Review_Queue (Summer 2012)

~Summer 2012 Edition~


All right, here’s what I have in my queue:

[Hybrid-Hadena] Campione!

[Commie] Dog Days’
[Doki] Dog Days’
[FBI] Dog Days’
[Hiryuu] Dog Days’

[FFF] Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai
[GotWoot] Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai
[Shikkaku] Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai
[SubDESU] Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

[Commie] Hagure Yuusha no Estetica
[SubDESU] Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

[Pomf] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
[SubDESU] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
[WhyNot] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

[Oyatsu] Kokoro Connect

[Commie] Oda Nobuna no Yabou
[FFF] Oda Nobuna no Yabou
[Hybrid] Oda Nobuna no Yabou

[FFF] Yuru Yuri♪♪
[Tonde] Yuru Yuri♪♪


Review Order (usually determined by the poll):

1. [Oyatsu] Kokoro Connect

2. [FFF] Yuru Yuri♪♪

3. [Tonde] Yuru Yuri♪♪

4. [Hybri-Hadena] Campione!

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    • I’m thinking hard about reviewing Sopranos and AnimeTL-Broken’s 01. I need to look at a few things before I can commit to that.

          • AnimeTL-Broken’s had one error in 10 minutes for episode 1. That’s good. Start with them and then wait for my reviews of Sopranos and AnimeTL-Broken on episode 2.

            Due to advice I received and my desire to be “safe” in my fairness, episode 2 will be reviewed for those two groups rather than episode 1. I apologize for the delay, but this was the best option to be sure my reviews are accurate and relevant.

              • Yeah, so basically, if your one of those people wondering which group to go with, just wait and go with AnimeTL-Broken.

              • Yes. The issue here is that Commie also edits the CR script and it would be relatively easy for A-B/Sopranos to check my review of Commie and edit/cater to that instead of using their own skills. While I’m 90% sure they didn’t, the 10% chance is enough that I don’t want to risk it. I apologize for the delay in my decision of which group is the best for this show.

    • Probably because there hasn’t been an actual release yet. Otherwise, it’s because D_S doesn’t do second seasons.

      • Yeah, likely the only sequel getting reviewed this summer is Moyashimon, because the first season is 5 years old and was done by BSS, who are pretty much dead now.

  1. GotWoot just released Moyashimon Returns. You should probably also add UTWoots’s and NyanTaku’s SAO and remove Hybrid’s Chitose.

  2. [Doki] Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
    [FFFpeeps and Hiryuu] Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

    Those two groups have releases up now.

  3. Regarding NyanTaku’s SAO release, would it be possible to review Episode 3 or onward since I was unavailable to edit for the first two episodes. I’m just interested in seeing how my editing fares in comparison to the other releases. Thanks.

  4. Hiryuu’s picked up Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai and Oyatsu’s also picked up Kokoro Connect. Just putting it out there for those who don’t know.

  5. Hey, Dark Sage, sorry about before, that was stupid, I just wanted to see the review…

    Also btw, are you able to review some of the K-ON Movie, there’s 2 group, which do you think is better Coalguys or FBI?

    • FBI is a shoo-in for best release. I don’t intend to review more than I can handle, so I’m not gonna do BR releases.

          • Well, there’s not a lot I can say about whether you accept it, but I do think it’s a bit odd to consider “shoe-in” not only acceptable, but “the new standard”, while refusing to accept terms like “alright” as valid. (I’m picking on “alright” for the sake of example.)


            * The phrase has nothing to do with shoes
            * The spelling is probably a confusion with “a shoe in the door”, a phrase that means something quite different
            * (For me at least) a Google search for “shoo-in” brings up a bunch of dictionary definitions. “Shoe-in” brings up threads asking whether it’s acceptable

            You call this “the new standard”.

            * Has prior art with “already”, etc
            * Has apparently existed in the language about as long as “okay” (making it pretty fucking antiquated, too)
            * Has a meaning that’s diverged from “all right”, just like “altogether” is different from “all together”. You can call it inelegant English if you want, but saying something like, “This sub has a few mistakes, but it’s alright for a harem show,” wouldn’t seem strange to typical English speakers.

