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All right, for those of you who missed the past week, explanation down below~~

So, basically the site got hacked. Malware infestation all up in this, so I had to take the site down while gojira (webmaster-kun) fixed everything and added security to the site. Articles lost pictures and some of the coding (review summary) isn’t working right.

If you downloaded anything from Whiners, you’re a fucking idiot and you should probably run Malwarebytes to get rid of whatever the fuck you installed.

Anyway, the site is clean now, but I had to fuck with the layout as a result. And now it’s hideous. Less hideous than it was earlier this week, but hideous nonetheless. If you’ve got any suggestions on how to make the layout more pretty, feel free to let me know otherwise it’s probably gonna stay similar to what it is now.

Getting on to the actual posts now…



Z says:

Your avatar sucks now.

Dark_Sage says:


Anon says:

I think something like this:
would work well.

Dark_Sage says:

Interesting. I’ll look into that color scheme.

kido a says:

Wait, so Fam 18 and 19 from nyaa is a malware?

Soviet_Swithes says:

I can make some side widgets or a better banner… just email me how I should make it. :3

tantei says:

I just clicked on the website and I got a virus without downloading anything.

randomleech says:

Where’s the review summary ? Can’t find it.

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