Review_Queue (Spring 2012)

~Spring 2012 Edition~


All right, here’s what I have to review (there’s more than this, but by popular demand…):

Lupin III

Nazo no Kanojo X


Acchi Kocchi

Space Brothers


Medaka Box

Eureka Seven


Shining Hearts

Accel World


Review Order:

1. [Hatsuyuki] Acchi Kocchi

0 thoughts on “Review_Queue (Spring 2012)”

    • I would say review any of the first 5 episodes can be a bully. There are signs of improvement, but I can only recommend the watch when they fix the encode.

      The main script TL is good, but the rests are… I think they can do much better.

    • We all know they’re shit. True, the reviews will be funny, but I’d like to give some attention to groups that are actually trying their best first.

      • DS, you simple do not understand the truly postmodern approach Hadena is taking to the art of fansubbing. It is genius, I tell you, pure genius!

  1. I’m kind of sad that Hadena and Sub Desu are on your low priority list. For some reason I figured that you’d want to do those reviews right away.

  2. Dark_Sage, when you’ll review HorribleSubs Brave 10 ?
    8thsin say they have excellent release for the brave 10 and get A- score for their release, the highest score among other.
    so i want to know what you think.

  3. Why even waste your time reviewing [Oyatsu] and [Zenyaku] Area no Kishi at all when it is obvious that both groups dropped this anime and are never going to pick it up again?

    If you want to do an Area no Kishi review to “complete the season” you might as well do the crunchyroll rip (HorribleSubs).

    • I think their High School DxD base translation is good, but it’s extremely vulnerable in some aspects. In my opinion, it can turn into a superb release if they really want. I can’t wait for the lulz review.

      Hadena’s DxD is my favorite watch every week, for one reason or another.

  4. Spring 2012 anime season starts in exactly four weeks from today. Good luck wrapping up both Winter 2012 and Fall 2011 in this short period.

  5. Dark_Sage thank you for everything you’ve done so far and I would greatly appreciate if you could review the following: Sankarea[Hatsuyuki], Sankarea[EveTaku], Zetman[Hatsuyuki], Fate/Zero 2[UTW] & Zero no Tsukaima F[Static-Subs].

    • I really doubt our Zero release is going to get reviewed since it’s a show from last season and we’re still not done releasing it. Commie probably has a slightly better release than we do.


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