, for three years
    Aug 18 13:20:08 <FalseDawn> trolling or not, i’d be pretty pissed as an editor if the group leader blamed something on me instead of shouldering the blame as a group
    Aug 18 13:20:15 <Lenmaer> that’s all?
    Aug 18 13:20:26 <Lenmaer> I expected more from you
    Aug 18 13:20:43 <FalseDawn> *raises eyebrow*
    Aug 18 13:20:45 <FalseDawn> more of what?
    Aug 18 13:21:03 <FalseDawn> all i’m hearing is no answers or responses to my questions
    Aug 18 13:21:18 <Lenmaer> more trolling skils, you became just average now

    I’ve been rumbled! And not just that, been told I’m mediocre :<

    Anyway, I’ve got my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Aug 18 13:21:45 <FalseDawn> i don’t know where you get this idea that i’m a troll
    Aug 18 13:21:53 <FalseDawn> as i’ve said, i’ve been around the block a fair while
    Aug 18 13:22:19 <FalseDawn> i’m just asking why she’s surprised and why it doesn’t worry you guys in the group
    Aug 18 13:22:26 <Lenmaer> yeah, yeah, so says every troll
    Aug 18 13:22:36 <Lenmaer> come up with something new

    Okay, you asked for it:

    Aug 18 13:22:52 <FalseDawn> okay, i’m a troll – does that mean you’ll answer the questions now?

    Ha, not so clever now! What a masterstroke. Surely anyone would be confused by this statement and spill the beans?

    Aug 18 13:23:10 <Lenmaer> nope


    Aug 18 13:23:16 <FalseDawn> or are you unable to answer them?
    Aug 18 13:23:18 <Lenmaer> not repeating myself
    Aug 18 13:23:26 <FalseDawn> repeating yourself?
    Aug 18 13:23:30 <FalseDawn> you haven’t answered it
    Aug 18 13:23:38 <FalseDawn> how can you repeat something you haven’t said?

    So this carried on like this until someone new turned up (I’m persistent):

    Aug 18 15:35:14 <Black_Rainbow> [14:17] <FalseDawn> censoring any opinions contrary to her own <– it’s her site, she can do whatever the fuck she wants
    Aug 18 15:36:19 <FalseDawn> pretty sure that’s what all communist leaders have said, like stalin and pol pot
    Aug 18 15:36:31 <FalseDawn> i thought americans were all about freedom of speech?
    Aug 18 15:36:35 <Black_Rainbow> only this is THE INTERNET and not a country
    Aug 18 15:36:37 <FalseDawn> it’s in the constitution, after all
    Aug 18 15:36:54 <Black_Rainbow> you’re not born in a website
    Aug 18 15:37:15 <Black_Rainbow> if you don’t like the way a place is run, there is NOTHING keeping you from leaving
    Aug 18 15:38:14 <FalseDawn> so you’re saying
    Aug 18 15:38:24 <FalseDawn> that it’s fine to do it on the internet, but not irl
    Aug 18 15:38:31 <FalseDawn> sounds a bit hypocritical when you put it like that
    Aug 18 15:38:43 <Black_Rainbow> how is that hypocritical?
    Aug 18 15:39:01 <Black_Rainbow> you’re free to say whatever you want, just do it somewhere else
    Aug 18 15:39:22 <FalseDawn> and hey, i don’t really visit your site anyway so it doesn’t affect me – i’m just pointing out how militant it is
    Aug 18 15:39:34 <FalseDawn> and i’m a little surprised your commenters don’t baulk at it
    Aug 18 15:39:38 <FalseDawn> or even the staff
    Aug 18 15:39:43 <FalseDawn> if most of you are american
    Aug 18 15:40:04 <Black_Rainbow> most of us are european I think
    Aug 18 15:42:54 <Black_Rainbow> also frankly freedom of speech is different from being able to say whatever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want
    Aug 18 15:44:55 <FalseDawn> yeah, within reason, i agree
    Aug 18 15:45:10 <FalseDawn> but kristen posted that in response to one of xythar’s comments
    Aug 18 15:45:35 <FalseDawn> which was pointing out the reality of *their* release rather than what kristen thought and said was happening
    Aug 18 15:45:53 <FalseDawn> basically, kristen threw stones and then couldn’t take it when she was proven to be a liar
    Aug 18 15:46:00 <FalseDawn> that’s how it plays out
    Aug 18 15:46:12 <Black_Rainbow> eh what specifically are we talking about now?
    Aug 18 15:47:36 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 15:47:51 <FalseDawn> still under moderation because kristen refuses to accept it
    Aug 18 15:48:17 <Black_Rainbow> so, it’s a comment on the coalgirls site right?
    Aug 18 15:48:48 <FalseDawn> after accusing his group of targetting their “audience”
    Aug 18 15:48:49 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 15:49:01 <FalseDawn> and she’s now put this on the crymore site:
    Aug 18 15:49:14 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 15:49:30 <FalseDawn> which seems to imply she condones her behaviour for both sites
    Aug 18 15:49:48 <FalseDawn> as well as looking like you’re going to be an editor shorter because she didn’t know what was going on with that project
    Aug 18 15:50:31 <FalseDawn> she’s pulled it at chihiro too, Black_Rainbow
    Aug 18 15:50:38 <FalseDawn>
    Aug 18 15:50:41 <Black_Rainbow> seems to me like she can refuse to accept whatever she wants on her own site
    Aug 18 15:50:58 <that4chanwolf> >in order to try and steal downloads from Chihiro and/or CMS Lolololololololol

    We all agree, that4chanwolf, it’s major Lolololololololol.

