Fansub Review: [Kata-Subs] Ao no Exorcist (Episode 01v2)

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Oh my. Ramsus, bhowrath, here’s the review~

No OP this episode.

So what’s the problem with the subs here? Oh, right, there ARE no subs here. Bros forgot to TL a line.

No title translation.

That’s the weirdest fucking em dash I’ve ever seen. Also, caps for emphasis on one word? Tsk, tsk.

fight, didn’t you?

Are you sure this is the right way to phrase this line? .___.

This comes off the last picture. What the fuck?!

This is a church, not a monastery. Look up what the fuck a monastery is.

Alright -> All right

Wound? As in singular? Hahahaha, no.

Brother, capitalized.

If you’re gonna use ellipses, don’t pussy out halfway through.

Brother, you get into fights every day and often get fired quickly from your jobs.

Redundancy and lack of sentence continuity. No.

And in case that doesn’t work, it’s gonna be time for us Exorcists to step in.

Fix the collar and button it up.

Weird way to phrase this.

“Dad, Dad!”

He’s not calling you cute. He’s saying you WERE cute. Continuity fail.

This sounds like he asked Rin to save the girl. He didn’t. Either the translator’s stupid or the editor fucked up with these lines.

Thanks to you, she only got a little scratch.

This needs a period, bros.

What? This doesn’t even mean anything. You could say “He didn’t look normal.” but I think the line needs a bit of work to fit in with the scene.


Overall grade: D-

Note: I stopped reviewing after 14 minutes of watching their release. The remaining ten minutes undoubtedly had more fuckups in them, but I’m not going to waste your time or my time with detailing the fail. As much as I hate to say this, I have to recommend gg’s release over this. gg’s release, which I gave a D. gg’s v2 should be much better though.

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Coder says:

Is WoodBridge’s line at 2:30 “I got a call earlier from where your employers” correct?

Dark_Sage says:

No, that’s what we call a “I thought you had a fucking QC on this release. I’m not a goddamn god, I just review shitty fansubs for the lulz so don’t throw everything on me.” moment.

Soul says:

Again, I wonder how much japanese does their TL know -if any-.
A little example:
“They’ll have your head for not returning after a delivery”
I’ll give you a hint “neck” and “fired” have the same pronunciation.
I seriously don’t know how can you fuck that up.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh wow

SlySpy says:

I’m definitely not qualified to critique translations, so you’ll have to bear with me a little. I think it’s safe to assume that our tl error, is more of an editing fuck up. It’s the phrasing that makes the line read like shit.

bhowrath says:

That was a crappy release i can aggre to that but our second is more well done so give us a second chans :D

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