Review_Queue (Winter 2013)

~Winter 2013 Edition~


Regular Fansub Reviews Left:


[EveTaku] AKB0048 Next Stage

[Commie] Boku to Tomo
[Mazui] Boku to Tomo

[HorribleSubs] Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

[Commie] Chihayafuru season 2

[Anime-Koi] GJ-bu
[EveTaku] GJ-bu
[HorribleSubs] GJ-bu

[Anime-Koi] Hakkenden
[Sigh] Hakkenden

[Various] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure cour 2 (Low priority.)

[FFF] Love Live! School Idol Project
[HorribleSubs] Love Live! School Idol Project

[FFF] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
[Hatsuyuki] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

[Hadena] Minami-ke Tadaima
[UTW] Minami-ke Tadaima

[CureCom] Precure
[Doki] Precure

[AraAraSenshi] Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2
[HorribleSubs] Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2

[Milky-Subs] Tantei Opera (The only option.)

[CR] Vividred Operation


Review Order (usually determined by the poll):

  1. [CR] Vividred Operation
  2. [Anime-Koi] GJ-bu
  3. [EveTaku] GJ-bu


Translation Parties Left:


Senran Kagura


Translation Party Order (usually determined by the poll):

  1. Oreshura
  2. Mondaiji-tachi
  3. Senran Kagura


Out-of-Scope (releases that I will not review for whatever reason):


[Hadena] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

[Commie] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

[*] Hyobu Kyosuke. Would not be fair for me to review anyone whose subs we’re “competing against”.

[WhyNot] Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

[Commie] Amnesia. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

[GotWoot] Tamako Market. I’m biased toward reviewing theirs favorably since I participated as an editor for this project. Will not review as a result. (Other Tamako groups are still on the table though. If I don’t review them honestly, this site will have no reason to exist, so be assured I’m going to do everything I can to look upon their releases like I do with all others — with the utmost disdain and contempt.)

[Samurai] Kotoura-san. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

[Anime-Koi] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. (Comparison)

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        • Well if I have my pem and Commie reviews super finalized by the end of the night and UTW still hasn’t released, I’ll just review episodes 2, 3, or 4 from UTW and release my reviews. But I have a feeling one group will bitch and moan if I give UTW the “advantage” of a different episode, so I’m going to hold out for UTW’s as long as I can.

  1. I plan to have a Neko TL Party out for episode 2. UTW-Mazui, Commie, and pem. If another group decides to get in the game, I’ll just have to do another TL Party.

    Getting it out tonight would be a stretch goal. You’re more likely to see it tomorrow.

    Also if you haven’t guessed, I’m going to basically blog my fucking plans on this page like it’s Twitter.

  2. Could you please review Hunter x Hunter again?

    You only did episode 1, it is in episode 60 now. Groups have left and come and quality has changed. It would be nice to have a new review, to decide what group work to archive.
    Apparently, there was also released BDs.

    Thank you!

    p.s.: on your old-subs reviews, I would also like to suggest hunter x Hunter, but the 1999 one. Thanks.

      • I’m looking forward to this review. Hadena has vowed to improve themselves in 2013 (see their group website). Will Hadena in 2013 be any different from other years? Will DragonNumber be proud of Hadena’s work in his seat up in heaven?

        Unrelated question:
        You disqualify groups when they barely make any changes to the crunchyroll script. Did you have this standard when you reviewed Hadena’s Sankarea?

    • All I can say is, whatever FFF changed or didn’t change, they produced a much more enjoyable result than did Commie: FFF’s “To find that which I long to see, yet still have not. Be my eyes. Be my light. Be my blade! This, I ask of you” may place its first period where one of at least four other punctuation marks would serve better, but the anaphoral effect is WORLDS superior to Commie’s “To find that which I long to see, yet still have not. I want you to be my eyes. My light. My blade!” Ditto for “you may be a woman and you may be bouncy” vs. “it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman _or_ bouncy.” And FFF’s decision to italicize “King” in “why is the Demon King a woman?” is clearly the correct one, as is rendering “shou ga nai” as “I have no say in it” (instead of “it wasn’t my decision”) in this context. But maybe not everyone enjoys good anaphora as much as I do?