    Aug 18 15:51:08 <FalseDawn> she’s talking shit about the competition (for frankly ridiculous reasons)
    Aug 18 15:51:29 <FalseDawn> and then doesn’t like it when those groups post the truth about it
    Aug 18 15:51:45 <FalseDawn> it might be her own site, but don’t you see how badly that reflects on the group?
    Aug 18 15:52:08 <Black_Rainbow> they can post whatever they want, just do it somewhere else
    Aug 18 15:52:28 <FalseDawn> why not on the site that’s posting lies about them?
    Aug 18 15:52:34 <FalseDawn> it clearly wasn’t inflammatory
    Aug 18 15:52:43 <FalseDawn> it was just pointing out what the truth of the matter was
    Aug 18 15:52:54 <FalseDawn> from the editor who edits the release she was slagging off
    Aug 18 15:52:59 <Black_Rainbow> I’m not saying I personally agree with it all, but she should be able to handle this any way she wants on her own site
    Aug 18 15:53:35 <Black_Rainbow> [16:52] <FalseDawn> why not on the site that’s posting lies about them? <– because they don’t own it
    Aug 18 15:54:41 <FalseDawn> and that makes it okay?
    Aug 18 15:54:50 <Black_Rainbow> frankly, yes

    Infallible logic here. Really.

    And so this rages on for a while. I’ll cherrypick some of the more interesting lines:

    Aug 18 17:07:23 <FalseDawn> and you don’t see the hypocrisy in that?
    Aug 18 17:07:37 <FalseDawn> that you deny someone to present a counterargument
    Aug 18 17:07:44 <FalseDawn> to present it
    Aug 18 17:07:56 <FalseDawn> without even shouting it down or anything
    Aug 18 17:08:03 <Black_Rainbow> I’m NOT denying someone to present a counterargument
    Aug 18 17:08:21 <FalseDawn> you are by condoning kristen’s behaviour on the chihiro and coalgirls site
    Aug 18 17:08:21 <Lenmaer> you aren’t even american, yet you claim your freedom of speeach right?
    Aug 18 17:08:24 <FalseDawn> +s
    Aug 18 17:08:24 <Black_Rainbow> I’m just not allowing them to do it on MY SITE
    Aug 18 17:08:30 <Black_Rainbow> (not actually my site btw)
    Aug 18 17:08:53 <FalseDawn> well, that’s cowardly

    And us fansubbers don’t like cowards, pardner…

    Aug 18 17:16:52 <Black_Rainbow> the bottom line is, we can say whatever we want on our websites and have no obligation whatsoever to provide a platform for people who don’t agree with us
    Aug 18 17:17:14 <Black_Rainbow> you are free to disagree, but not in our comments
    Aug 18 17:17:30 <FalseDawn> and welcome to communist china, everyone
    Aug 18 17:17:32 <FalseDawn> enjoy your stay
    Aug 18 17:17:34 <Hybrid21> <FalseDawn> looks like it’s the whole group :S
    Aug 18 17:17:36 <Hybrid21> mm

    I’m assuming Hybrid21 is agreeing here? I’m not sure though.

    Oh I forgot about the guy who tried to psycho-analyse me too:

    Aug 18 17:21:41 <iScream> FalseDawn, do you speak like this all the time?
    Aug 18 17:22:34 <FalseDawn> like what, iScream?
    Aug 18 17:23:21 <iScream> like you’re superior to everyone else

    If everyone else = Chihiro, then right about now the answer to that is: Yes.

    Aug 18 17:43:32 <FalseDawn> sure, Lenmaer, sure
    Aug 18 17:43:44 <FalseDawn> is real estate expensive up in cloud cuckooland?

    Okay, I just liked that putdown :D

    Anyway, I was starting to get the feeling that these guys just weren’t getting what I was driving at:

    Aug 18 17:59:45 <Black_Rainbow> so because people don’t do it the way you like they must APOLOGISE and NEVER DO IT AGAIN?

    I tried to focus them:

    Aug 18 18:04:09 <FalseDawn> so you’re all for posting lies about other groups
    Aug 18 18:04:17 <FalseDawn> and then not letting the truth be known
    Aug 18 18:04:28 <FalseDawn> even though their editor has posted it for all to read?
    Aug 18 18:05:22 <Hybrid21> in this chan
    Aug 18 18:05:24 <Hybrid21> nobody cares
    Aug 18 18:05:26 <Black_Rainbow> I find it quite presumptuous that you seem to think another person needs to change

    This was getting me nowhere, so time to end it:

    Aug 18 18:16:10 <FalseDawn> and i just came in here for clarification
    Aug 18 18:16:24 <FalseDawn> and it seems the whole group condones it
    Aug 18 18:16:30 <FalseDawn> so i got my answers, in the end

    And that, I thought, was the end of it. I’d failed in my quest to… uh, I forget what I was trying to do, but it wasted a few hours.

