Fansub Review: [Coalgirls] Nichijou (Episode 03)

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Right-o. Completing that review backlog.

OP/ED seem to be in linked chapters or something like that. Ya gotta download the extra files cuz they don’t come encoded with each episode. I didn’t bother, so I’m afraid I don’t have screens of the OP/ED.


How about some fucking TL notes or something? Or at least translate the jokes. This just makes the viewer confused.

Pretty sure ABCD refers to the quadrilateral.

A quadrilateral, ABCD, is inscribed inside a circle. Find its area.

Vice Principal


They’re both capitalized because they’re using the titles in place of their names, and they’re speaking directly to each other. It’s the same reason why when referring to your father as “Father”, it’s gotta be capitalized.
Overall grade: A-

These were the only errors I noticed. I wasn’t expecting a good release from Coalgirls, but I guess I got one.

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  1. I didn’t think CoalGirls did TL’s. I was under the impression they just ripped subs from other groups, sometimes tinkered around with them and glued them on to their own encodes.

    That would explain the lack of TL notes and untranslated stuff mentioned

    • You are correct about this.
      For Nichijou they used the official R1 subs.

      Anyway, they actually changed all the things here, because they want to “invalidate” the review. Not that surprising, given how they wrote that fansub reviews by fansub members are inherently biased before this even went up. ;)


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