[Ayako]’s Editors Need to Learn Some Fucking English (Image Intensive)

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First off, we beat you, Kaereste. Na na nana na~

Here are some screen shots from Ayako’s latest QUALITY release. play a game and see if you can spot the errors before I reveal them. ^_^

I only tracked the first ten minutes. Hopefully you can forgive my laziness. 23 screencaps of quality from the first ten minutes. Wow, Ayako, you guys rock.

I can only assume they dropped the possessive here because “My Classmates Are All Females” just wouldn’t fit.

All right, you’re gonna see a lot of issues with numbers here. The general rule is single digits should be spelled out. Double digits and up are totally daijoubu to use #’s on. Bolding general rule there because some people are gonna call me a hypocrite when they see our Freezing release :3

Another issue with numbers, a double space in between two words where it’s not necessary and being unable to tell the difference between British English and American English. Protip: You don’t go forwards, you go forward. The same applies to toward. For the Ayako Defense Force, the editors for Ayako use American English, as you can plainly see in Image 8, so this is a veritable error.

Generally a sentence has ending punctuation. ;)

Yeah, “Folks.” I mean, it’s a word, but “Students” or “Everyone” would work a whole lot better.

Ooh, nice spacing.

More numbers~

“After that, it’s hands on. You should let the basic maneuvers sink into your body within half a month.” is what you wanted. See, guys, you have to lrn2pause and lrn2punctuate. This stuff’s kinda important so the words don’t run together.

You’ll shit bricks when you see it.

You don’t need the “and” there, guys.

Protip: Take out the “for competition and” to see if it makes any sense. It doesn’t. It’d read better if you did “and as a form of sport.”

“objective of training” Tsk, tsk

Not a sentence in and of itself, sorry. :(

Again, same error as the above image.

Okay, lemme just rewrite this one. “Youth from various countries will work every day.” Everyday is an adjective. You go for your everyday run every day.

Well, error with the numbers, but it could be made to sound better if you made it like this: “Starting today, let’s study hard for the next three years that we’re together.” Much kawaiier.


This one’s pretty obvious.

More numbers. Also, lrn2punctuate. “You have something to say to me, right?” <- Proper pausing is important for sentence readability.

This is pretty nitpicky, but my rule for this is that if you’re stuttering, you’re restarting the word, so you should restart it with proper punctuation. If that doesn’t fly with you, think of stuttering a name. A-Anna or A-anna? Looks a little different when you don’t follow good standards, eh?

Again, pausing.

Numbers. Also, “I knew that you were Houki.” Way too awkward otherwise.

Oh, my.

Come on, Ayako. These aren’t stupid mistakes; they’re displays of willful ignorance.

Yes, all editors, even the best, make mistakes from time to time. But the one on this project took it to a whole other level. It’s like every mistake is a badge of honor to him. Well, rest assured, IS Editor. You’re truly among the most decorated in the world.

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  1. as a person who likes literal translation, i find these translation good. in addition, i like to read what i am hearing even if it is written grammatically wrong. overall, i like it but it can use some QC to see if there’s any mistake such as the spacing of word.
    P.S. there’s no need to have “perfect” english since this is just a show to enjoy, and as long as its understandable (which it is), its all good.

    • /rant mode engage
      While I’ll agree that I like more literal translations, this is not a matter of that, at all. This is a matter of learning how to use the f**king English language. “As long as it’s understandable”? (also note: I corrected your mistake) I’m sorry, but this isn’t in the realm of “understandable.”

      I actually sat there watching the ep, correcting things to myself. It took about 40 minutes to watch because, being the faggot I am, I felt like posting every single mistake to IRC and going “lolololololollolololololol look how bad they iz.”

      This is just atrocious, and while I’ve not had much beef with Ayako in the past, this is just horrendous. Lrn2findeditorpls.
      /rant mode off.

  2. Wow….lots of typos… but that usually happens with the very first episode of a series. We’re bound to see v2s up the ass coming later.

  3. “Now it’s used solely for competition and a form of sport.”

