Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle (Episode 01)

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I like WhyNot because I usually have very little to complain about with their subs. Except for their stupid fucking karaoke.

Release Format: MKV (220 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

Font: Not so great. Why so small?


Very arbitrary font/color choice.

Not great, but it works.


The OP. Just look at this shit.

The ED. Not rainbow’d up. Thank god for small miracles.


Self-Proclaimed. “Self-Claimed” is not an actual term.

And the now kinda cuts into the ending punctuation. Easily solvable if you put the exclamation marks in italics too.

… Wait, that’s all I’m gonna complain about? Yup.

Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall Grade: B+

This is a difficult one. How do I decide which weight to give to the script and to the karaoke/typesetting? This is an A- if you look at it one way and a B+ if you look at it another. The typesetting is average but complete and the karaoke is half-shit, half-meh. But the script is great. In my efforts to strike a suitable balance between the various facets that make up a fansubbing release, I’m going to lean toward weighting the aesthetic qualities of the release a bit higher than I have in the past, ergo the B+.

Regardless of whatever arbitrary grade I gave them, I really liked what I saw and I could see myself recommending their release over a group with a few more script errors but prettier aesthetics. Too bad the show’s so shit, though.

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Imperial_Neko says:

Yeah, I just looked at the raw and thought, “I’m not interested in this show, moving on.”

Dark_Sage says:

Best decision of the season.

raingod says:

Anime to watch this season?

RDF2050 says:

Fate/Zero and Guilty Crown.

Dark_Sage says:

From what I’ve seen so far:

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle
Busou Shinki

Imperial_Neko says:

Funny how Shinki got one episode subbed and practically disappeared.

RDF2050 says:

Are you actually liking Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai
? Then when are you going to make reviews about fansubs that work with this anime. :)

Nice blog ;)
Your articles are so interesting and funny.

DTryPleX says:

Busou Shinki was supposed to air on PSN only however, it seems to have disappeared from PSN altogether. THere was almost no way to get RAWs for it in the first place though, Ep 1 was just a pre-air that they released on Youtube to make some moneyz.

UnLucky says:

Meh, still gonna watch. Better than the other shit I’ve watched

8thSin says:

The premise is so dumb, but I think it can be good depending on who well it’s directed in the following episodes.

Not gonna hold my breath though lol

Youreanidiot says:

I suggest you watch this. You’re focusing on some irrelevant elements when judging subs.

skullking123 says:

You’re just doing it wrong

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