Fansub Review: [UTW] Fate/Zero (Episode 02)

A-Tier, Fansub Review — By on October 9, 2011 9:20 am

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Well, this is awkward… Not really in the habit of giving out A’s.


Opening. I liked it a bunch.

Ending. Suitable enough.



All good examples of the typesetting.

This one impressed me. It was only on the screen for a very limited amount of time in a readable form.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A

If I’m not coming up with anything to whine about, that pretty much necessitates an A. Good job to UTW for their work on this show. Gotta represent your namesake well, I guess.

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Actar says:

Indeed. What more can you ask for? Brilliant subs to go along with a brilliant show.

RDF2050 says:

First A of the Season?

Jintan says:

I guess UTW is affiliated to Whine-subs. Good job!

They must have your blood in their veins, Dark_Sage.

Aoi says:

UTW delivers. Well it is their namesake.

Raph95 says:

How much did they pay to you?

potte says:

> TLC’ed , edited, and QC’ed by Raze.
That guy sure is amazing.

Nyara♥ says:

Beautiful. =)

kyonyUU says:

This is really awkward.

Progeusz says:

Wow. I’m impressed. Well, they should make it at least A- with their name. They did. Now, I need to finish Fate fast, so that I can get to UBW and try to clear it before F/z ends ^^

Huh says:

UTW is f*cking awesome. High-quality subs+fast releases, what more could you ask for?

wakuwaku says:

hey guys imma back, and this time im about to complain on fansub group that i used to like, ‘cept they failed at doing an anime i expected them to be the best fansubber to look out for, the anime above. i guess the reviewer up there does suck if he/she/it cant figure out whats utw doing wrong. watch commie guys, if you wish to enjoy this show, if you are real fans that is. stop being fakes like this fansub group by using it in their name.

SamRavster says:

I just have…no idea what you said there. Too little punctuation and too many typos.

But, don’t be hatin’ on the release now. UTW never fail when it comes to the Fate series.

Shitty says:

he obvsly mad

lulzy says:

Wow, just wow. You just said these guys did worse than the group who said worm crests and misspelled Kirei. If you are a fan of the fate franchise then don’t listen to this guy.

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