Review_Queue (Fall 2011)

What’s up next? Can’t handle the suspense? Must you know everything I’m doing?! Well, fine!

To Review:

[gg] Ben-to

[Shini-subs] Kyoukai

[UTW] C3


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  1. Doki’s Boku, Commie’s C3, UTW’s Fate/Zero, and FFFpeeps and/or other groups Ika Musume. I think that’s all the currently new shows that are subbed right now.

  2. UTW’s done C3 now (Having seen Commie’s version and heard more than enough about Hadena’s, it’s hardly worth the effort to debate which release to watch, but I’m still looking forward to a Hadena review for the lulz).

    Also we just did a God Only Knows OVA if anyone cares. :

      • Eh, I guess. I’m relatively confident in the areas that D_S nitpicks over in our ep1 too, though. Our flow is good, some people have commented on great nuance (8thsin comes to mind), and overall, editing has REALLY improved compared to our earlier releases. Though I don’t mind waiting till ep 2 for a review.

  3. Let’s see…
    Bakuman S2 – Subs Fucking Where, GotWoot
    Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – Hadena (LOL)
    C3 – UTW, Commie, Hadena (LOL)
    Ika Musume – Underwater, FFFpeeps
    Phi Brain – WhyNot
    Working – gg (I’m still waiting for a diff. sub group.)
    Maji de whatever – Ahodomo, Hiryuu
    Kimi to Boku – CR
    Tamayura~Hitose – UTW-Mazui
    Fate-Zero – idk

    If possible, please do Ika Musume, Working, Maji, and Kimi to Boku.

  4. Can I make a request for a show please?
    Chihayafuru >> There isn’t many subbers for this show.. :$ But, I donno what team will I pick :$

  5. Sorry for the double post and the bad english too ^_^”

    Can you also review this fansubbing team? (Subbing both in english and portuguez too :$ [Nevermind the portiguez… :$] :p

    Since WoodBridg are stalling with Ao no Exorcist, I think I’m gonna look somewhere else (and Dio4D have done it ;))

  6. Could you possibly review Mashiro-iro Symphony? Both Zenyaku and Oyatsu have subbed the first episode, and there are a few lines that aren’t even remotely similar enough to be able to write them off as simple translation mistakes. As of right now, I have no idea which group has the more accurate translation. Doki is also scheduled to sub this series, but they haven’t released anything yet.

  7. [GotSpeed] Mirai Nikki.
    They released a V2 on that shit so maybe it’s a little less cancer, gonna watch that myself whenever it’s done.
    Will you review this cancer?

    • You should review the [GotWoot] version instead. I haven’t seen the [GotSpeed] version but, as the tag implies, it prioritizes speed over quality.

  8. Hello~ I love your reviews.
    Doki and Zenyaku have both released Chibi Devi for this season. It would be great to see reviews for both of them. The episodes are only five minutes after all :D

  9. So, you won’t be reviewing Static-Subs’ Mirai Nikki? Too bad. I really wanted to read your opinion on them. They are a quality group though, aren’t they?

    By the way, the post about [Whine-Subs] was hilarious! I didn’t expect your group to make so many mistakes.

    • Hi. Static-Subs is shit.

      Also, I wasn’t on Last Exile, mainly because I had shit to do with my life. Apparently only two of my staff did this show. You can imagine how happy I was when I heard that they didn’t do a single QC pass. I told them I was going to disband the group if they fucked up worse than Commie. So I guess we’ll see how they did compared to Commie soon.

    • Those look like the commented-out headers used to organize the script. They shouldn’t show up when you play the episode (that’s why they’re commented out). Since I doubt they forgot to comment out the headers every single episode, it’s probably an issue on your end.

  10. tamayura, UTW vs EveTaku.
    Chihayafuru, EveTaku vs Commie.

    Also, Hadena Horizon for teh lulz. And Hatena Horizon for teh even greater lulz at Hadena. Do it.

    • Please, for the love of god, review Hadena’s Horizon subs. Think you’ve seen shit fansubs? Think again.
      For maximum entertainment, watch a good fansub of the same episode first, and keep the dialogue fresh in mind to see how beautifully they mistranslate ever single fucking word anyone ever says.

    • Mirai Nikki you would probably want to go with GotSpeed if you want to watch them as they come out, otherwise GotWoot for quality.


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