    Until, that is, a certain Kristen messaged me three months later. Yes. THREE months later.

    <Kristen> I was linked some logs from like mid-August, and I just wanted to clear 2 things up with you.
    <FalseDawn> yes?
    <Kristen> 1. Chihiro is not moderated like CGi. CGi is my site, I do whatever the hell I want on it. Chihiro is a group site, so a decent amount of free speech is allowed there.
    <Kristen> 2. Your account of Jaka and Chihiro is probably distorted at best. I can go through the whole story if you want, but don’t just assume that what Jaka is saying is true.
    <FalseDawn> i’d hardly call that moderation
    <Kristen> lol, you can call it whatever you want.
    <FalseDawn> writing your own version of events and then deleting anyone who corrected you?
    <FalseDawn> seems an odd way to get your point across
    <Kristen> My site allows me to do whatever I wish.
    <FalseDawn> and knowing that you’re a known face in chihiro – you don’t think that reflects badly on chihiro (and coalgirls for that matter)
    <FalseDawn> ?
    <FalseDawn> i mean, yes, technically you can do what you like
    <FalseDawn> but at the same time, aren’t you just shooting yourself in the foot?
    <Kristen> I honestly don’t care very much how it is reflected.

    The Age of Reason completely passed this one by…

    <FalseDawn> then why say such confrontational things?
    <Kristen> On my site, I rant and rave about fansubbing how I see it. They are simply my opinions that I am sharing.
    <FalseDawn> which you are presenting as truth, not opinions
    <Kristen> On my site, I can present things however I want.
    <FalseDawn> and when the person in the group you’re slandering posts the actual truth
    <FalseDawn> you delete their posts?
    <Kristen> If I say in my house that Obama rapes little kids
    <Kristen> And Obama comes into my house to correct me
    <Kristen> Do I not have the right to throw him out?
    <FalseDawn> you’d delete obama?!

    <FalseDawn> but don’t you think you come across as, well
    <FalseDawn> yknow
    <FalseDawn> evil
    <FalseDawn> for saying falsehoods like that?

    The Morals Police is onto you, Kristen.

    <FalseDawn> as in
    <FalseDawn> if someone told you a lie
    <FalseDawn> wouldn’t you be annoyed at them and possibly hate them
    <FalseDawn> for making you think the wrong thing?
    <Kristen> Xythar hated me anyways.
    <Kristen> Besides, I told no lies

    Uh, did I just miss something? She still believes what she said was true?

    <FalseDawn> i don’t mean xythar, i mean the people who read your posts
    <FalseDawn> and you did
    <FalseDawn> because he called you out on it
    <FalseDawn> and he was in the group :|
    <Kristen> So? It’s easy for him to make up a justification
    <Kristen> I could say I did Toradora in 720p originally because no HD version existed
    <Kristen> But I’d be kidding myself. I know I did it to target Jaka.

    Now wait one cotton-picking second. Doesn’t that contravene what Kristen said about not being a “targetter”? Link:

    And if she’s lied about that, then…

    <FalseDawn> <Kristen> So? It’s easy for him to make up a justification <— make up? he’s in the group
    <FalseDawn> why would he need to make it up?
    <Kristen> I delete anything anti-CGi, anti-me, or against things I state there.

    Right, there’s only one thing for it. I’m gonna go all Sigmund Freud on her ass (no, not give her penis envy):

    <FalseDawn> but i know why you deleted it
    <FalseDawn> i just wondered if you’d admit it<FalseDawn> instead of beating around the bush about it being your site so you can do what you want
    <FalseDawn> and this:
    <FalseDawn> <Kristen> I honestly don’t care very much how it is reflected.
    <FalseDawn> is a blatant lie
    <FalseDawn> because the reason you’re deleting these “correction” posts
    <FalseDawn> is because you don’t want everyone to see how paranoid your comments are

    Maybe I should get paid for this. I’d make a good psychiatrist. It looks like Kristen’s ready to open up with BackStory v1.0:

    <Kristen> Read some posts, probably in the middle, and tell me what vibe that gives
    <FalseDawn> so being taunted by trolls five years ago
    <FalseDawn> instantly means you’re paranoid about everything fansub-related?

    Seems legit.

