~Fall 2016 Edition~

Subtitle review priority will decided based upon my whims alone. Though if you yell at me in this thread, I’ll at least consider your possibly valid points.


In-Scope Releases*:

Spoiler for

Standard Length:

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] 3-gatsu no Lion

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] All Out!!

[Impatience] Bungou Stray Dogs S2

[Bakemono] Drifters
[Some-Stuffs] Drifters

[Amazon Prime] Fune wo Amu
[Commie] Fune wo Amu
[Davinci] Fune wo Amu

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Girlish Number

[Any subs TBD] Idol Memories

[Daisuki/HorribleSubs] Long Riders!

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Magic-Kyun! Renaissance

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
[GJM] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

[WhyNot] Occultic;Nine

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! S2
[orz] Show By Rock!! S2

[Chihiro] Shuumatsu no Izetta
[Chyuu] Shuumatsu no Izetta
[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Shuumatsu no Izetta

[DameDesuYo] Soushin Shoujo Matoi

[Gamer Girl] Stella no Mahou

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Trickster

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] WWW.Working!!!
[DameDesuYo] WWW.Working!!!

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Yuri!!! on Ice



[Asenshi] Ani Tore! XX

[Impatience] Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara S2

[DameDesuYo] Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Soul Buster

*Accurate as of 8:45 PM CDT, 10/26/16.


Current Review Order:

  1. [???] ???
  2. [???] ???
  3. [DameDesuYo] Soushin Shoujo Matoi (one of these days, I swear)



Out-of-Scope (releases that I will not review for whatever reason):

Spoiler for

[Commie] 3-gatsu no Lion (Disqualified.)

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] ClassicaLoid (This show is really bad.)

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Dream Festival (Terrible.)

[GJM-DDY] Flip Flappers (Disqualified.)

[Crunchyroll/HorribleSubs] Time Bokan 24 (I dropped it.)



Things to remember:

  • If a show has already been reviewed, you won’t find it in this queue. Try the Review Summary.
  • Releases over a month late will not be reviewed. As if I’m one to judge.
  • For fansubs, only 02 releases and beyond will be considered for review.
  • Re-encodes/fly-by-night groups will not be reviewed.

37 thoughts on “Review_Queue”

  1. Izetta needs it the most imo. What with three choices and all. Plus apparently there’s some German that not everyone did right or something?

    After that do Yuuri!!! because I want it.

    Also It’s Yuuri!!!, not Yuri!!!. Fuck official names that ignore the “ー” and title the show after the wrong fucking character[/i].
    (And yes, I know you have to use the official name for the review, so that people can find the damn thing, but still. Hmph :1)

    • Each group didn’t do the German right. Goes for both the group I’m subbing it for and Chihiro. Crunchyroll as well. We did fix it in the patch. Though we just derped on the ending title again (Forgot to check it like the last episode. Seems CR messes it up two times in a row now.)

      The German stuff doesn’t affect the viewing of the show though. If it was tons of signs… then yeah, sure.

  2. >Been away from anime stuff and this butthurt-“fansubbers”-den for 2-3 months.
    >Review Summary and Review Queue is back.
    >Still can’t find any “fansub’s” review.
    Wait, they’re dead.

    • You can see it on the list. D_S has to wait for subbers to release episode 2, anyway.

      From what I’ve seen in the first episode, the show’s likely gonna be this season’s Rakugo Shinjuu, i.e. a well-told, no-bullshit story about people who look and behave like actual people.

      • That’s what happens when you get the in-house script from Crunchyroll on shows like Flip Flappers. There’s not much to change besides adding flair and correcting maybe 1-3 minor mistakes.

          • None of us try to go that fast anymore though. Why go for speed when the official subs beat you every time?

            Instead, we spend more time doing proper TSing and making sure no TL errors do slip through, as well as considering edits carefully, whether that means leaving alone something CR did, improving it slightly, or rewording it altogether.

            Some simulcast scripts are a lot better than you’d think, because CR’s own translators are actually very good when given the chance to do it themselves.

          • Oh, I guess I should add that none of us adjust our schedules to sub either, which is a big part of why things don’t get speedsubbed.

            Like I said, why go for speed? The legal options win every time.

  3. Don’t know if you’ve been told about this yet, but for some godforsaken reason, Girlish Number has two different sets of official subs. Crunchyroll and The Anime Network both have very different sets of subs to each other. Not sure what’s going on bts to have them using different ones from each other, but worth bearing in mind if you’re going to look at official subs for Girlish Number.

    • The same applies to ClassicaLoid and presumably other shows that both The Anime Network and Crunchyroll are simulcasting. The Anime Network subs are done by Sentai Filmworks’ translators and should show up on the eventual Blu-rays.

      I would like to see a comparison between the ClassicaLoid subtitles in particular.

  4. Higher priority for Fune wo Amu, please? Mostly because:
    a) Amazon is fucking up so badly that even people who default to legal streams are browsing for the best fansub.
    b) The difference between an A- and B-grade fansub is relatively unimportant in, say, an action-adventure show, but it’s crucial in a drama centered around dictionaries and the precise meanings of words.


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