~Winter 2015 Edition~

Things to remember:

  • If a show has already been reviewed, you won’t find it in this queue. Try the Review Summary.
  • If there is a HorribleSubs edit for a show, I will only review the edited version and not the original rip.
    • If the release is edited to the point where it could pass as an original translation, I will also review the original rip.
  • Re-encodes will not be reviewed.
  • Review Queue status pending “State of the Crymore” discussion.

  • Will update this weekend.


Reviews Left:

[Chihiro] Absolute Duo
[HorribleSubs] Absolute Duo

[HorribleSubs] Isuca

[Asuka Subs] Kamisama Kiss 2 (Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2)
[Commie] Kamisama Kiss 2 (Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2) (pending)

[Asuka Subs] Kantai Collection
[Commie] Kantai Collection
[Kantai] Kantai Collection

[caffeine] Koufuku Graffiti
[Commie] Koufuku Graffiti
[HorribleSubs] Koufuku Graffiti

[CTSS] Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) (Episode 3+)
[Doki] Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)
[FFF] Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)
[S_X] Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

[HorribleSubs] Seiken Tsukai no World Break

[Chihiro] Shinmai Maou no Testament
[Hatsuyuki] Shinmai Maou no Testament
[FFFyuu] Shinmai Maou no Testament

[Chibiki] The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls (Episode 3+)
[Doki] The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls
[HorribleSubs] The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

[DameDesuYo] Tokyo Ghoul Root A

[HorribleSubs] Unlimited Fafnir (Juuou Mujin no Fafnir)

[Commie Yoru no Yatterman (pending)
[HorribleSubs] Yoru no Yatterman


Review Order:

  1. [???] Koufuku Graffiti
  2. [???] ???
  3. [???] ???



Out-of-Scope (releases that I will not review for whatever reason):

Unedited simulcast rips:

[Syn] Absolute Duo – Almost untouched Funimation rip (and what they touched, they shouldn’t have)

[FFF] Unlimited Fafnir (Juuou Mujin no Fafnir) – Almost untouched Crunchyroll rip

Simulcast rips that are being edited by a fansub group:

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)

[HorribleSubs] Maria the Virgin (Junketsu no Maria)

[HorribleSubs] Kamisama Kiss 2 (Kami-sama Hajimemashita 2)

[HorribleSubs] Kantai Collection

[HorribleSubs] Saekano (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

[HorribleSubs] Shinmai Maou no Testament

[HorribleSubs] Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Dropped releases:

[FedSubs] Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)


178 thoughts on “Review_Queue”

  1. Looks like there won’t be that many choices outside a couple shows this, and some shows might not have an option at all, anime is ded, what a great time to be unemployed, uh, D_S?

    • I try to avoid adding in groups based on their “plans” to sub something. So once they’ve subbed their first episode, I’ll throw them in the queue.

      Note that for shows with non-standard first starts (pre-airs, or Funimation being unable to get their shit together) I’ll look for the second episode before queueing them up.

  2. Here’s more D_S
    >[FFFyuu] Shinmai Maou no Testament


    >[HorribleSubs] Saekano
    >[Saenai-Subs] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata

    >[Asuka Subs] Kantai Collection
    ^ must be done

    >[HorribleSubs] Military!

  3. HS has Koufuku Graffiti now too.
    Chibiki is also doing IM@S.
    Hiryuu also doing Death Parade.
    As well as Commie for Rolling Girls.
    And FFF for Saikano.
    Seems like this season is TL party or bust.

  4. >[Commie] Saikano S2 – Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
    Commie == Saenai-Subs?
    Also I noticed that you updated this and FFF still isn’t there.

  5. Just saw these on nyaa

    [FFF] Assassination Classroom
    [FedSubs] Assassination Classroom *

    * XD these people had to do three versions of the same episode

    • Let’s make it morning. Watashi’s is technically ready to post, but I’ll regret it if I don’t give it a fresh QC.

      Spoilers: it’s also A-tier.

  6. FFF seem to have switched to an original translation for Fafnir as mentioned on their website. Will you be doing a review? Would be interesting to see them stack up to the official subs that their editor deems too precious to edit.

