Christ, I won’t sleep tonight, promise

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Goddamn I hate fucking work. Fuck my life. So here’s the deal. I just won’t sleep tonight. Gonna rush this shit like a goddamn… rusherguy. You’ll have your:

  • Danta 12
  • Reviews
  • Updated review queue
  • 8-bit/10-bit information on previous reviews this season

So yeah, gimme like… 5 hours from this post when I get my ass off work and have eaten some intestine-killing food. Then I’ll get on this sexy, sexy shit. I got enough energy drinks here to kill a horse, so I’ll get this shit rolling ASAP.

Me, running, for you



Dark_Sage says:

FYI, first review is gonna be SubDesu’s Digimon. Why? Because let’s get the night off to the right start.

Vale says:

You never reviewed our (OD) releases. I’m hurt.

Dark_Sage says:


uSalt2 says:

I guess you changed your mind about reviewing SubDesu’s release of Digimon….

Dark_Sage says:

Someone suggested I avoid it for the better releases. Why, did you want it done?

uSalt2 says:

Eh, I didn’t really care much about it. I only come here to be entertained by the F-tier reviews. It’s just that I noticed you didn’t start with that review.

Dark_Sage says:

Fair enough. I won’t let you down.

Progeusz says:

Try to review decent shows from decent groups first ;)
Keep up good work, Dark_Sage! We’re all rooting for you.

Dark_Sage says:

I have like 60 fucking episodes to review. Edit: actually, it’s only like 40 (36 torrents + 4 already downloaded)

I’ll try my bestest to pick out what I’m going to assume are the best shows first.

random says:

Have fun.

Swaps4 says:

Have fun with that.

Anon says:

I always knew that Dark_Sage was cute, red-headed, bike shorts-wearing animu girl!

Dark_Sage says:

And I’m a virgin who’s only interested in you despite my tsun tsun attitude.

B1 says:

Oh God, if you start with SubDesu-type stuff, you’ll be worn out before the night’s half done. Start with the decent groups and work your way down. Don’t get me wrong: your F-grade reviews are hilarious, but I think they’ll take their toll.

Blah says:

lol it’d probably be better to do the crapsubs when you’re half-dead after a long night. Makes for more interesting posts. :D

lanabi says:

Hope a Hunter x Hunter review comes, stating the best group doing it. It’s all I’m waiting to download it!

lanabi says:

Groups doing Hunter x Hunter are:
Horrible Subs
UnMabushii Corp.

Here is a picture done by me you can use if you want on the reviews:

Thank you Dark_Sage! I love you!

XeonSpy says:

I thank you for what your doing, You are amazing

RDF2050 says:

I am so looking forward for the upcoming storm of reviews. :)

orbbie says:

Shakugan no Shana III is out so far I have seen 2 groups that did episode 1

I’m waiting on a verdict to determine which is the better subs hopefully more will pick up this so that i can possibly have more or a better choice.

brainchild says:

pp is a re-encode. You’ll have to suffer through my cutesy shit edits, no matter what you do. I’m so sorry.

HatXiRA says:

Keep it up,guys.
I am too lazy too down all subs so i always check your reviews.
Persona 4:A
HorribleSubs(my eyes…it hurts)

simo says:

you are a champion

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