    <FalseDawn> koda Says:
    <FalseDawn> August 22nd, 2008 at 11:48 am
    <FalseDawn> I’m here to spend 5mins trolling and flaming, duh. (I think that’s pretty obvious.)
    <FalseDawn> ^that should have tipped you off
    <Kristen> Um, no, you’re missing the point
    <Kristen> What is the vibe of the comments
    <FalseDawn> “Well, I remember once, she found out BSS was behind WeWin. She wanted to have “revenge” on them. I mean, what the fuck, she takes fansubbing too seriously. So I’m like, “what’s your idea.” She was like, “let’s sub Spice and Wolf 07 (DVD only thing) and have revenge on BSS!””
    <FalseDawn> ^sounds a lot like:
    <FalseDawn> <Kristen> I could say I did Toradora in 720p originally because no HD version existed
    <FalseDawn> <Kristen> But I’d be kidding myself. I know I did it to target Jaka.
    <FalseDawn> so, uh…
    <FalseDawn> you may have to point me in a certain direction if you want me to get what you’re driving at :D

    Wait a second. Did I just accuse Kristen of hypocrisy? To her face?! I think I may just have done so. She seems to take it well, i.e. not even notice.

    <Kristen> In the old days of Chihiro, we didn’t stop things at the source
    <Kristen> We should’ve banned koda, as well as any other troll

    Sorry, koda. Sucks to be you.

    <Kristen> As such, vibes on our own website were negative
    <FalseDawn> oh i see
    <Kristen> They were that Chihiro sucks, is managed poorly, and are a bunch of trolls (thanks to Jaka)
    <Kristen> CGi is run to prevent that.
    <FalseDawn> but surely you can see the difference between jaka trolling
    <Kristen> Our site is only going to be positive about CGi, its members, etc
    <FalseDawn> and xythar’s legitimate response to your slander?
    <FalseDawn> <Kristen> Our site is only going to be positive about CGi, its members, etc <— i have no issue with this. one for all, and all that. great
    <FalseDawn> what i do find mind-boggling
    <FalseDawn> is your intention to start flame wars with another group
    <FalseDawn> and then when there’s a polite reply highlighting the actual truth…
    Kristen> Xythar’s excuse to my legitimate complaint would only open up a bucket of worms, and portray me in a negative light, possibly bring in his fellow butt butties herkz or Daiz
    <Kristen> This has no place on the CGi website.

    Head, meet brick wall. They get on smashingly.

    <Kristen> If he wants to reply on Vivid’s website, he easily could.
    <FalseDawn> that a group does a release with honorifics/non-honorifics?
    <Kristen> And we did discuss it on Crymore
    <Kristen> It’s not like I don’t discuss it. It’s just not the place to do it.
    <FalseDawn> but it’s not about discussion, is it?
    <FalseDawn> you’ve said that on your site
    <FalseDawn> people visiting take that as truth
    <FalseDawn> how is that fair on his group?
    <FalseDawn> who have, by all accounts, done nothing wrong?
    <FalseDawn> you can’t start firing your cannons and then go “you can’t fire back”
    <Kristen> They targetted, so that is a wrong. But if he finds it unfair, he’s welcome to spout crap about CGi on his site.
    <FalseDawn> and you see nothing wrong with that?
    <Kristen> About what?
    <FalseDawn> that he can’t put you right
    <FalseDawn> well, it seems you still believe it
    <FalseDawn> despite what he put
    <FalseDawn> as the editor who makes the second script o___o
    <Kristen> He can post whatever he wants on his website

    Because apparently, this equates to the same thing?

    <Kristen> Just like when Jaka was posting all that crap on his website, did you see me post a word?
    <Kristen> It’s his space to do what he wants
    <FalseDawn> but not correct you on yours
    <Kristen> Just like mine is my own

    Translation: “Curse that arch-nemesis of mine! I’ll post mean things about HIM on MY WEBSITE and see how HE likes it!”

    <Kristen> Regardless
    <Kristen> The point I’m getting at is
    <Kristen> This only applies to the CGi site
    <FalseDawn> yes but everyone knows you as the leader of chihiro
    <Kristen> Chihiro’s website only really deletes or moderates blatent trolls, spam, or excessively negative posts
    <FalseDawn> so something like this will obviously reflect badly on chihiro
    <Kristen> I know, but you were stating that this occurred on both sites
    <FalseDawn> well, i don’t really take your word as a guarantee after reading that post you deleted on the cgi site
    <Kristen> OK, find someone who had a post deleted from the Chihiro site
    <FalseDawn> so you’re wasting your time trying to convince me that it’s any different on the chihiro site
    <FalseDawn> but as you say
    <FalseDawn> it’s your site
    <FalseDawn> do with it as you will

    I need to go floss with a mint plant with the bad taste this whole debacle has left in my mouth, but hopefully it’s given you (the reader who fell asleep) a good insight into the frame of mind of Kristen and the group she leads who, for some reason, back her up :S (DISCLAIMER: Despite how these log snippets come across, the Chihiro guys were actually fine and Lenmaer even made his peace afterwards, so don’t judge them too harshly!)

    But anyway, I feel that needed posting somewhere. Or maybe not. Either way, if Dark_Sage thinks there’s an article in it (here or anywhere else), I expect royalties paid in chocolate coins for use of the logs (which are far more extensive of the #chihiro conversation than I’ve posted here, though that’s the whole Kristen conversation because she coughed up so quickly, I was embarrassed to make her look any worse than she’d already made herself look >.>)

    tl;dr I wasted hours on trolling with a little success, but nothing to write home about. I’ll try harder next time.

