"you not in ayako is the best thing in the world"

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“Not this conversation, again.”

So a friend of mine invited me to Ayako’s staff channel because he wanted me to edit a few shows for them.

This is the result:

Session Start: Sun Oct 03 12:35:46 2010
Session Ident: #ayako-grownups
03[12:35] * Now talking in #ayako-grownups
03[12:35] * Topic is ‘KxS 7: [email protected] 8,9: [email protected] 10&[email protected] 12: [email protected] | 3domo: 01 [email protected] 02: @marsd aplpying edit 03-07: [email protected] 09-12: [email protected] {all timing raws are up!} | MyImoutoC05 [email protected] | WS-S1: [email protected] | WSR05-10: [email protected] [email protected]? | new chan pw, all boo goes to korokun | Choutomi does Imouto ‘
03[12:35] * Set by [email protected].door on Thu Sep 30 16:39:32
[12:36] <@EvilLinkz> wait
[12:36] <@EvilLinkz> what is he editing
[12:36] <@EvilLinkz> cause I’m doing oreimo 1 already
[12:37] <Dark_Sage> You probably suck dick at editing.
[12:37] <Dark_Sage> I don’t
[12:37] <Dark_Sage> So….
[12:37] <@PsychoFox> wow nice way to introduce oneself
[12:38] <@EvilLinkz> so
[12:38] <@EvilLinkz> what is he editing ffd
[12:38] <@EvilLinkz> lol
[12:38] <@ffd> oh, are you editing imouto 1 now?
[12:38] <@PsychoFox> yes he is
[12:38] <@ffd> I was thinking that you may be the one doing it
[12:39] <@EvilLinkz> yea
[12:39] <@PsychoFox> EvilLinkz does work you know
[12:39] <@ffd> he helps to edit MM too
[12:40] <@PsychoFox> oh
[12:40] <@PsychoFox> thought you wuz editan
[12:40] <@ffd> um…
[12:40] <@ffd> dark_sage, sorry for the mess.
[12:41] <@ffd> I thought no one edits and called you.
[12:41] <@EvilLinkz> ffd you can check if
[12:41] <+Dark_Sage> That’s fine.
[12:41] <@PsychoFox> thar be 4 editors in here
[12:41] <@EvilLinkz> hyakka preview is being edited
[12:41] <@EvilLinkz> estaron wanted that done too
[12:41] <@Estaron> but I guess that one won’t be released for a couple of days
[12:42] <@Estaron> like until a better raws is available
[12:42] <+Dark_Sage> Which kid here edited Asobi?
[12:43] <@ffd> Dark_sage, it depends
[12:43] <@ffd> not all episodes are done by the same people
[12:44] <+Dark_Sage> And yet Ayako still manages consistent QUALITY. How is this?
[12:44] <@PsychoFox> ok, who let the asshole in here?
[12:44] <@EvilLinkz> bullshit
[12:44] <@Rika-chama> >QUALITY
[12:44] <@Rika-chama> >SYD
[12:44] <@EvilLinkz> I guess there’s
[12:44] <@Rika-chama> (except for encoding)
[12:44] <@marsd> who is Dark_Sage
[12:44] <+shiachan> Quality is relative.
[12:44] <@Rika-chama> what is this i dont’ even
[12:44] <@EvilLinkz> that austrian guy
[12:44] <@Aistad> Dark_Sage: I edited Asobi
[12:44] <@PsychoFox> yeah I am about to ban him
[12:44] <+Dark_Sage> You suck at English.
[12:44] <@EvilLinkz> who deedits stuff once in a while
[12:45] <@Aistad> Fuck off
[12:45] <@EvilLinkz> oh ho
[12:45] <+Dark_Sage> ~_~
[12:45] <@ffd> please gets along well
[12:45] * @marsd 2(人・_・) pleaseeee!
[12:45] <+shiachan> ok , sleep time … 2moro start work at new place.
[12:45] * @marsd 14(*&gE;ω&lE;) ZZZZzzzz
[12:45] <@Rika-chama> 2 more what?
[12:45] <@Rika-chama> oh,
[12:45] <@Rika-chama> tomorrow
[12:45] <@PsychoFox> uhh how about no ffd
[12:45] <@Rika-chama> >_<
[12:45] <@EvilLinkz> ok
[12:46] <@EvilLinkz> i think there’s a solution to all this
[12:46] <@Rika-chama> tmw is easier abbreviation, shiachan
[12:46] <@Rika-chama> lol
[12:46] <@EvilLinkz> kb everyone
[12:46] <@Rika-chama> rofl
[12:46] <@EvilLinkz> we can all communicate by email from now on
[12:46] <@marsd> uhh so
[12:46] <@marsd> who’s Dark_Sage again?
[12:46] <@EvilLinkz> he’s a copy of you marsd
[12:46] <@ffd> sorry dark_sage
[12:46] <+Dark_Sage> Why so much rage? Was having me be the first competent editor to enter your channel really all that bad?
[12:46] * @marsd 4(╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAGE.
[12:46] <@Rika-chama> ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
[12:46] <@PsychoFox> someone ffd brought in to troll the channel
[12:46] <@Rika-chama> [02:45:28] <+Dark_Sage> Why so much rage? Was having me be the first competent editor to enter your channel really all that bad?
[12:46] <@EvilLinkz> lol ffd trollan
[12:46] <@Estaron> work plz
[12:46] <@marsd> .kb Dark_Sage you not in ayako is the best thing in the world
[12:46] * AyakoK sets mode: +b *!*@desu.desu.desu
[12:46] * You were kicked by AyakoK (you not in ayako is the best thing in the world (marsd))
Session Close: Sun Oct 03 12:47:00 2010


And I saw their script for the My Sister Can’t Be This Cute show, and… wow… The first eight lines will be okay because I fixed them, but the whole rest of that script is going to suck absolute dick. I look forward to ripping the shit out of their worthless release when it comes out~

Note: This example of Ayako edit fail actually comes from their blog. I figured if I spent five seconds searching their featured images that I would end up with a simple sentence that was simply stupid. I found it in two. Thanks, Ayako.

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