    Protip: Take out the “competition and” to see if it makes any sense. It doesn’t. It’d read better if you did “and as a form of sport.”

    Now it’s used solely for competition and as a form of sport.

    Now it’s used solely for (competition and) as a form of sport.

    Now it’s used solely for as a form of sport.

    Still doesn’t work.

    • How ironic. I meant “for competition and”

      So then you get:

      Now it’s used solely for competition.
      Now it’s used solely as a form of sport.

      But I think the sentence sucks dick in and of itself, so I’d go with “Now it’s only used for competitive sports.” and call it a liberal edit.

      Thanks for pointing out that mistake. I’ll go fix it.

  4. Yeah, nice error checking, but um…who the hell are you? Are you among a group of guys who take the time out of their lives to translate new anime for other people so they can enjoy said new anime? No? I don’t see anything from you in the past. So before you start nitpicking on another group’s quality issues. I’d like to see you release an anime episode that YOU yourself do on your own without using another group’s translation as a reference. Cause how quickly YOU released your release obviously just spells editing someone else’s hard work. So let’s see your lazy ass do the jobs of several people working together. Let’s see…the jobs include: translating, editing, quality control, and several other tasks dealing with the openings and endings, the subtitles, the video quality, etc.

    Also, you dumb as shit idiot. The anime was only shown in Japan on the sixth, which was the fifth for us considering the time difference. The very fact that it came out this quickly showed how they wanted to release this sooner than any other group.

    So stop your fucking trolling of another group’s hard work with your lazy fat ass sitting on that sorry excuse of a piece of shit you call a chair and prove YOU can do all their jobs by yourself and release an anime episode within at least 24 hours.

    Oh wait, this might be way too hard for you since you released your own subs by using their subs and just editting it to your preferences. Considering you put your so called release about 3 hours after they did. If you want them to fix their stuff? Politely tell them about it on their site or through a contact method.

    And lastly, in translating stuff. THERE ARE NO FUCKING RULES like the ones you’re stating. Translating a language into another one is already difficult enough as it is. For Translators, this is their only rule. “They will translate based on their own discretion, knowledge and experience. As well as dicuss mutually with their co-workers in trying to get the best quality as possible in the time given to them.”

    So to you, you dumb fucking idiot with a brain the size of a microbe. Get off your fat lazy ass and think for once in your meaningless life, since you never do anything but fucking whine like a little pussy that you are..

    • I don’t really mind acknowledging when I use others’ subs to edit off of. That’s the entire point of [aRK]. But for [Whine-Subs] there is a TL and me and that’s it. I’ve been subbing for 3-4 years, so there’s a chance I’ve probably worked on something that you’ve seen (assuming you watch a fair amount of shows). Hell, I’ve even done stuff for Ayako.

      If I really did just take their subs, you could compare scripts (which if you get off your RAGEahol, I would be glad to show you how to do) and see if the times match up. No one’s stupid enough to re-time everything in an attempt to match the translation. http://i.imgur.com/eWNlI.jpg

      As for your other “points”, cry more newfag.

    • Hey Randomdude!

      Dark_Sage is a leading editor in the fansub industry! His HOTD releases have been downloaded a helluva lot, but he doesn’t care much about being credited, thats probably why you don’t see his name :)

      Also; I didn’t read your whole comment, cause.. You know, tldr. But I read the first few lines!

  5. He is like a Robin of the Wood ?
    He take good translations from the rich to give them to the poor ?
    Without any credits ? A good boy, good boy.
    Anyways, for me, until they translate good and accurate, i will not complain. (Only if the font take half of the window)
    I’m not Japanese and i don’t understand this language. :)

  6. Why are you bashing Ayako’s fansubs? Professional fansub groups don’t do stupid shit like that. I’m also unhappy that you stole their subtitles. I didn’t like your subtitles anyway, and Ayako will probably release a v2.

