Fansub Review: [Akatsuki] Sengoku Otome (Episode 02)

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Fuck it, I’m starting to like this show now.

No OP/ED karaoke. But this is an example of their typesetting (nothing else in the show needed to be typeset).

This gives me a great opportunity to expound upon the wonders of italics. Italics place an emphasis on a certain word so that it changes the feel of the sentence.

This line should read “Maybe they really are historical cosplayers.” Leaving it as-is changes the meaning of the sentence to “They might be historical cosplayers?”, which would imply she never thought about that before. And even if that’s the case, the line should read “Maybe they’re really historical cosplayers.”

My Lord, Your Highness, Your Grace, etc. all must be capitalized. Always. They fuck this up throughout the episode.

Douchebag Mitsuhide. Comes across destroyed village, remarks too many people have survived.

Or maybe this was a bad translation~

Whose hearts did she capture? The peasant{‘s} or the peasants{‘}? Obviously, it was the peasants’ hearts. Not that you add the apostrophe alone after plural words that end in “s” when you’re doing possessives. Yes, it’s only plurals (with a few exceptions that are irrelevant in modern-day language). So it’d be “Your Highness’s cake is ready” not “Your Highness’ cake is ready”

She says chotto here, and it can be cuter if phrased like “But yeah, I have one small request…”

But it’s not 100% certain that I can’t return right.

You put “an” before words that start with vowels or words that sound like they start with vowels (like honor).


Overall grade: B

I think these are edited CR scripts, if I’m not mistaken. Good job. Fix up the “My Lord” shit, though. It’s super wrong. Best release so far, but I’m gonna check out Kyouki-Tsuki’s release for 03.

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  1. Looking at the fourth screencap, I wouldn’t say it’s translated wrong, just badly worded. The key word was “hitode (人手)” which would mean “manpower” in that scene, and looking at the situation, they do seem to have enough people to function as a village.


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