Fansub Review Wrap-Up [5/2/11]

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Okay, housekeeping. Due to finals at college, my posts over the next few days will be limited, at best. It can’t be helped. But I do have some interesting content coming in when I can catch a break. I can’t waste my time only on fansub reviews, now can I?

I will not review Ginatama. The only “group” that isn’t months behind on the show is HorribleSubs. Therefore, I recommend them. I guess I’ll review Pokemon groups, for the lulz (but it might be a bit).

Oh, and for Ano Hana… I did promise a translation party. I might get on that a bit later…

30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku

SubDesu [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

My Pick: Doki

SubDesu’s release did not even resemble English. Unwatchable.



Doki [Review Here]

Eve-Taku [Review Here]

HQ-Team [Might Review]

pwq [Review Here]

Saitei [Might Review]

My Pick: pwq

To be honest, you’d be good with any of these groups, but I thought pwq’s was slightly better.


Ano Hana

Ayako-Delight [Review Incoming]

Doki [Review Here]

gg [Review Incoming]

Koharubi-Mango [Review Incoming]

m.3.3.w [Review Incoming]

Taka [Review Incoming]

UTW [Review Here]

Yeah, I need to get my ass on the Ano Hana reviews/the translation party. A TL I know dd a full-on analysis of each group (except A-D and K-M) and he said that gg’s translation was the best while m.3.3.w’s overall package was the best. He gave me permission to use his critique in a post here, so I suppose I should get on that…


Ao no Exorcist

Woodbridge [Will Not Review] (I’m in their group)

gg [Review Here]

Chibisui-Subs [Will Not Review] (They seem to just rip other scripts and add nothing to them. Some guy on IRC was even talking about how they made their ripped scripts worse. Lol)

Hatsuyuki-Hadena [Review Here]

Kata-Subs [Review Here]

My pick: Woodbridge

I’m in Woodbridge and our releases are fantastic.


Astarotte no Omocha

Asuka-Subs [Will Review Later]

ILMNW [Review Here]

pwq [Will Review Later]

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My pick: Underwater-Commie

Unlike ILMNW, U-C’s edits don’t suck. Great job.


Battle Girls – Time Paradox/Sengoku Otome

Akatsuki [Review Here] (Group dissolved)

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Kyouki-Tsuki [Review Here]

My pick: HorribleSubs

Kyouki-Tsuki is waptarded and Akatsuki dissolved. HorribleSubs is the victor by default.


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

gg [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

Hatsuyuki [Review Here]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

Whine-Subs [Will Not Review] (This is the group)

My Pick: Whine-Subs

Everyone else’s releases sucked dick.


Deadman Wonderland

GotWoot [Will Not Review] (I’m in this group)

HorribleSubs [Review Here] [Re-Review Incoming, cuz I heard they got worse after episode 1]

SGKK-Ruri [Review Here]

Umee [Will Review Later]

My pick: SGKK-Ruri

GotWoot’s too fucking slow.


Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Doki [Review Here] [Second Look]

Mazui [Review Here] [Second Look]

Underwater-Commie [Review Here] [Second Look]

GotWoot [Will Not Review] [“Second Look”] (I’m in this group)

My pick: Doki

I’d pick GotWoot, but they’re worthless faggots that can’t release on time. No one needs a slowsub group these days.


Dog Days

Interrobang [Review Here]

Ayako [Review Here]

Chihiro [Will Not Review] Dropped

Hina-Hiryuu [Review Here]

Ruri [Review Here]

My pick: Hina-Hiryuu

H-H did a pretty good job, but their commas…


Dororon Enma-kun Meramera

gg [Review Here]


Hanasaku Iroha

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

Hayatsuki-Tsuki [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Splazm [Will Not Review] (Splazm appears to be a straight CR re-encode group)

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I actually liked every release listed here. The differences are minute enough that you really can’t go wrong. But the best release, in my mind, is Underwater-Commie. Their English was the best.


