Fansub Review: [UTW] Hidan no Aria (Episode 02)

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The best release so far.

OP/ED. Yes, the ED is that fucking blurry.

“what was with”

He’s referring to a previous point in time, so the tense has to match. Similarly,

“What were you talking about?”

Do people generally deduce conclusions?

As a Butei, you should be gathering information and drawing your own conclusions.

But I still can’t forgive who{m}ever it was that targeted Kin-chan!

Enough of that subject!

Alright -> All right

Damn it. Why’d this have to happen?

Let’s try some natural lines, guys. It’s not too tough.

infiltrating? Infiltrating what? Perhaps “infiltration missions” would work better.

And what’s the most important trait? This is confusing as fuck.

She seems to be weak to love-related things.

I’ll let “rubbish” go cuz these guys seem to love their British English.
Overall grade: B+

Chihiro’s is not good. gg’s is unwatchable and a troll. These guys appear to be the release to get, at least from what I’ve seen so far.

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  1. Since english is not my first language, i’m really afraid of leaving a comment :$
    Anyway, UTW seems to be better than I thought, now we just need a Doki review to be sure which group to get this anime from.

    BTW, appreciating what do you doing here Sage.

  2. While no fansub group is going to be perfect, I usually just chose the group that has it out first. Although there are some things that piss me off, like improper grammar, UTW is still in my top 5. When I watched this ep I didn’t even catch those mistakes till I came here.

  3. Now this review is way better, now you’re pointing out stuff that matters. I’ll give you an A-
    UTW definitely manages to do a good job. Also I love their encoder, whoever that is.

  4. care to point out some things that were “unwatchable” for gg? i watched theirs for a few minutes and it turned out fine.

    • gg’s Hidan no Aria is a troll release. They even said so on their site.

      I actually was writing a review on it before I realized the release was a troll. I found 40 mistakes. If you didn’t see any problems with it, you watching their subs.

    • “Enough on this subject” sounds really weird and unnatural to me. I can’t quite articulate any rules on it, but if you said that line, straight up, I’d look at you like you were retarded. Editing also deals with natural phrasing, and that did not seem natural.

  5. “And what’s the most important trait? This is confusing as fuck.” I think that was the point. Suspense de arimasuyo?

  6. > gg’s is unwatchable and a troll

    no. it’s the only one that IS watchable, BECAUSE it’s a troll. this show would be unwatchable even with perfect subs.

    • So bad it’s good? I could see that if they were working their liberalization magic on the show. Instead, you have fucked up grammar and spelling that detract from the lulz that a properly edited trollsub could give.

    • what i meant to imply is that the show itself is shit, hence gg’s trollsubs. and they did a good job providing lulz on the trollsubs so that their release can still provide entertainment even if the show itself cannot. i am not sure why you are disappointed. were you expecting a total dialogue rewrite?

      • I was expecting something funny. I don’t know where the lulz come in except from “Oh, haha, they called it obentou”. hi5s all ’round, guys!

        Oh well, I guess I was expecting too much from ’em. :(

  7. ‘Alright’ is widely used and acceptable. In comparison, ‘all right’ looks awkward to me. You might have a point with the ‘whoever’/’whomever’ thing, but ‘whom’ seems to be disappearing and ‘whoever’ seems acceptable to me.

    All your other corrections are good.


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