  3. Haha, I was also going to come here to talk about Kill la Kill. I hope the outfit doesn’t stay. Honestly, if there ever was an anime that was epileptic, it’s KnK. So much stuff going on @_@…

  4. This ain’t anime, but I came up with potential taglines for my theoretical Gravity review:

    Gravity: Where the only thing less believable than Sandra Bullock being a Russian astronaut is Sandra Bullock being an actor.

    Gravity: I’d rather watch a static screensaver for an hour and a half than this movie’s static plot.

    Gravity: Holy shit this movie sucks.

    Roeper and Sage at the Movies? Fund it.


          All Critics: 97%

          Rotten Tomatoes: 9.1 / 10

          MetaCritic: 96%

          CinemaScore: A-

          IMDB: 8.8 / 10

          Ebert’s Site: 4 Stars / 4 Possible

          Variety & Time: top ratings

          (James Cameron, Quentin Tarentino, and Buzz Aldrin also apparently liked it quite a bit.)

          Aldrin: “I was so extravagantly impressed by the portrayal of the reality of zero gravity.”

          And oh yeah: Ed Harris in a Voice Only role. ;o)

            • Not all of these are from movie critics. Most notably imdb. Unless you are living under a rock you should know that on imdb the rating is the average of what the users have voted. Therefor it’s a rating that comes from everyone, common people like you and me. This makes the rating somewhat reliable, especially when the amount of votes is 20.000+

              Also the movie is not “just a shitty tech demo”, if anything, it would be “the most amazing tech demo of recent times”, but more than that, it’s quite an experience to see this movie in 3D on a big screen and with amazing sound in a cinema. An experience unlike any other.

            • > I wasn’t aware movie critic review consensus constituted objective reality.

              True. But the point is that getting 97% of All Critics to agree on something is like getting, oh, say, 97% of Climate Scientists to agree on something – oh wait, no: it’s FAR more difficult than that… So when they DO, it just might be that there’s something to the consensus.

              I haven’t seen the thing yet (going Thursday), so I’ll withhold judgement until after I actually have.

              • How the fuck is it hard? It’s an insular society of nutjobs who think the primary factor by which a movie should be judged is its inability to offend.

                • > How the fuck is it hard?

                  Getting nearly 300 movie critics to agree on a film being in the 81st+ percentile of quality is the very definition of “herding cats.”

                  > It’s an insular society of nutjobs who think
                  > the primary factor by which a movie should be
                  > judged is its inability to offend.

                  ??? I don’t know which critics you’ve been reading (or what planet they live on, for that matter), but I’ll agree with you on the larger point that I can’t be arsed to read even _one_ full Movie Review all the way through. What stood out to me is the large statistical baseline of hundreds of the pointy-headed wee buggers ALL AGREEING ON SOMETHING TOGETHER.

                  But another point, O Sam_I_Am_Sage, would be that at least the bloody Movie Critics have actually *SEEN* the film before they opine on it one way or the other…

                  Just sayin’. ;o)

                  • Appeal to majority is a pretty bullshit argument.

                    A 97 percent in movies is meaningless. Children’s movies are 90% by default which should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of so-called critics.

                    Also, I have seen it. It wasn’t good. Why the fuck do you think I brought it up?

                    • > Appeal to majority is a pretty bullshit argument.

                      Agreed. (Why do you think I have a bumper sticker reading, “Eat Shit: 50,000,000,000,000 Flies CAN’T Be Wrong!” – ?) And that’s also why I didn’t make any such argument. I argued a high statistical baseline of agreement among people who seldom agree at such levels.

                      Didn’t know you had seen it; I suppose I misread what “theoretical Gravity review” meant. I’m off to see it today; I reckon I’ll have to determine whether I feel my money was misspent after the show. (Still, if I wasn’t bitter after ‘Pacific Rim’, I think I’ll likely be alright later today…) ;o)

                    • So I just came back from seeing it.

                      I’m curious, D_S (you having seen it and all), why did you write:

                      > Gravity: Where the only thing less believable
                      > than Sandra Bullock being a Russian astronaut
                      > is Sandra Bullock being an actor.

                      – when she was an _American_ astronaut (wearing an American Spacesuit, with an American Flag on it, for the first third of the movie), and the character says quite clearly in the dialog that she is from Illinois?

                      Now I realise that if you just Google ‘film gravity’ and click the ‘Images’ link you’ll see various stills from the movie showing Sandy Bullock in a Russian Spacesuit, but that’s probably just a coincidence, right?

                      Anyway, it was a pretty good film; my spot review is 7/10 for a Movie I’d Pay To See, and that gets bumped up to 8/10 out of All Movies when you consider the difficulty of acting a One Woman Show while in a strict CGI environment (Green Screens, Motion Capture Rooms, Etc.) with a highly emotional script.

