[Ayako vs. Hina vs. SS] Whose Infinite Stratos Should You Watch?

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I looked at the first five minutes of each group’s subs in an effort to find the best alternative to our group. I suggest reading all the way (I managed to find a group worse than Ayako). The results are as follows:


A Chinese girl fighting in a mech in Japan is not likely to be invoking the Christian deity of zombieness.

lrn2/comma/ Also, they went with “yahari” first, so phrase it like “As we thought, it was an unmanned drone.”

… what? (To note, he’s asking for an invitation to the Academy, but Ayako can’t be assed to explain this in English)

Good gods does this sentence read like shit.

Mine eyes.

No, no, no!

Please, please avoid starting sentences with “Since.” That sentence should end with “would be kind of…” because it sounds like shit elsewise.

What a missed opportunity for clever editing.

This isn’t an error. I’m simply displaying the average Ayako editor’s inner monologue for every show.

How the fuck could someone write this and think it was okay? Fucking retards, one and all.

Missing a subject there, dear Ayako.

Thoughts in general: The English doesn’t flow and the font choice is retarded. Heavy overuse of “too.” They’ve improved since episode 1, but only marginally. I recommend avoiding this group.


Bro-kun here’s just trying to get his dick wet. The sentence should therefore read “Do you have any invitations?”

“I didn’t have a lot of people I could talk to.”

I don’t care if that’s what he’s saying. What a shitty line.

“This is, uh, you know…”

In English, we call those “boys”.

Is “inter-class tournament” that fucking hard to write?!

Thoughts: Much better flow of English than Ayako, but there are still hiccups throughout. Considering the editor’s second language is English, the degree to which this group wipes the floor with the other subs is absolutely ridiculous. Get their version.


At first I wasn’t going to shit on these guys because my favorite QC was in the group. Insulting him would ruin everything I ever believed in. Then I realized that he didn’t have anything to do with this steaming pile of shit, so I’m totally fine with it.

They don’t appear to know what a core is, so they just bolded it all and pretended it was an acronym. Nice. To note: if it was an acronym, Ayako would have used it. The only good editor on their team, Memento_Mori, uses the light novels as a source for editing.

Yes, that Rin.

Do they have him talking like this throughout all their fucking releases? My god…

“Why didn’t you tell me he was here?” more like.


The topic is Houki and Generic Shounen Male. Why is she saying there are more than one of each?

Try “I can wake up by myself.” This sentence implies he’s sleeping with her, and that’s not the fucking joke.


The thought process throughout this episode seemed to be “Aha! If we use the most informal English available, tacking apostrophes to everything we possibly can, nobody can fault us for having shit English!” Unfortunately, they forgot the “if your editing is more liberal than Ayako’s, you’re doing it wrong” rule. No wonder these ‘tards hang around with the dipshits at Eclipse. They fucking deserve each other.


Hina’s editing has the best flow. They make some mistakes, but their subs are the best. Ayako’s editing is kinda sketchy still, and the flow is a bit off. But if Hina dies, Ayako is the best alternative. SS is the absolute worst option you could pick. They take what’s great about the anime and rip the soul out of it, replacing it with garbled English. Avoid at all costs.

tl;dr Hina > Ayako > SS

Note: Rumbel-Ryugan has not released IS05 yet. Thus, I was unable to add their group in for a comparison.

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CS says:

Oh Zombie God why must people suck at English so bad?

Wouldn’t “I don’t mind waking up alone.” be a better line for that scene or does it deviate too much from the spoken Japanese?

Afterlife says:

IS is mediocre and boring and cliche… so it doesn’t really matter whose fagsubs people will use.
And that was some subjective bullshit, but really of all shows why it has to be IS? And that was some bs again.
Anyway good shitshower is always appreciated.

Dark_Sage says:

The point of the blog post is to help people find the best alternative to our subs, now that the group is dead. ._.

zero says:

Ayako might not be the best but they keep the quality the same for the whole show and they usually sub the whole run. There is also a big gap between the manga and the anime like most shows, and it doesn’t help that the manga was put out not that long before the anime was released. From some of the things I have heard the manga was just being scanlated just as the first episode came out.

anon says:

Well, I thought Ayako was still within bearable limits even with their editing misses, right until I hit one of the lines in ep6:

Charlotte: Ichika ga tabesasete? > Ichika, make me eat it.

I raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaged so hard on that. Totally ruined the hhnnngg moment for me >:O

Jukey says:

“Unfortunately, they forgot the “if your editing is more liberal than Ayako’s, you’re doing it wrong” rule.”
( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Funny how Ayako’s fans flock to them to save themselves from “liberal shit subs”.

I suggest you watch the first 15 seconds of Ayako’s episode 6. “That you are her brother… I shall never accept it!”

Jukey says:

Oh also, in those first 15 seconds Ayako changed the line I’ll have you go out with me to “I-I will have you come along!”

Sunny says:

I will never be able to forget it no matter when!

Dark_Sage says:

And I’ll never forget you, Sunny! <3

sdfsdf says:

Could you make more of these reviews?
I’d love to know the best group for every Anime in a given season.

Dark_Sage says:

I guess so. ji-hi isn’t exactly anything approaching “useful” anyway…

Nitemare says:

I was about to say the same thing. If you did that, I would definitely visit this site all the time. Even just this one comparison had pretty unexpected results for me. I always thought SS was a very good group. However, like you said, the good editor didn’t work on IS. So, since there obviously doesn’t seem to be any kind of standard of quality from SS, I will be more weary of their releases from now on. As for Hina, I don’t seem to recall relying on them for any series in the past, but now I will begin to consider their releases whenever I see them. If you continue to do these kinds of enlightening comparisons, I would appreciate it very much.