        • we’ve just seen this one error blasted everywhere. its kinda annoying that everyone feels the need to point it out. especially when we have a venue for people to give constructive feedback to our Public QC.

          • People do that with everything — Hell, people kept saying Vivid’s Amagi releases were just memesubs. There is literally no reason to get upset by it.

            That said, it is a pretty inexcusable mistake, however minor.

            • While anecdotal evidence, that’s how people say it where I’m from. It’s not formal by any means but it’s probably why my brain just skipped over it.

              And certainly that mistake does not warrant
              >If the show wasn’t so fucking weird, I’d probably mind not having a decent choice of subs more.

                    • Sure. Let’s just get it all out there. There were a total of 11 mistakes in the first episode’s release. Mostly bad commas. What’s your point? I’m not afraid to say we make mistakes unlike some people who think that being in “better groups” automatically means no mistakes. There is a reason that pretty much every group batches at the end of a season.

                    • >There is a reason that pretty much every group batches at the end of a season.
                      Update lyrics and consistency fixes usually.

                    • If you’re going to be that butthurt by people pointing out your mistakes and ignore the fact that yes the so called “better groups” do a better job and so can you if you try, maybe you should just quit fansubbing again brah.
                      Go get more in touch your my real life and get your priorities straightened out.(I’m paraphrasing you here)

                    • Frustrated and annoyed are not the same as butthurt. And guess what, I did get my priorities straightened out and my real life is now stable with a full time job and controlled family issues. Which is why I’m fansubbing again. But, please, do feel free to continue making broad assumptions about my life and fansubbing, anon.

                    • I wasn’t particularly offended nor did I simply perceive it as an insult. OP was intentionally insulting as you have been this entire thread in an attempt to steamroll me into… I don’t even know what your goal here is. Getting off on feeling superior?

                    • Someone pointed out a huge fucking mistake on your release, instead of just saying “it will be fixed in the batch/v2, sorry about that” you got all bent out of shape and posted this:
                      “Made an error. Whoohoo!

                      Get over it. Didn’t ruin the script. I wasnt aware we were starting comment threads now when a group makes an error.”
                      After that most of the people here are just fucking with you since you decided to paint a huge target on your forehead.

                    • As I said, we have a place where people can point out mistakes to us in a constructive manner. We always own up to our faults and say we’ll fix them in batch. And, as I said originally, the review queue on crymore isn’t the appropriate place to just randomly post an error unless trying to troll or bring on some kind of drama.

                      As for me getting all bent out of shape, sure. I was annoyed at having seen it for the 10th time. But I’ll reserve politeness for those who deserve it.

                    • >There were a total of 11 mistakes in the first episode’s release.

                      And none of the three QCs caught them? That’s quite a feat.

                    • “the review queue on crymore isn’t the appropriate place to just randomly post an error unless trying to troll or bring on some kind of drama.”
                      But if you know that why would reply? Why not just read it and ignore it? Unless…
                      You were just pretending to be outraged by these comments. Well played begna.

                • There’s a difference to being butthurt and other people just being asses. The grammar mistake has been pointed out, and will be fixed for batch, people don’t need to make a big deal out of something that the vast majority of downloaders probably didn’t even notice.

                  • Welcome to fansubbing :D

                    If there’s a simple mistake in your subs, prepare to be ridiculed mercilessly for a long time. No point moaning about it because that just feeds the trolls (ie, other fansubbers) ;)

                • Haha. You tell him Anon.

                  You tell him how the staff responsible for the abomination called hanamonogatari went on to;
                  •-stall shows at Commie, where editing is simply removing honorifics from a crunchyroll script, and who whores out to 14 different groups at last count.
                  •-never work for a “better” fansub group because no one will hire someone who decided that deleting files from the ftp was the best goodbye message ever.
                  •-wanted to only encode BD’s but has never managed to finished a season of any show for any “better” group

                  That’ll show Begna.

              • …All right, Begna112, maybe I should make a few things clear, since you seem to be a lot more upset/angry than I had expected posting this would cause.

