Quick Fansub Review: [Mazui] Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

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So after watching Ayako’s first five minutes, I decided to watch the next five minutes of the show with Mazui’s version. This is my story.

What the hell.
I know this may be confusing, but “What” is a question word. And do you know what comes at the end of a sentence with a question word?

I almost died as a member of society there…

Kyousuke! Weren’t the dirty magazines you hide under your bed good enough for you?!
Don’t be so tense, Mazui. Get it? Cuz they don’t understand what a tense is? Aww, forget you.

Also, they don’t really know when to put in the proper ending punctuation (protip: when a dude’s yelling, you probably want to put an exclamation mark in there)

Much more enjoyable than Ayako’s version, though. Today’s Sage advice: Go Mazui on Oreimo.

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raingod says:

“I almost died as a member of society there…” WTF? I don’t get it? Is there a secret society or a stupid community-society thingy I should know about… LOL! :)

Killer says:

have you fapped to the show yet?

if not, GTFO.

raingod says:

Fapped? No. Seen? Yes and with many cringing or “wtf did he/she say?” moments.

Killer says:

i was talking to dark.

raingod says:

Oooops! Sorry Killer. Please don’t kill me… I apologize with the bottom of my heart. Please don’t kill me…

Killer says:

but i just planned out the entire thing :( i’m not letting a good plan going to waste lol.

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