      • I believe the heart of fansubbing lies in the scripts. Therefore, I don’t consider groups which simply re-encode other releases as “fansubs”, nor do I consider groups which simply toss on karaoke and typesetting to be “fansubs”. Maybe “fanfluffers” would be a better term to use.

        You have to actually deal with the fundamental essence of any release — the main script — before I can recognize a group’s contributions as valuable enough to warrant their own brand being placed on a release.

          • How about I give you a summary of everything you need to know about season one? I can go into detail about it.

            What you need to know:
            1. What Kirara are (and do)
            2. What a centernova position means
            3. Who Chieri’ and Nagisa’ fathers are.
            4. Why it is difficult to become an AKB0048 successor
            5. A little background info on the DES couldn’t hurt I guess. Don’t think this last point is too important but whatever.

            • Oh my god I want to vomit already. I can’t take that list.

              Fucking hell Japan. No more. Please. Just give me a chick with an addiction to nicotine and a penchant for violence and we’ll be fucking good to go.

              • I could save you the torture if I elaborated on each of these points. But if you truly believe that catching up is the right thing to do, I won’t waste my time writing up a summary.

                • I have to do this on my own. It’s not something I can pass off to others. Tis the sacrifice I must make as the darkest of sages.

                  I do it for you, and I do it for everyone. ;_;

          • I don’t know why you’d even have to review it; it’s a second season, only one group is doing it, it’s the same group that did it before, and pretty much the same staff is on it that worked on the first season.

              • I went to check Hadena’s site, and noticed they have “Trollsubbing at it’s finest” up there, and the “it’s” in that sentence makes it so much more funny.

                • It’s also on CR, apparently 8 days late (unless they air 2 eps tomorrow, which will make it only 1 day late).

                  It’s a race to see who’s slower~

                  But yeah, I’m not sure why it’s on D_S’s list either. ‘_’

  3. [rori] Oreshura (episode 01) review canceled. They have things going on. Safer to wait for episode 2 or later.

    That means I don’t have anything planned tonight unless some other group releases something.

    • Those are good filler. Considering I just made a filler post, I’d rather hold off until after I post something more substantial. Maybe tomorrow morning, then?

  4. Hi. I’m wondering if you’ll review one of our recent releases of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (you’ve got most of the other groups covered). Our group is called [GetBack]. We’re not the fastest or the most thorough, but we do try to do a good job. We might be worthy of being tagged in your C-List, at least.

    We’re picking up speed on our releases, and a review from you would be excellent feedback on how we’re doing.

    Vale gave us a favorable review on our broken v1 of episode 1, a few months ago.

      • I have no bigger regret. I was distracted by a stubborn desire to learn how to encode from square-one. Fortunately, I’ve wised up since then and finally got where I wanted to be. The last few weeks have been very productive.

        The next hurdles are figuring out the details of distro.
        Not to mention, working on releasing all of Phantom Blood as a batch. Hopefully by the end of the month.

  5. Okay, now that Hellsing Ultimate is complete, what would you say is the de facto way of watching it?

    I was thinking of [DGz] for episodes 1 to 9 for consistency and [sage] for episode 10, since it’s the only decent one available.

    What is your opinion?

    • English dub rips for 1-8 (assuming you can deal with dubs). Whoever ya want for 9 and then Sage for 10 (I edited for ’em, so I can’t say it’s a bad option). Otherwise, 1-9 with DGz for consistency and then sage for 10. Unless DGz releases before you finish marathoning (likely) and then you can just go with DGz straight through.

      • I heard DGz wouldn’t sub the 10th episode, that’s why I was going with sage. Otherwise, I will indeed just wait for them.

        Also, who the hell can deal with dubs? There are very few good ones. And even those are normally inferior to their Japanese counterpart (in my opinion, at least).

  6. dear dark sage
    Can you translate Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun ??
    I think it’s nice & good
    In fact, I think it’s strange that no one translate it
    realllly , I hope from u to think about it ….