                First of all, allow me to apologize for not using your Public QC. You see, I simply was not aware such a thing existed, and in any case, I rarely visit fansub sites to check releases. That said, even when I see a mistake in a release, I probably won’t alert the group in question unless it’s something I consider subtle (for lack of a better word). For example, “complementary” vs “complimentary” on Kaylith’s Zankyou. While mistakes like this are unpleasant, I really don’t want to go around acting like Mr Editor/QC for all the groups who lack a good editor or QC.

                All that said, I consider “must of” as one of the gravest grammatical mistakes an editor can miss. I can easily forgive small typos, maybe missing a full stop occasionally. But this? Seeing “must of” should trigger a massive red flag in every editor/QC who sees it immediately. I’m astounded that it made it through to release. And yes, that wasn’t the only problem, just the most obvious one.

                And finally, Begna112, your reaction to all of this is what amazes me most. I find it surprising that you would be so offended by my posting the image. I am not making fun of you or your group in a personal way; I am pointing out the fact that your release lacked proper editing and thus, I would not consider “decent”. Why am I even explaining this? This is Crymore; I would’ve thought everyone who came here would understand that here we all lay fansubs under the strictest scrutiny. And your accusation that me posting this here must be trolling or stirring up drama – I have no words.

                Anyway, I hate writing such long and serious posts on this site; it’s so uncharacteristic. I hope you understand I wasn’t trying to make fun of you or your group.

                • It’s my fault for that. I believe I accidentally did that last minute, and it was a total error on my part. Sorry.

                  We only had 2 QCs for that episode because one of them was missing. The error was pointed out at least once by a QC, but somehow it stayed in the script through applying. It will of course be fixed for the batch.

                  I can tell you that we’re all being more careful so something like that doesn’t happen again. I have extra coffee this time too.

                  • Hey Begna
                    This is how you respond when someone points out there was an error.
                    btw I love you begna and damedesuyo pls don’t be mad

                  • It’s actually my fault for incorrectly abbreviating “must have” when applying an indirectly related QC suggestion to that line. I know, because the error wasn’t there before I applied QC, and I have the scripts to prove it. But as Period said, it’ll be fixed in batch along with all the other flaws that are discovered between now and then.

                    As I’m here, I’ll briefly address the concerns of the others before I go back to lurking.

                    While it is no excuse, “must of”, according to a quick googling, is a surprisingly common mistake theorized to be due to how “must have” is pronounced in English. So while it is technically incorrect, you’ll likely find it appearing more often and becoming more accepted as the English language evolves. If it upsets you now, you’re likely in for a rough time when your old, retired, and only have fansub blogs left to entertain you.

                    There are no “retards” touching the dialogue script. Our editor (who in my opinion is fully competent), TLC, and the PL when applying QC are the only ones to touch it.
                    The fact that your argument has so quickly degraded into insults tells me that your’re just trolling and I needn’t even bother replying to you directly. Perhaps your choice of insult was a word you heard a lot while growing up.
                    Now, as much as I would like to meet someone who consistently pumps out perfect scripts, no one like that exists, and anyone claiming to be able to do so is a liar.

                    Having said all that, I really don’t see the point in you all trying to continually bait Begna after his initial reply. He’s been made aware of that line, repeatedly, so it’s only natural he’d be frustrated when someone tries to be snarky with a screenshot of it. I will point out that there are very few groups that embrace public feedback to the point of having a public QC submission form on their website. It’s just disappointing when people would rather post screenshots for their own ego inflation than actually help to improve the final product. It’s probably the same people who complain about the death of fansubbing.

                    • >So while it is technically incorrect, you’ll likely find it appearing more often and becoming more accepted as the English language evolves

                      Oho, no you fucking won’t.

                      >There are no “retards” touching the dialogue script.

                      Your post proves this is false.

                    • “must of” is common, in the same way that “over their is a tree” is common.

                      It’s common, but only amongst uneducated people. If you are a native English speaker and older than, say, 15 (which is pretty damned generous), you should not be making that mistake ever.

                      If you are claiming that you simply missed it, or it was a typo from changing around the script, or whatever, then I can accept that. Typos on the internet are also forgivable. But don’t try to say a mistake like that is justified because it’s “common”.

