Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Tsuritama (Episode 02)

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Okay, Tsuritama done. I’m tempted to do Medaka next, but WhyNot probably wins that (with no competition), so we’re doing… mm, Nyaruko/Nyarlko next?

Release format: MKV (383 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. “Onii-chan” translated to the person-in-question’s first name.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. It’s plain, but it’s readable, which is very important. Still, it could be a little bigger or something so it doesn’t get lost in the OP, especially since they’re going English-only.

Ending. I thought this was pretty shitty, but at least it’s not rainbows.



I liked this title better than Commie’s. It’s easier to read.

Kinda… meh here.

Commie didn’t have this last frame in their release.



Why aren’t these separated by different colors?

WhyNot has become Commie now. Goddammit.

Script Quality


I already talked about how WhyNot’s OP was better than Commie’s, but how about the ED?

WhyNot at the top, Commie at the bottom.

The slight fever of my childhood is still high,
I fear the presence of God.
Consoling me with a humorous song,
I seem out of place with a hidden knife.

When I was down with a fever that wouldn’t go away, as a child,
I feared to see God’s shadow looming over me
I’ve never been one for trickery and deceit
and you consoled me then with your funny little songs

Actually, fuck it. Neither group’s version makes any fucking sense here. I thought Commie’s was good initially, but as I read it more, it’s stupid too. Moving on…


Main Script.

This is a three-parter. Transcript for those who don’t wanna squint:

“I’m sure my brother has already told you, but there’s a fish we’ve got to catch; and we want your help.”

That semicolon is used improperly. It was an ellipsis in the CR release, but they turned it into a semicolon here with no clear idea of how a semicolon works.

What accent? That previous line was said by the person with a ridiculous accent, but how on earth are we, as the viewers, supposed to know that she had an accent until it was pointed out? He brought attention to this and it makes her (even more) unique as a character, so this should have been reflected in the subs.

Commie made the right decision here. It doesn’t sink WhyNot’s release, but I do feel it’s important to talk about it.

Just gonna copy in my original fix for Commie’s version:

“Wait. You’re going too fast.”

The original line does get the point across, but it does so awkwardly. It’s not the explanation that’s too fast; it’s the pace at which he’s explaining.

One thing that I loved about WhyNot’s release is their use of accents to show emphasis on certain words. This helps bring the script to life by following the emotions of the characters and blahblahblah. I sound like such a pansy. Anyway, point is, it makes the script better.

“maybe I was being half-assed” is a better phrase to use than “maybe I was winging it”


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Watchable.

Timing Grade: 

Visual grade: C

Script grade: B

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B-

If we were to ignore the accent issue, I’d say WhyNot’s would edge out Commie’s. Both releases are decent, but I’m going to suggest Commie’s for the show.

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Daniel says:

How many more reviews are coming today, and if there is, name it.

Dark_Sage says:

[Ahodomo] Nyarlko
[Commie] Nyarlko
[Underwater-rori] Nyarlko
[Hatsuyuki] Nyarlko

Ahodomo at episode 1. The rest at episode 2.

HeavenlyArmed says:

Hatsuyuki is v2ing the first two episodes of Nyarlko due to a consistency issue. Please take note of this.

Dark_Sage says:


Fine. I’ll shelve their review till later. Thanks for the heads up.

Daniel says:

If this is all for today, then whats tomorrow

Dark_Sage says:

I’m not entirely sure. It’s a mystery!

Daniel says:

Here’s my review of what your gonna do for Nyarlko:

Ahodomo = D-

Commie = B

Underwater-rori = B

Hatsuyuki = B-

beta says:

Please, Dark_Sage has integrity. He’ll rate that when your payment clears, and not a moment before.

beta says:

I would think that killing her accent would lower the grade a lot more. I mean, that’s an entire (very obvious) character feature they edited out.

Xythar says:

More like didn’t edit in, but yeah. There’s more to editing than just fixing spelling and grammar.

Qrius says:

[Horrible] Medaka, perhaps?

HeavenlyArmed says:

Why review Horrible when FFFpeeps is going to edit that script for their release?

Qrius says:

To quote an individual far more intelligent than myself “They’re using CR subs starting Ep2, but I question any of these groups’ ability to properly improve what CR had.”

HeavenlyArmed says:

But that’s just the translation, nothing else. There are still probably things that they can improve on in other areas, things that these reviews touch on.

Minami says:

Well, except for the fact that FFFpeeps’s version has almost completely different staff from the FFFine version. EienShouko is the only staff member in common.

herkz says:

>Commie didn’t have this last frame in their release.

Because our encode is from CR which doesn’t have it this week (for some mysterious reason).

Dark_Sage says:

CR can’t translate ‘To Be Continued’: Confirmed.

Xythar says:

Crunchyroll’s Medaka script is really good. I would say CR/HS is the clear winner for that show unless one of the other groups starts using their script and just adds better timing/typesetting to it.

corocoro says:

> “I’m sure my brother has already told you, but there’s a fish we’ve got to catch; and we want your help.”

> That semicolon is used improperly. It was an ellipsis in the CR release, but they turned it into a semicolon here with no clear idea of how a semicolon works.

You can actually use a semicolon to replace the comma before coordinating conjunctions if the clauses themselves already contain commas. Of course, you would do that to add additional clarity if there’s around half a dozen of them around, not for a single one. Meaning it’s technically not wrong, just an awkward choice.

FalseDawn says:

That’s if it’s a list. This isn’t a list. It’s plainly just wrong.

animegio says:

There are more uses for a semicolon than just a list.

FalseDawn says:

Generally not for the situation corocoro was describing.

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