                      Ed Harris, of course, deserves an Oscar for his riveting portrayal of Mission Control…

                    • She was wearing a Russian suit, and all the manuals she was reading were in Russian. Did she change after she got rid of her first suit? I guess that makes sense, but I don’t care enough to look up how people explained that shit.

                      The movie was not about acting, it was about 3D effects. That was all the movie was — a tech demo. I don’t know how you fail to see that.

                    • Spoiler Alert (for all but Dark_Sage, who assures us that he has seen the movie, and therefore needn’t worry about it).

                      > She was wearing a Russian suit,

                      Except for the first, oh, third of the movie that is – when she was wearing her American Suit, as she worked on the (American) Hubble Telescope, from the arm of her American Space Shuttle, as she explained to George Clooney’s character that she was from Illinois…

                      > and all the manuals she was reading
                      > were in Russian.

                      Yes, after she had stripped off her American Spacesuit in the airlock of the International Space Station, which is serviced – even at this very time – only by Soyuz spacecraft. One of which, as the plot made clear, she had to try to take to the (fictional) Chinese Space Station to get to a working reentry vehicle.

                      > Did she change after she got rid of her
                      > first suit?

                      Why are you asking me? You said just above that you’d seen the movie – just a few posts below the one where you thought she was a Russian Astronaut.

                      > I guess that makes sense, but I don’t care
                      > enough to look up how people explained that
                      > shit.

                      Why would you have to look anything up? You said you’d seen the movie – look it’s right up there:

                      > Also, I have seen it. It wasn’t good.
                      > Why the fuck do you think I brought it up?

                      I think I understand now why you don’t like this movie so much. Clearly, you couldn’t follow the plot enough to understand what was going on. (Did you by any chance go with your Significant Other? And were you – *ahem* – ‘otherwise occupied’ during the showing? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink knowhatImean? Saynomore!)

                      I mean, if you missed all those important elements of the plot: that she was an American medical specialist from Illinois who had developed scanning technology adaptable to the Hubble Space Telescope and received basic astronaut training as part of a ‘Specialists In Space’ programme at NASA, then how could you possibly be left with anything other than a very limited view of this movie? That you’ve seen.

                    • All right, you autistic piece of shit. Let’s go scene by scene of this pathetic excuse for a tech demo.

                      We open up with the stereotypical old school George Clooney vet saying he le won’t break le spacewalking record. FORESHADOWING. We also get to find out that he’s really good at what he does despite seeming like he doesn’t really le care. Le apathy is le cool sauce.

                      Next we’re introduced to the rookie brainy girl who totally can’t do shit she sucks so bad. So she drops a screw and…

                      And then le OMG wow the screw comes right at your face! le gasp! Le cinematic brilliance! This is where you’d be impressed if you found that vision test with the 3D bug at school to be the most amazing thing ever.


                      Then warning warning the Russians have destroyed space. Please evacuate! But ohmigosh we can’t evacuate faster than 4 billion light years per mile so omgomgomg danger!

                      Joker-kun dies RIP what a surprise!

                      Sandra Bullock screams a lot here. This will happen throughout the rest of le movie.

                      Lots of screaming. Sandra and George are le STRANDED in le space. But George is le hero. George is le leader. George le takes them to the station to attempt to exit.

                      And then le cheap jump scare with le dead body. Oh wait, did I say cheap? I meant deep. Le movie has a 97 on metacritic. Le Fred knows it’s essentially perfect.


                      Le George Clooney sacrifices himself for le Sandra Bullock but not before learning that le Sandra had a kid that died and that made her le travel in a car and put on the radio. Deep! Important! Character building!

                      Le Sandra enters a space station and enters fetus mode for 1 minute. This is le deep and important too. You must realize this is le symbolism. It’s like le rebirth because she puts on a new le spacesuit here too.

                      Then le Sandra decides to travel to le Chinaship. Cue more DEEP PLOT OF EXPLOSIONS IN 3D.

                      Le Sandra is le desperate when she enters le Chinaship. “Will you le pray for me, cuz nobody ever taught me how to le pray?” (Yes folks, that’s verbatim.) Oh wow, is that a picture of le Jesus on a tarot card or something? Le symbolic!

                      Awooo Awroo! I’m a dog! Hahaha China is hilarious! Now she’s gonna die to sleep. ;___;;;;; but wait! Remember le “I just keep driving with le radio on”?

                      Yes, Sandra Bullock uses le radio powers to return to le Earth!

                      And then she le gets almost caught in le seaweed when she’s in the ocean. Le audience definitely didn’t laugh at how poorly this was implemented or come to the realization that the entire movie was based around cheap, poorly contrived danger scenarios with a 3D gimmick.

                      Then le Earth ohmygod le Earth is sand! Cue movie. Roll credits. Dark_Sage isn’t gonna wait around to see if there’s a final scene at the end of the movie. (If there was one, I bet it would be le George Clooney being le wisecracker or le deep intellectual smartness, wasirite?)

                    • > All right, you autistic piece of shit.

                      You must be a riot at the family Thanksgiving dinner table, yes? I must say, it *was* funny: highly entertaining! Just one thing…

                      Look upthread: I haven’t hurled ONE invective at you; yet you _started_ with How The Fucks and Bullshit and now I’m an Autistic Piece Of Shit?

