Fansub Review: [Derp] Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (Episode 01v2)

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This is a show about clingy girls and guys.

File size: 376 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke. No OP aired with this episode. Additionally, the ED spanned multiple screens with lots of random text so I don’t think this will be an accurate representation of the final ED.



Or you could make it “I won’t suck your blood.”

No comma necessary.

The timing’s off for this line. It was cut off by a significant amount of time.

from his.

This one’s tricky because it launches from the guy saying it to the girl saying her part. I’d end this with a colon, probably. A comma may work too. But leaving it open like this definitely doesn’t work.

I’m not a small fry!

If you wanna keep it “Dr Cinnamon”, that’s fine. But “would do well” is way too awkward. Try “would hit the spot!”

This has to match the previous line (“Everything is okay now!”), so make it “Like hell it is!”

where we

lol, no

I don’t count this against them, but if the editor uses American English, this should be “toward”, not “towards”. Just a heads up.

End this with a period, please


Overall grade: B-

Pretty decent. Nothing in particular that I have to say.

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puddizzle says:

just throwing this out there, you might want to be sure to edit the upcoming page as soon as you post these.

animegio says:

/me glares at “I’ve have”

That was supposed to be fixed in the v2.

Oh well…

NakkiNyan says:

“I won’t suck it. Your blood.”
OK, suck on what >.>

Nyara♥ says:
Well, I think this will be better for this show.

Klownzie says:

‘I won’t suck it. Your blood’ seems like a pun to me, and it goes very well with the screenshot.

Dark_Sage says:

Was that actually supposed to be a joke?

In that case, the line should be “I won’t suck it. Your blood, that is.”

Nyara♥ says:

More exactly, is a literal translation of the line, very literal. It’s ok, but can be better.

asd says:

There are way too many crappy shows this season.

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