  7. to me, it seems like you have a “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”
    or maybe your just jealous of Ayako? Or should I say it´s Editor?
    starting bullshit like “Ayako’s Editors Need to Learn Some Fucking English”
    you´ve got way too much time to waste… ~.~

  8. took a look at the provided comparison of subs and i have to say that i like ayako better. they translate everything while you guys take out some things. its like “yo, you guys ran very fast right now” while you guys would translate it “you ran fast”

  9. ayako was shitty 4 years ago and i see it’s stil shitty now. some things just don’t change.

    also, lol@butthurt ayakofags.

  10. Lol …
    G0jira, if you have really good level in Japanese, you will know ShiroiRyu is wrong.
    The truth is HakuRyuu. ^^
    But i will not complain about you, don’t be sad. :p

  11. and what’s the point of this? It is still easily readable, so who cares. You just have nothing good to do with your time.

    It looks like somebody doesn’t know that MPC has a screenshot option.

  12. Hahahahahah, what a professional result…from a professional subs..pfft…

    This sage guy posted this whole thing for the sake of the viewers…
    Not everyone have a good internet connection(including me), and yeah wth with that translation?

    And look what he got, lol…

    Thanks dood, I canceled my download after I read this hahahah…

  13. Dude. While I do acknowledge the fact that Ayako’s releases contain quite a lot of bad grammar and ortography, I still find it a little odd that you would dedicate an entire blog post to it. Not only is it a waste of time, it’s only effect is too convince the readers that you are, in fact, “butthurt”. If you had any serious issues with their subs, such as inaccurate or wrong translation, I might have understood why you would think it important to attract attention on that. However, it has always been my belief that bashing other fansub groups is simply not done. Why do you feel as if there is some kind of competition between ayako and you? And why do you act on that feeling so much by bashing them in an, as they say back in my country, ant-fucking way? Mightn’t you feel a little threatened by them?

    TL;DR: You have better things to do than devote entire post on calling people out on their grammar in the internet.

    A fine day to you.

  14. “I can only assume they dropped the possessive here because “My Classmates Are All Females” just wouldn’t fit.”
    Or they didnt think about it? Since it literally says “classmates are all females”.

    I like ayako’s more than what i’ve seen from http://i.imgur.com/eWNlI.jpg ayako’s seems to match more what i got from watching the episode(raw) than your’s

  15. faggots that take other fansubs and then fix them up for their own release without crediting the original

    oh man you faggots follow bleach naruto and one piss
    the show is originally in Japanese which i bet you don’t even understand so you take already done English subs and fix them up and repost them

    way to be faggots
    you gonna screen shot this and fix it as well right losers?

  16. Wow so much hate towards someone who is actually trying to help a bit. I mean seriously their subs kinda do suck with what I suppose is a lack of a QC because these mistakes are terribad. Then theres the tons of people coming here just to complain about the post sad just sad.

    • They’re not helping at all. If they really wanted to help would you post something like “Ayako’s Editors Need to Learn Some Fucking English”
      It’s much of insulting.

  17. Wow……just…wow. I always thought fansubbing was all about loving the show and such but now I see it’s all SRS FUCKING BUSINESS to the point where we have to bash other groups on how they do their work.

    No one is a professional in this kind of work so I’m not expecting top tier subs and such. As to why this group has to go nitpicking even though being new themselves (maybe not all the people in this group but still), I find it in poor taste for a upstarting group to already go on ahead bashing others to get their name out. Oh well…..guess I’ll be waiting for a more competent group that is doing Freezing than this one. Till then, I’ll keep watching Ayako’s ver. of IS.

  18. Personally, I like Ayako’s subtitles. They do a very thorough translation job, and although they might make some very, very minor mistakes, I tend to just mentally correct the mistakes without even noticing them.

  19. Wow. This site is more of criticisms than fansubbing :) Nice one Dark_Sage! Keep it up pussy ~.^ If i were to rate your works:
    Criticisms 10/10
    Fansubbings 1/10

  20. I think picking out all the “number errors” is quite nitpicky too; surely there could’ve been bigger mistakes than what, in my opinion, is a fairly individual preference. They use numbers consistently and the values are right (I assume).