                      It’s common. It’s also incredibly wrong.

                      And by the gods, where are you all getting the idea that I posted this for ego? That’s honestly insulting. I know tone is really hard to tell on the internet, but “DameDesuYo, fucking please” I would think carries across a tone of disappointment, not “snarkiness”.

                      Look, I love fansubbing. I want fansubbers to put out great releases. That’s why when I see basic, BASIC mistakes like this I am disappointed. You shouldn’t have to rely on leechers like myself to to a final editing pass. Come on, get your act together.

                • Honestly, I think the problem is the increasing toxicity between fansub groups. Errors are fine and common to point out, but it seems like with the increasing scrutiny fansubs are coming over and the harsher responses for every little thing, it’s a lot easier for people to get hurt.

                  I wonder why it’s just fansubs and not like manga translations or visual novels.

                  • Probably because scanlation and visual novel “groups” generally have much less contact with each other and are spread further out, rather than them all being one comments section or irc channel away.

                    • If you’re talking quality, yeah. But I’m not sure what’s the cause and what’s the effect. Do the fansubs have higher quality because there is more toxic competition, or do fansubs have more toxic competition because they are higher quality?

                    • What you asked is a good question. I wasn’t talking about that though. I’m talking about how their community interacts. They have so many silly disputes about who gets to scan what, throw tantrums when someone reviews their scans and call them out on it etc. That’s what I’m talking about.

                    • Maybe I’m just dumb, but I fail to see where this talk of ‘toxic competition’ is coming from. All I see here is a few people, some of whom aren’t fansubbers, rightly calling DDY out on a rather stupid mistake. For whatever little time I’ve been involved in fansubbing, I haven’t noticed any of this stupid competition. Could someone please enlighten me?

                    • Don’t worry, sjoe. There really isn’t any competition between groups. Some people just want to believe it. There may be occasional competitions between individuals but that does not make it a competition between groups.

                    • sjoe, it might be between groups or individuals, I don’t know. But it’s amazing how every little thing anyone does is blown up everywhere. Honestly, I find the competition level in fansubbing to be toxic, and I really am starting to feel that it’s really not CR killing fansubbing – it is the attitudes of some of the fansubbers.

                    • >But I’m not sure what’s the cause and what’s the effect. Do the fansubs have higher quality because there is more toxic competition, or do fansubs have more toxic competition because they are higher quality?

                      This is a very, very dumb question.

                    • Here is a fun drinking game for reading crymore comments
                      Take a sip every time Jing tries to start an argument with someone, bottoms up every time Jing kills a group.
                      Take a sip every time Kristen says something stupid, two sips for every comment of HIM trying to justify himself without making any sense.
                      Take a sip every time commie staff gets butthurt they didn’t get A+(here, not on nyaa otherwise that would be a really short drinking game), five sips if D_S gave them A-.
                      Take a sip every time the 90% of the dev comments are about some minor point in the review and ignore the actual flaws.

                    • No, the show is too typeset heavy to watch CR’s garbage. Plus they don’t translate OP / EDs.

                      Watching CR or Funi is like watching a fucking camrip.

                    • Look Anon. When Chihiro was spiraling out of control in 2012 and not being able to sub anything, I did a huge overhall in April. The ideas of it were simple. Sub only one show from CR, because we obviously didn’t have the staff to do an original TL. Separate the active staff from the inactive staff so that the active staff didn’t leech off the inactivity. Set firm deadlines for things to be completed or dropped. And have a separate BD and TV encoder so nobody gets overwhelmed.

                      That worked for the first two seasons with Henneko and TWGOK S3. The group elected to work on Strike the Blood in the fall. While I wasn’t a big fan of it, I was still willing to work on it in the same capacity of the past 2 seasons – as a BD encoder when it came out. However, some staff members (many of whom were the inactives that were a cause of the 2012 in the first place), wanted to also do Golden Time. So it was picked up, and suddenly Chihiro was doing 2 shows.