                      But that’s okay: I realise that ad hominem is both your natural style and the only argument you can marshal in this instance, so please feel free to project as much as you like. And then he said:

                      > Le Fred knows it’s essentially perfect.

                      Actually, Le Fred said nothing of the sort (as is plain to see for anyone with eyes in their pointy heads and but a jot of reading comprehension). In fact, Le Fred only gave this flick a score of 7/10 in his spot review of the puppy – so yeah ummm, Reality rears its ugly head yet once again…

                      (But hey, you’re obviously emotionally invested in this debate, and I wouldn’t want you to blow a main gasket before you’re done reviewing the current anime season, so I’ll just back away from the table slowly.) Thanks for the, Turkey.

                    • Here’s the deal buddy, crying ad hominem ain’t an effective means of counterargument unless ad hominem is the only thing the accused’s argument consists of. Unless all avenues of conversation have been cut off, I’ll never say “You’re wrong cuz you’re a faggot.”

                      You wanted to start with autistic nitpicking in an attempt to shed doubt on me having seen or “understood” it, so I threw a summary back at you that also explained some of my issues with the movie. You couldn’t deal with that so now you’re whining like a bitch. Go fuck yourself with a knife.

                    • /MetaConverstaion_Engaged (sigh)

                      Actually, resort to ad hominem attacks is ONLY not a tacit admission of defeat if one is responding to an affront. I’m sure your debate and logic instructors had as much fun with you as your relatives at those Thanksgiving family dinners.

                      As for “Unless all avenues of conversation have been cut off, I’ll never say ‘You’re wrong cuz you’re a faggot’,” that’s transparently wrong, since you BEGAN with the insults, in an effort to shut down any potential rebuttal. Things went south (for you) from there. Don’t believe me? Read it from the top; anyone can see it.

                      As for my “nitpicking,” your assertion that the female character wasn’t “believable” as a Russian Astronaut was a Nit just crying out to be Picked: a great huge mucking Nit, fairly *screaming* “He hasn’t even seen the movie!”

                      People can draw their own conclusions; I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt that you might simply have been distracted throughout the film, rather than having been caught out lying about having seen it (at that time).


                      As for “whining like a bitch,” there is a word, where I hail from, for people like you. It’s a curious word when used to describe a male, but entirely appropriate in your case. It begins with ‘C’ and ends with ‘UNT’, and it *isn’t* ‘Count’ or ‘Catamount’!

                      See You Next Tuesday. ;o)

                    • All right, if your position truly is that swearing makes someone “lose” a “debate” then I guess we really have exhausted all possible avenues of discourse. See you next Tuesday indeed.

  5. What kind of person translates for anime subtitles? I’ve read the “fansubbing affiliations” blog post so I get the general categories of fansub group, but what makes a translator translate for these things?

    (Note that I use the term “translate” loosely.)

    When it comes to light novels there are a lot of people aiming to improve their Japanese (or Korean, or Chinese…) skills by translating, and a few more who really appreciate an author’s work and want to get more people exposed.

    Anime subs seem to be somehow different, though…? Most of these groups seem to want to translate the same shows as each other, and the releases seem to be focused more on speed than accuracy. So, why bother with the half-assed translation?

    • For why the anime scene is different… who the fuck’s gonna translate an entire novel if another group’s already done it? The workload is too great and the number of people who will consume your work is too few for it to make sense. With anime though, you’re not out a lot if another group releases first, cuz you’ll still get thousands of DLs even if you only specialize in retardation.

      And for motivation? I mean, it really depends on the individual. I think it’s a combination of community, pride, self-improvement, the vain hope some fat guy at a con will plow you due to your subbing his fabulous moe moe desu loli-chan shit, or a simple lack of anything better to do with their time. Many, many reasons.

      As for me…

      • Fair enough. It’s a lot easier to guess context from the animation for words they can’t figure out, too… Which would explain why certain groups would randomly throw in “Fuck the police!” when the person is saying “Hehe, I scared them.”

        I like your reason for subbing. Did you beat the Elitist Four yet?

      • v2:
        I wanna be the very best
        That no-one ever was
        To sub them is my real test
        To edit is my cause
        I will Google across the ‘net,
        Searching far and wide
        Sub anime to understand
        The subtext that’s inside

        Fansubbing! Gotta sub ’em all
        It’s you and me
        I know it’s my destiny
        Fansubbing! Oh, you’re my QC
        Of a show aired on TV

        Fansubbing! Gotta sub ’em all
        A phrase so true
        Idioms will pull us through
        You flame me and I’ll flame you
        Fansubbing! Gotta sub ’em all!

  6. Is there a general consensus in regards to animating the actual subs? Like if a character yells “Stooooooooooooooooooooppu!” and the word Stop slightly shakes and fades away in sync with the exclamation, what do people think? An example that comes to mind is Black Order’s (I think that was it) TTGL, which had some of that stuff very nicely timed.

