Fansub Review: [SHiN-gx] A-Channel (Episode 04)

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By (unremittant) request, here’s SHiN-gx’s release of A-Channel. But is their release good enough to wait 2 months for a new episode?

OP/Insert/ED. They randomly capitalized words for the OP and ED. Also, no Japanese text and the font is meh. The insert was fine.

Typesetting. If you’re going to be months late, don’t skimp on the typesetting.

There’s a difference between a model body and a model’s body. She means model’s body here.

Oh, you still you do?

Hold it? I think you mean “carry”

These are two independent clauses. If you must have them in the same sentence, use a semicolon instead.

That’s not a question.

If you lost that much, your weight would become negative.

I’m sorry, but the comma is really necessary there.

Nice encoding.

Overall grade: B

Yeah, it was a decent release. But is it worth waiting more than a week for? Nope. You’d be far better served with pwq, Doki, or EveTaku.

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Anonymous says:

Good review. FYI – They didn’t randomize the capitalization of the OP/ED. It’s the font(s). Not sure about the typesetting being “normal.” If you followed some of their work, they’re doing that kind of DVD style of typesetting.

I guess you didn’t saw my reply earlier. I wanted their Hanasaku to be reviewed.

Dark_Sage says:

Uguu, you’re gonna work me to death. ;_;

Anonymous says:

Come on, Darksy, just one more and I won’t bother you anymore!

Not until next season.

ObsidianTK says:

Which is like a week away :P

Some Guy says:

Fair and balanced review. Would expect perfection after such a lag time to release…

kyonyUU says:

“lag time” Not really, since they might just be lazy douchebags. Like us.

Anonymous says:

Where the is the other review, Darksy?! Summer is almost here!!

Anonymous says:

>where is*

kyonyUU says:

shut the fuck up, you stupid cunt. go review it yourself or some shit like that. the reason dark is delaying is because he hates fucktards like you.

Anonymous says:

How about you shut the fuck up, you infantile twat? Cussing at someone over the internet isn’t so hard after all!

kyonyUU says:

You know what’s hard? Fansubbing.

Anonymous says:

You know what’s easy? Pissing people like you off.

Don’t get me wrong, faggot, I know how hard fansubbing is.

Pilot-kun says:

>Some of us have full-time jobs.

Dark_Sage says:

Some of us have full-time jobs.

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