Hen Zemi

HiNA-Wasurenai [Review Here] [Re-Review]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My Pick: WhyNot?

WhyNot? mixes the sensible translation of IB with the decent editing of Hina. Naisu job.


Hidan no Aria

Chihiro [Review Here]

Doki [Will Review Later]

gg [Will Not Review] (I watched their release. It was terrible. But gg also said they’re doing it as a troll, so I didn’t review it. Avoid~)

UTW [Review Here]

My pick: UTW

They did a nice job. But I heard their episode 1 release was shit.


Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei

Interrobang [Will Not Review] (It’s a five-minute flash animation.)

My pick: Interrobang

by default.


Hoshizora e Kakeru Hoshi

Afroman [Review Here] Dropped :(

Doki-Chihiro [Review Here]

CTSS-TZM [Will Not Review] Dropped

Hatsuyuki [Review Incoming]

Ryuumaru [Review Here]

My pick: Ryuumaru

Fewer errors than D-C.


Hyouge Mono

Huzzah [Review Here]


Kaiji Season 2

Espada [Review Here]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

Triad [Review Here]

My pick: Triad

Triad does their shit serious business-like.


Maria+Holic Alive

Commie [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]


Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Kata-Subs [Review Here]



Frozy [Review Here]

gg [Review Here]

My pick: Frozy

Even though their encoding is derp, their script was better.


Nana to Kaoru

ANE [Will Not Review] (Re-encode of other subs, and I’m not qualified to bitch about encode quality)

Bitch-Subs [Review Here]

GotWoot [No Review Incoming] (I was a QC on this, hence, biased)

Kata-Subs [Will Not Review] (cuz fuck this anime)

SubDesu [Will Not Review] (lol, SubDesu)

My pick: GotWoot

Obviously I picked GotWoot cuz I’m in that group. But GotWoot’s leader kept praising BitchSubs, so go with theirs if you want. They did a pretty good job.


Naruto Shippuden Movie 4

Tsuki [Will Review Later]



Coalgirls [Review Incoming]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (Reason: U-C)

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I made a screenshot comparison post here. It appears most people thought Doki had a worse translation.


Ore-Tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (I don’t know how they could beat Shikkaku’s release…)

Shikkaku [Review Here]

lilgh0st/MSPN [Will Not Review] (Dropped)


Pretty Rhythm – Aurora Dream

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

KiteSeekers-Wasurenai [Review Here]

My pick: KiteSeekers-Wasurenai

I think they cared more about this show, even though it sucks.


Seikon no Qwaser II

CTSS [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)

Doki [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)

Sub-Desu [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)


Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Akatsuki [Will Not Review] Group’s dead

HorribleSubs [Might Review]

Ryuumaru [Review Here]

Sekai [Will Review Later]


Sket Dance

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Hatsuyki [Review Here]

My pick: Hayatsuki

They did pretty well.


Showa Monogatari

Hatsuyuki-Hadena [Review Here]


Softenni/Soft Tennis

Ayako-Nishishi [Review Here] (Note: Not reviewed by Dark_Sage, so as to ensure impartiality)

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

Hiryuu [Review Incoming]

My Pick: Ayako-Nishishi

I edited for Nishishi, so I’m biased. I did like the FFFPeeps version, though, even if I ripped their editor apart. Sorry about that, it was for the lulz.



Commie [Review Here] (Note: I was drinking rageahol when I reviewed this)

UTW-Mazui [Review Here] (They dropped the series)

Steins;Subs [No Review Incoming] (I took a quick look at their CR-ripped script and compared it to Commie’s. It was worse.)

HorribleSubs [No Review Incoming] (Commie edits off their release, making this inferior by default.)

Splazm [No Review Incoming] (I believe they also rip from CR without any major edits.)

HorribleSubs-Remux-NFR [No Review Incoming] (CR Re-encode)

My Pick: Commie

Uhh, your only choice is pretty much Commie. They did a pretty shit job of editing, though.


