Fansub Review: [Kyouki-Tsuki] Sengoku Otome (Episode 03)

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These guys do not know what the fuck a comma is. This release is shit.


All right, I ain’t gonna waste your time with tons of screenshots detailing the failure. There were eight mistakes involving commas in the first 6 minutes of this release. You probably know this by now, but this kinda shit pisses me off. After that, I stopped counting because I knew they were a lost cause. :(

What a jumbled mess. Just drop the “nearby”

This group can’t decide between Toku-nyan and Tokyunyan. It’s as if they alternate it every time. ._.

You really couldn’t phrase this any better?

Cut out “within myself”


You seriously need a TL note for this?

She’s not even asking a question. She’s fucking explaining it. That’s as far from a question as you can get! Good gods…

Sumo. Where the fuck did they learn to localize?

They won rounds, not slips. Fuck.

I don’t even remember what this follows, but this line sucks.

Retains? But Nobunaga never had it in the first place, so how would she retain it?

“This match’s winner takes the Crimson Armor’s left leg!”

You aren’t interested in it at all, Onee-sama?


These guys also have weird timing, with lines that don’t quite fit with the time they’re allotted on the show.

Overall grade: D

Hey, Kyouki-Tsuki staff, I know you read this site (or at least you used to). Contact me on IRC and I’ll teach you how to comma. It’s easy once you get hang of it.

The group to get for Battle Girls/Sengoku Otome definitely has to be HorribleSubs. Akatsuki apparently died, so no point in getting their release.

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  1. 相撲 = sumou.
    That was actually a legit romanization.
    Either “sumou” or “sumō” is correct.
    You need the macron on top of the ‘o’ for it to be “sumō”.
    I recall that you were a fucking linguist?

  2. “The group to get for Battle Girls/Sengoku Otome definitely has to be HorribleSubs”
    The same can be said about Gintam’
    as Tsuki is also doing it,but i think HorribleSubs is better
    I hope they improve their editing ,as I think they realy have what it tales to become something great

  3. meh, the mistakes u posted are nothing. i can live with those mistakes. with typesetting of op and ed, i’ll go with this group rather than horriblesub.

    • That’s a completely legitimate opinion to have. It’s one of the reasons why I include the OP/ED at the beginning. Fansubs are often tradeoffs and I’m not here to force you into going with one group or another. Instead, I’ll give you my honest opinion and tell you which groups I’ll be going with.

      These reviews are a guide, not a rulebook. :)


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