    • Mm, just because they’re new doesn’t mean I’ll prioritize them. If nobody’s interested in the show, I’m not gonna bump out something people *are* interested in just on the offchance the new group might see the review and improve from it. I’ll keep it in mind, but it’s not getting fast-tracked just yet. Of course, if you can argue me into it, that’s fine too.

    • I haven’t seen them yet. They won’t be reviewed until I compare the scripts. And if they didn’t change anything, they won’t get reviewed either.

      I suppose I should do my checks now…

        • I watched that episode (the HS version) and immediately found things I’d change, editing-wise. I wonder why you’d go to all the trouble of rereleasing something if you’re not gonna put any time and effort into it…

    • I find it sad that WhyNot changed ‘had’ rather than ‘all.’ I would of I would of changed the line to:
      “and everything they had was stolen.”
      I think it sounds better.

    • Don’t you kinda HAVE to review WhyNot since it’s the only group doing that show? Not that i’d blame you for skipping reviews on such a shitty show or anything.

      • I don’t think I “have” to review anything. But I think I might do something with either it or the HorribleSubs release.

        • I think you should consider reviewing the original CR script in cases where a lot/most fansub groups barely edits their script. There’s no guarantee that the end result will necessarily be better for the one group that chooses to edit the CR script to a larger extent, compared to the groups that more or less use the original script. Especially for archiving, this makes knowing the base quality of the CR script important. You could always mention whatever minor edits other groups made in the same review, kind of making it one big review for all groups who barely edit the CR script. Perhaps it’d even be worth doing a visual critique of the respective groups in the same review.

  7. Just FYI, Maoyuu, Oreshura, and Tamako will have review delays for most of the groups until episode 2 or later. Reasons vary.

    But I suppose I could check out Hadena’s Tamako 01 after I finish up Commie’s Senran review.

    • I think we all know how hadena’s Tamako’s going to turn up. I know; I work with them, I don’t have to love all their works or to exactly know what they’re doing!

  8. Darn, GJ-bu so low on the poll :@. Wanted to see how Anime-koi did for that release because it’s the only group doing the show.

  9. I think I’m up to date with the list as of this post. If I’m missing a group, it wasn’t on purpose. Just lemme know and I’ll add them in. I’ll do a more thorough sweep in a few days.

  10. Can’t wait to see your review of Haganai NEXT. Sadly only Mazui picked it up so far cause it would be nice to have some other groups to compare to.

    • Gonna have to finish the first season before I run into season 2. (I don’t usually finish shows once I’m done reviewing them, so my drop rate is pretty high.)

      • Haganai has no plot at all. You’d be fine skipping straight to season two without question. This applies to Minami-Ke equally as much. The sequels that are plot-based this season are AKB0048 and Chihayafuru (and Saki if you actually intend to review that).

  11. Mind holding off on the [Hybrid] Amnesia Review? We’re gonna make a V2 of that once the official Lyrics for the ED are out, and some of the lines near the end are missing

  12. All right, going to sleep. FFF Sasami whenever I wake up. I can’t write/think well when I’m about to pass out, so we’ll save that for when I’m functioning. I’ll try to get out some more reviews after that too, but it may be later in the night cuz I have shit I gotta do during the day.

  13. I know it’s technically from the previous season, but are you planning on reviewing CR’s Little Busters now that they’ve picked it up?

  14. There was (and might still be) one more “group” working on Hakkenden. Some girl is doing solo work on it, and did plan on continuing, but has also considered jumping ship since other groups are releasing it.

  15. hey D_S, can you give the groups doing kotoura-san a review? ;_; apparently, im not familiar with the 2 sub groups doing it so i was thinking if i should just go with horriblesubs or their versions.

  16. Review Queue will be updated for sure tonight. First up on my plate is Anime-Koi’s Maouyuu which will LIKELY be done sometime mid-Thursday night. Earlier if I become really efficient at editing the Hyobu [Unlimited] script (re-writing an entire script is a little more time-consuming than regular editing).

  17. I voted in that poll of yours before the season had actually started. Can you (in spirit) retract my Vividred Operation vote and add it towards Kotoura-san instead?

    • Well, I can modify the numbers on my end if I want, but I’d rather not do that unless for comedic effect.

