Fansub Review: [Ahodomo] Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (Episode 01)

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Maji de koi? More like Maji de Fucking Greatest Show Ever. These subs though? Eh…

Release Format: MKV (399 MB), AVI (172 MB)

Japanesiness: Nee-san. Honorifics.

Karaoke: N/A. No OP/ED in this episode.


The show started off great. I saw this typesetting and was like “Shit, if they keep this up, I’ll be quite pleased.” Then I realized they gave up after the first one.

No, this isn’t shitty typesetting. It’s non-existent typesetting. And they missed out on a lot of it, when they fucking had the fonts ‘n shit already done. Ahodomo, what the fuck, you lazy cunts?


I like how the font overlaps the sign.


Capitalize that Prefecture, son, lest it capitalize you instead.

As opposed to… battles that aren’t between sides?

More like “were completed”.

You can’t be in sidelines. You can be on them, though.

And people say commas don’t matter.

Troop HQ? Can we make that name any more stupid? On second thought, I think you probably could. Please don’t.

What a testament to the quality of fansubbing these days.

“this great armor” = singular

“them” = plural

Come on, guys.

You mean “Lightning”?

If I had a dollar for every time this happened to me… I’d have zero dollars because I’ve never run a new sentence off of a comma. Bad form, Aho.

Wha, huh? This is so wrong.

“So, were those the Big Four?”


Watchability: Watchable… mostly.

Overall Grade: C-

To put this in football terms, Aho fumbled the ball at the typesetting, pitcher’d the mitt at the half-line yard, and struck out at the script. Silly errors aren’t gamechangers, but when you have lines like “Want to do have a mourning party?” and “Please don’t repeatedly stretch thin out our forces.” the question becomes whether these are just mistakes or learned stupidity.

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  1. To put this in football terms, Aho fumbled the ball at the typesetting, pitcher’d the mitt at the half-line yard, and struck out at the script.

    I feel like you switched over to baseball somewhere along the way…

  2. I’m going to go ahead and say a lot of this is my fault, I did pretty shitty at QCing. I’m actually going to check more than once after this >>

  3. Er, we caught both those weird sentences after we released and had them fixed for the batch release version within 10 minutes… Derp on our part.

    As for signs, the signs are basically read out loud by the characters. I don’t know about you, but seeing two of the exact same lines on screen, one dialogue and the other the typeset, is just as fucking retarded.

    We’ve been doing this for awhile. We don’t typeset spoken signs. If it’s spoken/read out loud, is there any damn reason to translate it twice onscreen?

    As for the singular/plural conflictions…. ugh, I thought we had those worked out. We’lltryharder.jpg

    On the point of troop HQ, there’s a distinction between a staff officer’s HQ and the frontline HQ… ohwait. derp. frontline.

    Oh, I honestly have no fucking clue where that comma in the “use bravo team blarg” sentence came from. It was NOT there in the original translation script. Time to skin some editors.

    Mind doing another review in a few eps or something? We’ve already noted like… 10 things to watch out for/fix. I know we really sucked it for our first review (lolIkokumeiro) but at least we’re trying to improve now instead of telling everyone to fuck off >.>

    • That’s a pathetic excuse for being lazy. I skipped to a random scene. 3:04. Giant fucking kanji with no sound in the background — just the image. It’s like that throughout. This was a really easy way to make your subs better, but you just… didn’t.

      As for re-reviews? I’m no longer in college. I can’t spend time on re-reviewing everything. You’ll get a chance to redeem yourself on the Tl Party, though.

      • It’s not an excuse for laziness… I specifically told my TSer to not TS it. He had literally, 12 hours to TS it if I had wanted to do so. All signs that were “not typeset” were the names of the appearing characters and classes. I’m at school and on my iPod atm so I can’t besure, but the specific sign you mentioned just now is probably the one with that wooden horse thing’s name. He too said his name aloud.

        • Hmm, perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way.

          Leaving the signs out provides no value to the viewer, but adding them in would create a better experience. You seem to be worried about redundancy, which I could see as an issue if you were trying to speedsub this and your typesetter tended to be slow, but… 12 hours?

  4. “So, were those the Big Four?”

    That line should’ve been,

    “So, that was one of the infamous Four War Gods” or
    Liberal TL: “So, that was what the Four War Gods are capable of.” (Shitennou are almost always equally strong),

    in context, because only the invincible chick was the one of the Four War Gods, who the dude at right was spying on for the mechanical hand guy.

    I like Hiryuu’s “Devas” for “War God” (because it rhymes with “Diva” rofl) but they also made the same mistake.

      • I’m prerty sure they met more than one… What aside from Momo, what about Ageha? Random wearing pouches chick? Etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not familiar with the VN

        • I haven’t read the original work either, but at about 2:50 in the vid, they said Kawakami Momoyo was one of the Four. Since none of the other characters in this episode is even close to being equally strong, the remaining three must not have made their appearance yet.

          • As someone who is very familiar with the game, the line should be referring to the four that were fighting because I’m pretty sure the four girls fighting ARE the Big Four. Momoyo + Ageha + Yukie + Tsubame are the Big Four, well, at least in the time this episode takes place.

            So from an english standpoint, it should be “Are they the rumoured Big Four?”

            BTW, they’re called the Big Four in the Yandere translation so I think it’s best to use terms used in the game when subbing adaptations.

          • Looks like two of them showed up so far: Momoyo and Ageha.

   ctrl+F 武道四天王

            There’s no way three of the “Big Four” can’t stand against the strongest one. That would disrupt the balance of power.
            In fact, it shouldn’t qualify as “Shitennou” unless two of the weakest can defeat the strongest.

            In any case, “Are they the rumored Big Four” is still wrong because in context, they KNEW it already, and that’s why they went to see what they’re made of. And “rumored” is a literal translation here that doesn’t fit.

  5. Thankfully, I’ll be doing quality checking and editing on the next episode. Most of the other editors and QC’s will be sitting back and letting me handle the majority of the work.

    I’ve actually placed the source (the eroge) that the adaptation is based on, so hopefully that’ll help, not to mention my English isn’t exactly ‘shoddy’.


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