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Fansub Reviews? What?

Gist is I review fansubs in an attempt to help you discover what the best fansub release for a given anime is.

I focus on the quality of the main script’s English, while also taking a look at visual quality (including typesetting, karaoke, and other issues such as timing/encoding/styling/etc.).

Even if you don’t really care about which fansub is the best for a given show, I expect you’ll find the reviews entertaining and informative enough to spend a few minutes reading them anyway.


About Dark_Sage

Dark_Sage is the primary author of the blog and also the person writing this sentence. He’s kind of a dick, but in the “makes beating up handicapped children look cool” kind of way.

Three Stats

  • 5+ years of fansubbing experience (I started editing in 2008 with Nabari no Ou for [Rumi], though I got my foot in the door earlier that year with distro for [GX_ST])
  • 3+ years of fansub review experience, with over 500 reviews under my belt (I technically started back in October of 2010, though Spring 2011 is where I really got into it)
  • Native English speaker with a dashing smile

I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about.



Fansub Review Policies/In-Depth Information

Mostly, read this: http://crymore.net/2012/06/18/a-whiners-pro-primer/

I consider my review breakdowns as such:

A-tier and B+: Excellent subs. This range is what a group that has a consistent focus on quality will reach (unless they stumble into it by grace of the gods). I reserve A-tier for those subs with a certain cachet that mark them above the rest, but a B+ release falls under this general designation.
B- to B: This is where I expect most groups to be hitting. It’d be nice if everyone released A+ shit, but that’s unrealistic. These scores, while not glamorous, are completely understandable.
C- to C+: Needs some work. Generally these subs will not have been significantly edited or QC’d. Sometimes visual failings can sink a group to this level, though it’s usually the script that’s the issue.
D- to D+: There needs to be a significant staff change for a show if your group hits this level of stupid. You can leave things as they are, but your more discerning viewers probably won’t be pleased.
F: What are you doing

For short shows (those with a running length of less than, oh let’s say, 9.31 minutes), I’ll break it down into Pass vs. Fail. Because, really, who gives a fuck?



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Every blog needs a banner and this is Crymore.net’s. In it you can find the banzai attitude that defines this superior anime blog.

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