      In spirit, sure.

  18. A note about my Tamako Market reviews: There is a very small timeframe of ~12 hours for each episode where I feel I can review Commie/Mazui’s releases with the least amount of bias. (Since I edit for GotWoot and tend to be full of myself, I may be predisposed toward *my* choices for a given line, rather than what makes the most sense from a specific group’s standpoint. One way to minimize this bias is to review a release BEFORE I edit for GW.)

    So, look for one Tamako review next Wednesday and the last Tamako review the Wednesday after.

    • <denpa>> hey Dark_Sage
      <&Dark_Sage> Yo
      <denpa> why did [hybrid] amnesia disappear from the review queue?
      <&Dark_Sage> Accident.
      <Novles> Dark_Sage doesn’t have accidents! He purposely left it out to confuse people!

  19. Currently getting drunk and half-editing Hyobu, half-watching Nichijou. Not sure how this night is gonna turn out, but it looks like there’s gonna be an equal amount of potential and POTENTIAL.

  20. “[Anime-Koi] Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Disqualified due to only minimal changes to the CR script. ”
    So why’s it still listed under Fansub Reviews Left?

    • Fixed. But Maoyuu is a clusterfuck on all sides. I’m going to give the groups another shot later on in the series so I can see if they really decided to lazymode it on all the episodes or just the first few.

          • It was pretty good. Maidbro fed lolinun some really fucked up shit and it was heavily implied lolinun thought very poorly of the experience.

            So we get to this scene and it’s right after we hear that maidbro fed lolinun some really expensive and delicious food. And we finally get to hear lolinun’s opinion about that prior event, which is (at least in this translation) explicitly hilarious. It was probably my favorite scene in the show so far.

            As for the show itself… terribly overrated. The characters suck.

            I get that characters are supposed to have flaws, but in a light-hearted comedy series, those flaws are supposed to be endearing, not off-putting. Instead, we get a mean-spirited bully, a retarded bimbo, and an enabling main character. It’s not a recipe for success.

              • Not really. In OreShura, the bullying isn’t presented as a positive thing. It’s addressed as an issue constantly. But in Haganai, oh it’s just Yozora being Yozora.

                  • That may have been the intent on the drawing board, but it’s not how it came across in execution.

                    Anyway, glad to see IB’s doing Mondaiji. Added.

                • I’m happy to have found someone likeminded on this subject. Sena is being bullied, plain and simple, and it makes me mad whenever Kodaka looks at the scene and just goes “it can’t be helped”. When the other person is being purposefully humiliated, that’s when it stops being funny. I don’t mind Sena’s dumbness too much, but I have to admit that I’d like to see her defend herself and win, for a change. Just like I’d want to see Tom eat Jerry or Coyote finally satiate his appetite and feast upon that fucking bird.
                  I guess I’m a masochist, because I like this show quite a lot. I have the same kind of love-hate relationship with violent tsundere characters.

      • Since we’re on the subject in this comment chain here, seeing how Doki pulled a fast one *cough*not really*cough* and decided to sub DokiDoki too, will you review that release as well?

        Just asking out of curiosity (since I just noticed the releases on their page; I watch their page for the last few BD/DVD projects I’m getting from them and I expect to jump ship for good until they shape up), if nothing else. I honestly can’t remember the last time I watched a show from them that they subbed themselves.

  21. Hey D_S, when you do the TL Party for Mondaiji, could you possibly use episode 6 or later?

    Amanatsu> We got a new QC who actually knows English yay

    I QC this show for IB now, so the awkward language you noted in your review is rectified, beginning with Ep 06.

    • I’ll have to look into that one some more. They were arguing with me that they changed enough of the script to count and that they handled the poem translation on their own. If a group’s confident they threw all they could into something and it’s not a case where they obviously didn’t -at all- I tend to lean in their favor.

  22. Possible of a TL Party (or some type) for the Movie “Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki” ? I know 3 groups that have done it:

    Heard bad stuff about Zorori’s. Commie is commie and animenow is… well animenow. Would be nice :P k thx bb

  23. Will you review Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A’s?

    Commie and HorribleSubs released it already and I guess others will follow…


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