            You say “fuck alright”.

            I suspect this is just something you’ve never really thought about.

    • Yes. I had to pull the review. My policy is to avoid reviews when a group asks me and has a valid reason for it. Pomf asked me to not review episode 3, but I went ahead and reviewed it anyway without asking why they requested a non-review. (I thought they were just being lazy and didn’t want me to review their lazily done eps.)

      Turns out there was a one-time staff change for that episode (a QC and a TLC weren’t there and were instead temporarily replaced), which is a valid reason for non-review requests. So I took the review down because it’s not indicative of the quality of work which one would expect from them.

      My fault, so the two hours I spent on the review were wasted and the review is now hidden. I’ll have to review another episode of theirs.

      • I caught the review before it was taken down and I felt that even with the staff changes, the final product was quite good. I don’t think Pomf would object to a permalink of the review as long as you keep it off both the main page and the archives.

        • While this is likely true, I still don’t feel comfortable putting that review up. Even if Pomf were to find it acceptable, I wouldn’t. So yeah, sorry, but this one’s going in the vaults (alongside a large number of other pulled/unfinished posts).

      • Taken from torrent description of their Hagure’s episode 6 release:

        >Seriously I should name this release DragonSubs, I don’t know what hadena’s folks are doing.

        • >Honestly, I just finished this episode. I also prefer Subdesu but didn’t really want to wait. It isn’t really that bad, dunno why people are so uptight. Before we start thinking about commenting on how bad it is, we do have a choice whether or not we want to download a FREE subbed anime. The only thing it’s costing you really is your time and electricity and whatever cost petty enough to put here, but in the end you still end up dl it right. I don’t see why you should even complain when you coulda easily dl another “knowing” you know how well hadena subs. To be honest, its not bad and viewable, just a little “choppy”. Anyhow I’m done, don’t care if you have to respond to this post. Glad you actually read all I had to say. Oh.. and as long as you know what’s going on, I don’t really think subs have to be perfect, keep in mind that we aren’t really paying out the arse to dl it. Just be happy people are even willing to sub it. You can always do yourself a favor and sub it yourself, I am pretty sure google has something on it if you wanna do it yourself. If you are just lazy, you don’t really have a reason or a point to be complaining otherwise.

          tl;dr: These subs suck balls, but it’s free, so we should be appreciative.

          I dunno, sounds like DragonSubs should reconsider the re-branding.

        • I watched that for the hell of it since I was bored. The release wasn’t terrible and I saw the staff roll at the end and thought “if this is true then its not a bad release.” After seeing dragon’s description of the torrent – things make sense now.

          • The “DragonSubs” releases are Accel World, Hagure, and Kingdom.

            It’s easy to tell, as everything else Hadena is unwatchable now thanks to arashi.

  6. I wouldn’t bother with the Hadena-Hybrid Campione! review, the joints off cause of Hadena’s refusal to encode, it will either be a solo effort or dropped project

    • >Refusing to encode
      FFS Hadena, you really do deserve to be taken off TokyoToshi and the likes. What’s next? Refusing to TLC, or even edit? May as well just have arashi release his shitty scripts in a word document if they really can’t be arsed.

    • I asked too nicely and got this as a response (in channel #minitheatre):
      [2012-08-11 12:21:17] mike332|AMD I am unsure if you are planning to continue encoding DD and campione. could you clarify your position please?
      [2012-08-11 12:21:20] arashi^
      [2012-08-11 12:21:23] what about that?
      [2012-08-11 12:21:28] hm
      [2012-08-11 12:21:39] you guys are sitting ducks in our eyes
      [2012-08-11 12:22:05] the editing and QC was done a week ago
      [2012-08-11 12:22:12] and we needed a WR
      [2012-08-11 12:22:25] we could have had it out a few days ago
      [2012-08-11 12:22:35] mike won’t encode it anymore
      [2012-08-11 12:22:40] we are using zero raws
      [2012-08-11 12:28:49] .k denpa
      [2012-08-11 12:28:49] *** you were kicked from #minitheatre by TriviaX (Requested)
      [2012-08-11 12:28:59] Cannot join channel (+i)
      The only thing Hadena did for the joints was encode and KFX. I guess I’m stuck encoding 3 shows now.