  21. It would help if you didn’t use the title you are using now. It would get the Ayako fans off your neck and it won’t make you sound like an attention-seeking basher.

    That said, Being a Grammar Nazi myself, I wholeheartedly approve of this post.

  22. You wasted all that time nitpicking at trivial grammar errors? Really?

    It’s ironic that you made some errors akin to the ones Ayako made.
    “23 screencaps of quality from the first ten minutes.”
    Sentences starting with numbers should be spelled out.

    Do something useful, like pointing out Japanese to English translation errors.

  23. You made my day, dear sir! :D You pointed out some mistakes I didn’t even notice while watching, but other than that I had no trouble following the text for the first episode.
    About who is better. Well, let’s just say that I don’t care just as long as there is anyone who is actually making the subs. Of course, completely weird sentences and stuff like that would unbearable. :D
    Overall – keep up the good work. (and release “Freezing” faster)

  24. On the numbers issue… I tend to be forgiving of groups that use the numerals instead of the words for small numbers. Heck, I’ve done it myself on some releases. Yes, the rule is “write out numbers under 100,” but there’s only so much space on the screen, and only so much time to read the subs. Using “77” instead of “seventy-seven” allows for subs to be much more concise without making other sacrifices that would affect readability/enjoyment.

    But yeah, I’ve never seen a release from Ayako that wasn’t plagued with some degree of editing issues, though some are better than others.

  25. … This just seems like a bunch of nitpicks that I wouldn’t give a crap about. I mean, they’re doing it for free. If your brain can perform at any normal capacity, it isn’t difficult to autocorrect mistakes in your head as you go along. >_>;

    • I’m not even sure how to process that…

      The smartest editors are the ones who fuck up the most? Really?

      You must think the greatest swimmers are the ones who drown “cuz thayre brains wuz auto-swimming even withot there bodies!”

      • … You took that in a way that was so horribly wrong that I’m starting to question your ability to comprehend what you’re reading at all.

        No, what I’m saying is merely that all of those things you picked out were pretty irrelevant little nitpicks. Anyone with half a fucking brain can easily just watch the episode and get the meaning just fine.

        Of course if you want to waste your time picking out petty little mistakes like these just to bitch about them on some random little blog to get attention, don’t let me stop you. It’s your life you’re wasting.

  26. Honestly… most of the shit you mention is nitpicks that I could give two shits about, while failing to see the real annoyances found in Ayako’s subs… those which aren’t even related to punctuation/proper English.

    Look at the “It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen you. You have something to say to me, right?” line… even adding in the comma it seems kind of Awkward… I didn’t even watch this show… but if I had to take a wild guess… I’d guess that it would have been better to put it like the following:

    “It’s been 6 years since I’ve seen you. Don’t you have something/anything to say to me?”

    But I’m just guessing with that IS line since I didn’t even watch the show… but let’s look at something I did witness first hand in their subs:

    At the beginning of Ayako’s first EP of Merry… “Stop! Since it’s just a dream, this doesn’t hurt…” “Since, it doesn’t even hurt because it’s just a dream…”.

    Really, I’m not sure which one of these it should have been… but I know it wasn’t “Stop! Since it’s just a dream, this doesn’t hurt…”.

    Maybe if it was “Stop! Since it’s just a dream, this doesn’t *even* hurt…” (implying they were wasting their time) It would make sense… but I don’t think that’s what he was implying… I think he was annoyed by them and asking them to stop for this reason… but just also going on to say it didn’t hurt because it was just a dream.

    • Oops.. my post got mangled somehow… apparently your blog’s comment code fucks shit up when there are too many quotation marks…

      should have been:

      At the beginning of Ayako’s first EP of Yumekui Merry: “Stop! Since it’s just a dream, this doesn’t hurt…”

      Pretty sure it should have been:
      “Stop! Even though, it doesn’t even hurt because it’s just a dream…”


      “Give it up! newline: “Since it doesn’t even hurt because it’s just a dream.”

      The rest of my comment got through fine though… I wish these comment thingies would let you edit your comments… or just not fuck shit up randomly…


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