Fansub Review: [FFFpeeps] Baka to Test S2 (Episode 01)

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I’m decently impressed with this release, FFFpeeps.

File size: 265 (LQ MKV), 449 (HQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. No honorifics.

Karaoke. This episode only had the OP to do.

Typesetting. They typeset everything. Fabulous effort. Some of the screens suck though.

What purpose does the “so” serve? Get rid of it.

a joke.

will be easy!

Title discrepancy.


And… yeah, that’s it.


Overall grade: A-

The script was so good despite it looking like a nightmare to edit (ridiculous amount of text, a huge number of jokes that needed to be pulled off properly) that I didn’t bother noting any of the grammatical errors involving commas (they weren’t serious anyway). Special service~

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by these subs, I especially liked how they carried over a lot of stuff (ie “Voyeur”) from gg’s subs for season 1 since those were the ones I originally watched before. I wonder who worked on these, maybe some of the same staff or something?

    • I asked EienShouko and apparently the staff was a lean five people.

      <~EienShouko|Server> convexty tl’ed it
      <~EienShouko|Server> i typeset it
      <~EienShouko|Server> gbreadfox edited it
      <~EienShouko|Server> kliq qc’ed it
      <~EienShouko|Server> and jadpraet timed it

      I know kliq is ex-gg (though I don’t believe he worked on baka test), but I’m not sure about the others.

    • I’m ex-gg only in the sense that I worked one episode of Kimi ni Todoke for them then disappeared from fansubbing for about several months; then I resurfaced with Whine.

      As for the styling, it was voted on prior to me getting hired on (fffpeeps did the OVA as well) and I honestly dislike it. I think my exact reaction when I saw Voyeur was, “Who the fuck is th–NO! NOT NINJA PERVERT!” To me Ninja Pervert conveys the humor of the such much more naturally than Voyeur. Voyeur just sounds creepy to me instead of humorous. That’s just my opinion though.

      • …and Yoyeur is technically an incorrect translation. Coming from the term むっつり, something along the lines of Silent Pervert or Morose Pervert would have been more appropriate. Ninja Pervert is technically inaccurate as well, but it’s much, much better than Voyeur.

        (For the record, gg did a pretty trollish job for the first season.)

        • Muttsuriini is a word play of muttsuri and Mussolini. If you want to be more accurate, the kanji of his name is given as , of which even the translation “Silent Pervert” would be inaccurate. Of course, Voyeur would stretch it a little too much, but given how awkward it is to use “Ninja/Silent Pervert” when addressing him, I’d choose Voyeur anyday.

        • Sorry but a two-word translation for it would look awkward as hell, considering how often his nickname is used in conversation. Voyeur does a good job of cutting it down to the essential meaning while also reflecting what the character actually does. This is just one of many cases where a more liberal approach works far better than trying to preserve the literal meaning.

          And I thought gg’s subs for season 1 were fine.

          • I liked that line too. Sorry if I’m not FANSUBS = SERIOUS BUSINESS enough to insist every line is brought across 100% literally, though there are plenty of groups that do exactly that for the purists.

            This is really not relevant to the topic of discussion here, however. “Voyeur” works just fine for reasons I described above.

          • @ Actar: Translating from Japanese doesn’t always mean that every words in the sentence should be translated, especially when you’re translating anime. But more to interpretate the real message/meaning of the sentence and put that in the good english. And since it’s anime, I prefer more liberal translate because it works better since anime is mainly about dialogue between characters and literal translation would be too awkward since IRL, when we talk we don’t use wordy sentences.

            TL;DR: Stop hanging around on sancom. It makes you become more stupid every day.

      • Voyeur does indeed sound awkward as hell. I’ve actually never heard or seen anyone use it in a sentence outside of this show. Where as Ninja Pervert is fitting for the ridiculousness of the show, plus it fits his character since his “summon” is a ninja version of himself.

        Nicknames are srs

    • Oh god, what have I done? If it gets any bigger, it’ll–

      Okay, damage control. Gotta tone down my fanboying over this release…

    • That is my fault. (As are the few errors pointed out here.) I honestly couldn’t give a single fuck about typesetting as it’s 100% irrelevant to the show, but I’ll be checking it from now on because Eien asked and everyone seems to care about it except me.

  2. The only one of these I’d contest is the first screenshot, and even then it’s only because it’s at the beginning where I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make him a complete fucking idiot or not with the script. I left the “so” because it sounded like a ditsy teenage girl (which Aki uncannily resembles sometimes).

    The other mistakes were just me slipping. Also, “it looking like a nightmare to edit (ridiculous amount of text, a huge number of jokes that needed to be pulled off properly)” <– So fucking true.

  3. >Queue page has no comment field
    >So bug me on IRC about whatever you want and I may just listen.
    SHiN-gx’s Yuru Yuri episode 01 please.

      • Could always make a “Future Reviews” type list under the Delayed one so you can remember better as well. Can probably order them in “[Anime]: [Group], [Group]” to make the list smaller.

      • You can’t rotate them lol

        Might be able to bullshit back in the day with 4:3 video, but 16:9 would be too ugly.

        Probably should’ve frozen frame before text show up (unless it doesn’t happen, then they’re fucked, and have to find/make background picture), then TS over.

        Sounds like effort though.

    • That’s actually a good point. I guess I was blinded by the sheer amount of typesetting that I didn’t actually internalize how hard it was to read. /seppuku

      • Meh, either way, it would either be horribly difficult to read (FFFPeeps), or cramping it unnecessarily (Commie).

        So either way, I can just imagine TheFluff coming in and do a “Told ya good typesetting is just a fucking waste of time ┐(’~`;)┌”

  4. At 2:00, “As long as it’s not that girls are coming” sounded quite weird. Shouldn’t it go “As long as it’s not those girls that are coming”?

    • “Those girls” would imply that she knows who’s going to be coming. The line is grammatically correct as-is. If you wanted it rephrased, I’d do it like

      “As long as there won’t be any girls coming,”


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