Fansub Review: [Mazui] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Episode 01)

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Mazui is the best group ever and made up only of geniuses. If anyone makes fun of the Mazui I will be mad!!!

Release Format: MKV (8-bit, 284 MB), AVI (209 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.



Opening. Mazui shows the same commitment to the quality of English here that they do in the rest of their release. Truly inspirational.

Ending. Some might question the color/font choice here. To them I say, “I question your sense of sight, for this is truly the godliest of all karas.”



You know, I didn’t think they’d actually typeset this, but they did. What dedication to their craft.

You’d have to have a pretty incompetent staff to miss a sign like this. Thank god Mazui’s typesetters were on the job.

The club board. The average group might only give a cursory explanation of what’s going on here — perhaps just by translating the title for each posting. But Mazui went a step above — look at that beautiful work! Well done, as always, Mazui. You truly deserve the title of Greatest Fansubbers.

Some might say it’s hubris to have the only typesetting in your release be the title as a means of advertising your shitty group. “HEY GUYS WE SUBBED AN ANIME MAKE SURE YOU SEE OUR LOGO” is something a lesser group would do. Not Mazui. They kept it classy. And they even matched the colors of the original title. Well done!

You can tell by this that Mazui had someone on staff that could read Japanese.

Brilliant! It matches so well!

Some groups are lazy and won’t care about the bus and where it’s going. To them, the destination is of no importance. Not Mazui. They showed their commitment to quality with this.

You know, I watched another release with this sign and thought “What the fuck does that even say?” Glad Mazui helped clear this up for me.



I feel I want to read more of Mazui’s excellent script.

What? The phrase is “time will heal all wounds”? Pish-posh. Let me know when you get 30,000+ downloads for a release. Maybe then I’ll believe you.

Keeping up that aesthetic quality.

More punctuation, more better..

My sensei told me it should be “song about it” instead of “song on it”. But maybe Sensei didn’t realize the song was composed on Mount Fuji. That’d be okay, then. Silly Sensei.

Who needs commas? This is avant-garde editing.

Because boobs are singular. Get it? Mazui made a joke. It’s so funny I loffl’d (lol and rofl it’s a combination lol)

Awkward phrasing to protect the natural intricacies of the Japanese language!

Hooray for intricacy!

How you make subs so good, Mazui?


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C-

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  1. B-? You made fun of them the whole time! There may be a few mistakes, but those mistakes have ‘we suck’ all over the place.

    Funny enough, I watched their release.

    I feel like I’m being rude, but those aren’t mistakes a group like Mazui should make.

    • Just your imagination.

      Mazui is quality. Their release is always perfect. No spelling mistake at all.

      I have been getting their releases, it’s always properly edited. They would never release unfinished work just because other groups is releasing. Their phrasing is very careful and never had translation error.

  2. I’m not defending anything else, but “none” is neither fish nor fowl when it comes to number. “He had many friends, but none were there when he really needed them.” I know it’s a contrived sentence, but it makes my point. Dinging them on matching “boobs” with “none” is not right. Everything else, yes.

  3. i like the sarcasm, but come on. how many people will actually notice those irrelevant mistakes? it’s almost as if you have something against mazui. personal reasons or smth. you know, maybe mazui is a good group because they don’t have shit tons of TL mistakes. but i wouldn’t know and you don’t care obviously. nonetheless, nitpicking is fun i guess. but at this point it’s faggotry.
    and no, i really don’t feel the need to write correctly here.

    • I include the last part — “Watchability” — for people who really only need to know the basics. If that doesn’t sate you, I’m afraid this site isn’t for you. :(

    • Those mistakes are not irrelevant and even for a non-native English speaker, such as myself, they seem to be pretty obvious. They wouldn’t have been there, actually, if only some editing had been applied.

      The problem with Mazui is very simple – they used to be really good. And people have been following them ever since– well, their beginnings, I’d say. It was quality, you know? Their releases gave off that aura of being put some serious effort into… What – and more importantly, when – did it go wrong? I’m not quite sure – but Denpa Onna from them seemed to have a lot of problems with very loose, albeit not quite bad, overtranslation. The thing is that they’re a far cry from what used to be, but no one cares – people followed them in the past, follow them now, and if something terribad won’t happen, they’ll follow them in the future.

      Nitpicking… one could agree that what was pointed out were rather small issues and all… but! It’s still better than turning a blind eye to ’em, right? Right.

    • I’ve watched the first five from Doki, and their effort is better than this (at least from an editing point of view). Not perfect by any means, but they at least did some typesetting and have less grammatical mistakes than Mazui.
      As Blackiris says, Mazui used to be very good, but their recent output has been a far cry from their past work.

  4. With the proliferation of “watch online” sites, Googling a series by name plus “sub” or “subber” etc. is kind of a non-option now. Is there any site that lists subbers working on a project? I know about, but this show’s not up there yet.

    As far as I know, Mazui and Doki are the only subbers for this series right now. So, the situation is sub-optimal -> is why I’m asking.

  5. You (probably don’t) realize if they took the time to translate and typeset all the signs, it would take much longer for the show to be released.

  6. >What? The phrase is “time will heal all wounds”? Pish-posh. Let me know when you get 30,000+ downloads for a release. Maybe then I’ll believe you.

    Guess you’ll need to become a believer then!
    >Completed: 36053
    Do you believe?
    Do you believe in Mazui?

  7. I can see why they did “song on” instead of “song about” — “song about” very well might’ve created a 3-liner, even with Mazui’s usual woefully-insufficient horizontal padding. So rather than do extra work splitting the line at the timing level, they shoehorned in something that fit in the space.


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