Dark_Sage says:

All righty. I’ll see you next season for Dark_Sage vs. the (Fansubbing) World. :3

Amanatsu says:


OK, so I think we can all agree that SS is becoming quite shit tier, even after being such a good group in the past.
SHIKASHI. I cannot really agree with the “dipshits at Eclipse” remark. Eclipse was (and will always be, to me) the pinnacle of what you should aspire to be in the fansubbing world. As we all know, (or, if you know anything about fansubbing, at least) Mazui pretty much came after Eclipse; quality SPEEDsubs. This is what Ayako tries to do, but fails at it.

Anyway, I don’t really feel like arguing about this anymore, so I’ll just make a few more comments about other things.

I like how you picked HiNA for the best group for this show, and I completely agree with you on that. Sunny, being a NON-native English speaker, edits fairly well. He also seems to have this undeniable air around him ;__; (aka, him asking if I could TLC their ep6, me saying yes, and raging at like 60 unTL’d lines ;___________;)

Dark_Sage says:

Hey, hey, hey~

No problem, man. Your opinion’s legit. I’m an incredible cynic, so don’t take what I say to heart too much. It’s nice to see that you have a group to which you think it’s good to aim. (I have none.) From what I’ve seen of Eclipse, they’re nowhere near as good as their reputation, but then again, that’s just me.

I hope you’re having fun with your TLC duties, even if you basically got conned into TLing. Seems like a fun outfit over there. :D

Amanatsu says:

It’s… fun for sure >__>
My main duty is TLC/Edit in Interrobang, but since Sunny holds my balls in a vice grip for hosting our site, I can only say no so many times ;__;

Anyway, good luck next season if you guys surface again.

marsd says:

I beg your pardon – Ayako has always been about speed at the baseline level.

We’ve never ever been disillusionised about quality.

So if we can release an episode within 5 hours of airing that does not literally destroy eyes and minds, then anything released after us should be, by leaps and bounds, way better in quality; otherwise you’ve (as the next releaser) failed etc etc.

Don’t get us wrong.

Sometimes you get really great quality from our speed process as a side effect, for some unknown, unrealistic reason. And sometimes the speed slows because people fail to show up or are simply unavailable, to which we’ve failed to achieve our desired speed for that release.

ano says:

so, according to your comparison, SS has the most liberal translation?

Dark_Sage says:

According to my comparison they have the worst English. Bad English != literal translation. God, am I gonna have to make a blog about this? I think I’m going to.

Curan says:

“They take what’s great about the anime and rip the soul out of it, replacing it with garbled English.” there is nothing great about this anime anyways. I have seen the first 6 episodes, and here is what it is not: Funny, intelligent, or even have much action (and it is Mecha! wtf). For a good mecha/harem check out Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, and don’t waste your time with this crappy anime.

Sumi says:

PS – In case you didn’t notice, Eclipse’s old editor is now SS’ new one. So that’s why you’re getting that wonderful editing there now, in case you hadn’t drawn the correlation.

Dark_Sage says:

Haha, that explains things. How can a guy with so much experience be so retarded? It boggles the mind.

Sunny says:

Kunio-kun rejected my editor application stating they had someone reliable to bank upon.

Oh well.

Dark_Sage says:

A gun that misfires 100% of the time is reliable. I don’t think they’ve thought their brilliant plan all the way through.

tachi says:

please oh please dont leave me with these shit subs T.T

random says:

Hey who are these stratos-subs that are releasing IS now? Are they any good?

Dark_Sage says:

They’re the super speedsubbers, right? http://i.imgur.com/efROr.jpg

Shit sucks. I’d wait for Hina, but if you’re so hard for speed, keep in mind that what you’re getting is Google-Translated gibberish.

Edit: I guess I’m being a bit unfair with my analysis of their translation. But whether they have an actual TL or not, the editing is piss-poor.

random says:

Hi sorry if this is kinda irrelevant. but I was wondering if you could give you’re opinion on gg fansub vs. ayako fansub. which one would you prefer?

Dark_Sage says:

gg is a tier above Ayako. That doesn’t mean they’re good, but if you had to choose one, it’s gotta be gg.

Lamer#1 says:

Actually some of the criticisms are flat out wrong.

Dark_Sage says:

Money where your mouth is, faggot. <3

Anon says:

I find it interesting how you rant on so much about English flow and then go on to say “… the editor’s second language is English…” (at the end of Hina’s review) when what you’re really trying to say is “English is the editor’s second language”, and no, they aren’t exactly the same. Anyways, other than that, I guess I agree with most of your points.

Dark_Sage says:

Your suggestion rolls off the tongue better, but I don’t buy that they have different meanings.

Anon says:

It’s not that they have different meanings, it’s just that they imply different things. What you wrote was more of a positive than a negative (i.e., what you wrote sounds more like, “it’s his second language, he should be doing well” as opposed to “it’s only his second language, why is he doing so much better”). On the other hand, at this point, I’m really nitpicking, so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much.

Dark_Sage says:

All right, I can buy that. Thanks for the heads up. <3

toon says:

Shit series deserves shit subs. No moments to ruin here!

Onii-chan says:

“At first I wasn’t going to shit on these guys because my favorite QC was in the group. Insulting him would ruin everything I ever believed in. Then I realized that he didn’t have anything to do with this steaming pile of shit, so I’m totally fine with it.”


Thank you for that! I needed the laugh.

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