                      When Chihiro decided to stop listening to my advice, I decided to stop leading it. What use is a leader that isn’t listened to? Since then, I’ve watched as some projects have spun out of control with delays, people get overwhelmed and stall, and blame gets thrown all around.

                      I can’t answer you about Nozaki-kun. I’m not involved in the project. I am simply the encoder for Locodol, which is currently being stalled eternally at typesetting. Nor can I really answer you about anything, since I don’t lead Chihiro anymore.

                  • Uh, not sure where you get that idea. The scanlation and drama scene have ALWAYS been more toxic than the fansubbing scene. Just try picking up something another group is already doing and find out what I mean ;)

                    And in the grand scheme of things, pointing out an honest (though unforgivable) mistake and giving that group five minutes of ridicule for it is *nothing* like the ‘toxic’ drama that used to circulate the scene. You should know that yourself, Kristen, with the amount of scorn poured onto Chihiro from the very beginning, as well as your huge dingdong with Jaka over the years. This is peanuts compared to insults that have flown between fansubbers in the past.

                    No, no editor/QC is perfect at all times, granted. We all make typos, sure, and it’s unfortunate when that happens. Trying to justify a basic error with “everyone says it” however is committing fansubbing seppuku – if you want to create your own form of English, it’s my advice that you do it somewhere where there *isn’t* a large group of people who specifically deal with the intricacies of the English language, because I guarantee you will be ridiculed for a long time after for it.

                    Heck, in one of my edits, I accidentally allowed the word ‘fret’ to appear three times in three lines – the QC on it was still teasing me about it three years later! xD

                  • I don’t bother with interjecting myself into *every* aspect of fansub drama, but from my perspective there’s been far less “toxic” competition between groups than there has been in the past. Additionally, I’m not really seeing the burnout rates we used to have. So if your idea of fansubbing paradise is a bunch of circlejerking kumbaya bullshit, we’ve never been as close to utopia as we are now.

                    I, however, would argue the hugboxing of the scene is doing it far more harm than good.

  7. Meta/heads up/most of you can ignore this:

    So, I’m just getting to all this drama over… whatever. Still not 100% sure what. But I accidentally cleared the Spam queue. So if you had a post you were waiting to get approved, and if it went into the spam queue, just post again and I’ll approve it.

  8. D_S, I formally request, using my Crymore Raffle Prize, that you review Commie’s The Rolling Girls.

    I went with Cthune and I want to know what I’m “missing out on”, but I don’t want to download a Commie release if I have a choice.

    Originally I was going to ask you to do Fedsubs’ Assassination Classroom for obvious reasons, but then they went and dropped it.

    Anyways, much appreciated!

    • >they dropped it
      He could still review the one episode they did!

      >I want to know what I’m “missing out on”
      Apparently “that’s my fetish” is a suitable translation of “I don’t dislike it”.

      You made the right choice going with Cthune.

    • How is it that the opening kfx didn’t work on other people’s computers but my toaster of a laptop handled it fine?

      Also, do you actually ask for permission to review things? Or is it just more of a heads up?

      • Your laptop might have the correct font installed.

        Also, I have a longstanding policy that if groups don’t want a certain episode reviewed, they can ask me to skip it. I don’t like to leave any room for excuses.

      • The show’s quite a bit better than the manga, if that sways your decision. But you’re right, that would be several layers of excellent.

    • It definitely does. The only thing I worry about with that format is not giving enough information for people to come to a decent conclusion when the show is written above fifth-grade level.

      Also, it’s not as fun to write. :<

  9. Sengoku Musou and Binan-whatever, dropped. Both were in the bottom-3 on the poll, [HorribleSubs] was the only release available, and I didn’t like either, so no big loss.

      • I had a TL Party planned, but then we got to a point in the season where I could start with the normal reviews, so I went that route instead.

  10. >[FFF] Unlimited Fafnir (Juuou Mujin no Fafnir) – Almost untouched Crunchyroll rip
    I thought they were doing an original TL since episode 2?

  11. DameDesuYo doing Isuca. FFF doing Seiken Tsukai. Though you’re probabaly aware and just haven’t updated the list since both are in scope groups.


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