Tiger & Bunny

Commie [Review Here]

YouSmell [Will Not Review] (Hardcoded fonts as small as possible. It’s not their fault, since they just ripped the stream release, but I’d wait on Commie)


The World God Only Knows II

Chihiro [Will Not Review] (I haven’t seen the first season, so I won’t be watching subs for the second.)

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review]


Time Paladin Sakura

HiNA [Review Here] [Re-Review Incoming]



A-Destiny_SGKK [Review Here] [Re-Review Here]

AE-Kaen [Review Here]

My pick: AE-Kaen

A_S did a lot better this time around, but I still think AE-K did a better job in the end. Kudos to A_S for making a great improvement, though.



Commie [Review Here]

Weapon+ [Review Here]

My pick: Weapon+

They did better on error mitigation.


Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My Pick: FFFPeeps

FFFPeeps managed to be hilarious and sensical. Good job.



Shounen Heart [Review Here]

Oni-B [Will Not Review] (same translation base as Shounen Heart, but not as shit)

My pick: Oni-B

They both sucked, but Shounen Heart’s was worse by far.

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random says:

are u gonna review the other subs for naruto movie?

Dark_Sage says:

Sure. But besides Tsuki, the only other option is HiddenSubs. ~_~

random says:

well i wanna know which one is better for archiving so if u could do a maybe even without review it would be nice

Dark_Sage says:

As of now, the only options I see are Tsuki and HiddenSubs. HiddenSubs has said that this is their first time subbing and this will be their last time subbing. Thus, if I were to bet money, I’d say that Tsuki likely is going to have the best release.

I know for a fact that Tsuki/HS aren’t the only groups that are going to have a release though. :S

Revy-chan says:

Should I buy, rip and then proceed to sub the Naruto DVD lol?

random says:

wuthout screenshot*

Clucks says:

Taka has said on their site that they’re doing it, but they give no ETA.

random says:

@D-S: So anyways have you seen their version? so far which one would you say is better? till the next groups release theirs

Dark_Sage says:

I dunno. Go with Tsuki. I haven’t had time to check out anime or any of that. I just had a final today worth 40% of my grade and I have an incredible amount of shit do tomorrow it’s not even funny. ~_~

OhMyGah! says:

I dunno, seems pretty funny on this end.^_^

Dark_Sage says:

Cruel-kun :(

random says:

Alright, no rush. I’ll wait till ur done ur exams

Valyth says:

Downloaded the WoodBridge subs of Ao no Exorcist (only watched episode 1 so far) – actually very disappointed despite the glowing recommendation. 2 minutes, 32 seconds in on the first episode the following line appears:

“I got a call earlier from where your employers.” – Terrible English translation right there. I’m really not sure how such a big error was missed and/or wasn’t comment worthy.

Also tried the SGKK-Ruri sub of Deadman Wonderland at your recommendation – good choice, solid sub. Definitely happy with this, thanks!

Dark_Sage says:

It’s not so much that Woodbridge is good, so much as it’s better than the alternative. And when you look at the alternatives, I think you’d be able to forgive a few errors.

Also, I didn’t do a review of Woodbridge, mainly because I’m in the group and I don’t review shit when I have an obvious bias.

Soul says:

So I’ve learned the Typical naruto fan doesn’t even know how to reply to a post.
This was interesting.

Also, did whynot REALLY do a god job with Hen Zemi? I remember their last episode for freezing was AWFUL. Seriously. Though most of it was on the TL part, I think… Anyways..

Lucky says:

Hey, these guys released ep3 of Hanasaku Iroha. I know… slow as hell, but I think you should review their subs.

Anonymous says:

I’m still waiting for them to review this. Dark promised he’ll review their episode 2. Include their A-Channel too.

MatrixM says:

Still planning on reviewing the other anohana fansubs?

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