    I know I like it, but does the majority frown upon it?

    • I guess if I were to answer that based on fansub releases nowadays the answer would be no, but maybe it’s just because that’d be a lot of unnecessary work.

      • So long as it’s not frequent or distracting, I’d say it’s fine. One example of this I’ve seen that worked well was where in Cthuko’s release of Gatchaman Crowds, where a line turns on its side in sync with the character tilting their head. It worked fine there, but it could very easily not be fine so in general I would recommend to avoid it.

  7. No I haven’t forgotten about shit. But I have been waking up at 4 AM to make it back home at 7, so I’ve kinda been slow.

    Otakublog tourney still coming, articles still coming, reviews still coming… but I am gonna need more than 4 hours of sleep one of these nights.

    • >waking up at 4 AM
      >back home at (roughly)7 PM
      my current sched. feels >:(

      Would like to rent a dorm like before but ‘special constraints’ won’t let me.

  8. >waking up at 4 AM
    >back home at (roughly)7 PM

    my current sched. feels >:(
    Would like to rent a dorm like before but ‘special constraints’ won’t let me.

  9. Did Hadena finally die?
    Did they try to sub Love Lab 09, overexert their brains, and have gran mals?

    RIP in peace Hadena: martyrs for fansubbing, and standing up against fakesubbing.

  10. What animu should i watch this season?
    I’ve only seen Kill la Kill, which has been good so far.
    Any advice?
    – Hope Seiji-senpai will notice me.

  11. How come the OVAs for a harem fanservice show like To Love Ru gets subs by 4 different groups and yet Chihayafuru OVA (y’know a show that’s actually really good) can’t even get a single sub group? This wait is killing me :(

    • Why would Chihayafuru OVA be actually really good? “Good” is a rather objective measure. You can’t even just say that it’s good if it gets better rating than 8.0 by w/e. Also, people want to do currently airing simulcast shows, rather than shows that you actually have to TL the whole of. (It is true.)

      But then I’m no Commie member so that’s just my two cents. (Commie did Chihayafuru S2 so I guess that’s where you’d mostly expect your subs for the OVA coming from.)

      P.S.: I haven’t watched Chihayafuru so I don’t know if I personally like the OVA. Just sayin’ that there’s no such thing as “objectively good show.”

    • Because it often does? You’d be stupid to use Fuji TV as your source for noitaminA shows when CR video is available, for instance.

    • It’s terrible.
      It’s the same as Hummingbird, they’re trying to be a step up from MAL but are thinking too much about it. MAL is nice and simple for us retards

      • Huh, never heard of Hummingbird.
        Well, you can use it to track the anime/manga you’re watching/reading so that it notifies you whenever a new episode/chapter comes out.
        It’s pretty user-friendly, too. I especially like that it asked whether I want the titles to be in Romaji or English. You can also import your list directly from MAL.
        And that’s about all I got from 15 minutes of use. Oh, and it looks pretty.

        • That’s nice and all, but is that enough to get people to switch? I’m quite willing to move away from MAL, but I need a compelling reason.

          • er, didn’t finish what I was saying >_>
            Anyway, I use MAL Updater because it has the nice torrent plugin thing that downloads all my anime and puts them in their own folders for me. It tells me what to which episode I’ve watched, what the latest one aired is, and what the latest one I have is. If I wanna watch a series, I just double click on the name from the list and it loads it up and starts playing it in my MPC-BC. If I’m gonna switch, it’s gonna have to beat what I can do with MAL Updater.

  12. Okay I need some ideas for what to do here for Halloween. You’re gonna get the standard visual upgrade and spooky reviews, but I’m kinda blanking on other stuff. Ideas?

  13. Subtitle quality is… well, I’m not sure. I’ve never actually watched anything I’ve bought from these guys.[/url]
    Plus : This. is what makes me think it’s a good idea for Halloween reviewing.

  14. Dark_Sage: a.f.k as a subgroup was never really on nyaa, as they only used scarywater as their main tracker for their entire existence, just clearing that up.

  15. Shit should get going again later tonight.

    A combination of my job + rediscovering how fucking awesome Persona 4 is has not been conducive to creating Crymore’s content.

  16. D_S, are you still willing to seed Dantalian no Shoka? It’s got zero seeds and I’d really rather watch Whine-subs’ over m.3.3.w’s.

  17. Weekly Shounen Jump, CrunchyRoll Manga, or keep hoping that scanlators one day realize that actually doing a good (or, lets face it, an at least passable) job will get them more fans than plastering watermarks on every page?

  18. Question: based on your grading scheme, which sub groups average the best? I know, I know, sub groups share staff and all that, but humor me por favor?

    • Mm, I don’t have data from the past year in my spreadsheet, but as of Winter 2013, the top 10 by averages were:


    • Judging by that staff list, nothing of value was lost.

      Jhk said Watashi would pick the series up if the Cthuko devs were being serious and not just messing around.

      The scene will go on.

  19. Yes, I know Witch Craft Works just got released. I’m working on Preview stuff right now. It’s a race against the anime clock, desu.


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