        • It seems that the nicks got removed. I only said the first line. Hybrid21 said most of the other lines. Arashi said “you guys are sitting ducks in our eyes” “mike won’t encode it anymore” and ” we are using zero raws” Those comments got Vong upset when he heard about it and thus the joint was dropped.

            • What reputation is there to ruin? They don’t even have the amicable angle left to draw from. As a group, they’re fucked. Unless they fire most of their staff, including their leader, their releases are going to be shit.

              • For that to happen, the leader and “important” people there would have to first acknowledge there was a problem with themselves.

                Anything even nearing that would require a degree of maturity and putting ego aside that… well, let’s just say that if you put money down in favor of that and actually win I’d give you a freaking massive payout.

                • I’m sure I could put in a good argument in favor of something being fucked up in Arashi’s mind, same with several of their other staff, but for the rest…..

                • Mmn. Really, a drastic approach would be required to get Hadena up to scratch. Firstly, of course, they’d have to stop paying people, a disgrace upon the beneficiaries in of itself, and if they don’t like it, they can fuck off. They probably then should make their staff resit competency tests held by, well, competent fansubbers, and no leniency should be shown towards people too stupid to sub. They’d also have to watch subsequent releases for trolls. Of course, such action would have to be taken by the leader of the group, and until arashi0 steps down, Hadena will continue to spew their bile they euphemistically refer to as fansubs among the community.

                  • Well, I think I’ve got some good news. I heard that Arashi was quitting as of the end of the season. I really hope its true. I’ve also heard rumors that their head timer TheKey2500 was also quitting at the end of the season. Not sure if my source is reliable though, we will see at the season’s end

                  • At this point, is there really a point in “getting it up to scratch”, though? A sub group is, in essence, its name and its members. If the at-least-slightly-competent members of Hadena were to get rid of all the idiots, the group leader included, they would be a completely different group than before. At that point, it would be completely counterproductive to keep releasing under the Hadena name, which is universally equated with terrible subs. They don’t have anywhere to go but to disband, really.

                    • I’ve helped Hadena before, so personally I’d like to see them evolve into a competent fansub. It’d be a nice change of pace too.

                    • That said, if Hadena went away, many thousands of viewers would need to change their viewing habits and schedules. Sad but true.

                    • I just feel sorry for the streamers. Those sites just grab whoever’s first, and that’s often Hadena.

                      One could argue that these people are beyond hope anyway, but at the very least it wouldn’t hurt for them to have intelligible subs to go with their crappy video.

                    • Given that the stream sites are being taken down by anime companies, perhaps they’ll finally get to downloading from the source. It’d be nice if they were finally clued in on the fact that if they’re going to download (which streaming is, obviously), they may as well choose a comparatively high quality release from competent fansubbers for a maybe half an hour longer wait.

    • Well we finally released episode 4, after bringing in another editor to further improve the script. Episode 5 will follow once VividFear (the new editor) gets a chance to work on it. I think it’s worth a review now that Hybrid21 isn’t the sole editor anymore.

          • Somehow background checks haven’t caught on in the fansubbing scene? Despite all probability? Really?

            Honestly, that is amazing in several ways, not in the least considering the proximity to the scanlation scene and their rampant paranoid schizophrenia.

        • He was at Hadena but I don’t think he is anymore. Hybrid21 brought VividFear in since Campione! was too hard for him to edit. From what I’ve seen, VividFear is a really good editor.

  7. Doki is also doing “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate,” since you didn’t have it on the list. Just thought i’d point that out.

  8. If anyone mentioned it already then tl;dr but rori released “To love-ru darkness” as a joint project with FFF.
    How about that one?


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