Review_Queue (Spring 2012)

~Spring 2012 Edition~


All right, here’s what I have left to review:



Review Order (usually determined by the poll):




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  1. You’ve already reviewed a buttload of shows and groups for the spring, and you’ve still got all these to get through? I don’t envy you, brother.

    Best of luck. Thanks for all you’ve done, and I look forward to reading your future posts. Cheers! =)

  2. Just wanted to say, if you’re going to review Hadena’s Acchi Kocchi ep. 4, please disregard version 1. The upload got interrupted, so we released version 2 instead.


  3. I’m so sorry, Dark_Sage. ; – ;

    I can almost understand the “Fuck this shit” feeling you probably get when you look at this list.

  4. if you plan doing Tasogare Otome, can you review the latest episode?
    Hadena seems having new editor for Tasogare, and I want to see his ability~

    D-don’t get me wrong!
    I-it’s not like I care about hadena or support them, but i’m only curious with this new editor ability!

  5. You really should do Sankarea next. The show deserves it.

    You might also want to finish Jormungand, since you only need to do one more review.

  6. I’m just waiting for shows I work on… Need to know what can be fixed! /me hopes for nothing, but knows he’s not perfect.

  7. If you aim to do 5 fansub reviews per week, you should be able to finish off this season before the next one starts. I think you usually tend to average around 5 reviews per week anyways so I think you can make it.

  8. You’re going to have a field day with Hiryuu’s Breadtits. That script is as bad as the show itself.

  9. Just a suggestion I thought of earlier: when none of the groups subbing a show are particularly good (say, nobody gets anything over a C), can you review the official stream (CR/nico/funi) if it’s available?

    There’s a lot of misplaced hatred for official streams, and I think people might be pleasantly surprised to learn they have a decent alternative when all the fansubbing groups for a show drop the ball.

  10. I remember you skipped over Chirhiro’s Amagami SS+ because their releases were ridiculously slow, so given that Aniyoshi-Taka have only released episode 01 of Eureka Seven AO, shouldn’t you consider skipping over them as well? Not sure if the difference in quality warrants the wait time on their subs for most viewers.

    • They’re still on episode 1? Holy shit. Yeah, I’m taking them out of consideration now. Thanks for the heads up.

            • Well, you wouldn’t want to set unrealistic expectations in the viewers, after all. You finish one series, and suddenly they’ll be expecting you to finish all of them.

              • /me goes back to QCing the last few episodes of Zero no Tsukaima F.

                At least we finished Mirai Nikki relatively on time <_<


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