Fansub Review: [Tsumiki] Acchi Kocchi (Episode 03)

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Tsumiki’s now.

Release format: MKV (312 MB, 10-bit), MKV (348 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

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Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. Cheery and k-timed. It definitely fit with the peppy music.

Ending. I dunno. I didn’t really feel this one. Perhaps it was the orange-pink color they used, but it didn’t really rub me the right way. The script also got in the way of the credits a lot.



When I mentioned that Tsumiki typeset nearly everything in the show, I meant it. You wouldn’t normally expect half a kanji to get typeset, but here it is. The sheer amount of effort they put into typesetting for the show was impressive.

The “chop” here goes all chippy-choppy back and forth. Super, super cute. If I could hug typesetting, I’d hug the fuck outta this.

So… why isn’t the red text here on the left side?


I chose 20 screenshots for the typesetting, but I had close to 60 screenshots saved for this release that highlighted the typesetting. Tsumiki really went out of their way to get this shit done.


It’s not that hard to prevent your script from running into the Japanese text.

You guys had an A+ until I got to this point. This entire preview is handled terribly. I had to pause every second to read this shit.

Having the main script run into the Japanese while the English scrolls above that trainwreck is an awful way to present the next episode to viewers. Fucking shit job here.

Script Quality


Is there a reason why the second “to” is there?

What the fucking fuck? “jolly”? Really? It’s a word, true. But it’s not a word that makes any sense in this context.

And then you have

“I just want you to hold my hand”

“And grasp them tightly”

which only makes sense if that first line had “hands”.


Main Script.

This exchange isn’t super amazing, but at least it fits and makes sense, more than I got from Commie’s who had to split this long string of jokes into two parts to have it make sense.

“Yeah, me too is really cold.” ? lolol. How the fuck did this pass through 4 TLs, 2 TLCs, 3 editors, and 3 QCs?

“I’m really cold.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“You could do that to warm up a bit.”

She’s saying that it’s possible to warm up by following her example earlier. It’s more a suggestion than a “Oh, let me just rattle off random possibilities”, so the “could” is necessary to indicate this.

“What for?!” ? Really?

“Don’t push me back in! Why did you do that?!”


In case you’re wondering, these super minor issues don’t really affect the final grade at all unless there are a large number of them. I’m mostly just including this shit to show how fucking great I am at spotting errors that don’t matter.

So at least one group knows what an accent is. Good job, Tsumiki.

This isn’t really how a native speaker would phrase the sentence. When you’re directing a question toward two people, shit gets kinda awkward. The best way to handle this is to place the two names in the middle.

“By the way, Hime-chan and Mayoi-san, how good are you at cooking?” {Because fuck “how are your skills?” as a question. It doesn’t make any sense at all.}

What does being a lady have to do with cracking eggs? If there’s a joke here, make it fucking relevant to your English-speaking audience.

“I’m a lady, but I keep breaking eggs.” {Implying she’s handling them too forcefully and is manly as a result}

I could make it work in this context, but I really don’t want to.

“What do you girls think about eating a guy’s homemade cooking?”

“That sounds great!”

Actually, I’m not particularly pleased with my phrasing here, but this review took way longer to write than I thought it would, so I’m moving on.

They’re playing with words here. “Moe” means… well, you’re otaku. You fucking know. But it’s also a homonym for “burning”. Tsumiki expertly combined moe with burning to get “Smoking Hot”. Commie went with “turn on” as in “turn on the gas”. Lame.

“If you knew, then you should’ve ignored it!”

Fun fact: “omelet” is the preferred American spelling whereas “omelette” is the preferred British spelling.

Okay, that wasn’t all that fun. Fuck me, I’m trying here.

Oh, and it should be “half-cooked”, not “half cooked”.

extra what? extra eggs? Then pluralize it.

“Since we cracked too many eggs, I cooked the extras too!” {You don’t need to remove the comma before “too” here, but I did cuz it’s my Sagey style.}

I don’t think I’ve really ever seen “as expected” used in this context in English outside of fansubs.

“I knew you’d do a good job, Tsumiki.”

TL noting jokes? Interesting. Have you ever tried translating them? You know, so the joke would make sense to an English-speaking audience? Even with this TL Note, I didn’t find it funny at all. The only thing I got from this was “Oh, maybe this would be funny to Japanese people, but it’s not funny to me at all.”

Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Watchable.

Timing Grade: 

Visual grade: A

Script grade: C+

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B

Though both Commie and Tsumiki got an A for their visuals, I would say that Tsumiki did a better job, simply because of the sheer number of signs they typeset. I did give both Tsumiki and Hatsuyuki a C+ on the script, but Tsumiki’s script was better than Hatsuyuki’s. These things aren’t quite reflected in the grading system that I have set up (a high C+ is different from a low C+, for example), but that’s why I have this fucking section at the end.

Overall, I think Tsumiki has the best release for the show, both in visuals and script.

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Xythar says:

Honestly, I think the main slant of the humour behind the “oyomesamba” scene is that it’s slapstick – she’s struggling over the line that’s been built up to all episode, and then Mayoi totally ignores the social atmosphere and jumps in like a jerk (then gets pounded into the wall immediately afterwards). If you don’t find that funny either then, well, it is Acchi Kocchi.

lygerzero0zero says:

I believe the “What for?!” was because the next line was “Why?!” and we didn’t want the repetition. Granted, it’s not the best-sounding phrase. “How come?!” might have been better, or perhaps “What’s the deal?!”

I distinctly remember noticing the “It’s cold/Me too” logic error and I distinctly don’t remember why I didn’t do anything about it. Ah well.

escro says:

I’m 9001% sure i edited it after you pointed it out. No idea why my original bad line got put back in though.

w0lf says:

Whoo, I think I did the smoking hot translation! I didn’t murder a joke with a rusty knife for once! I don’t really remember because I was probably sleep deprived as usual!

Acnologia says:

>What does being a lady have to do with cracking eggs? If there’s a joke here, make it fucking relevant to your English-speaking audience.

I understood it just fine. This is how I interpreted it:

>being a women implies you have to cook well
>cooking well implies you know how to crack an egg properly
>not being able to properly crack an egg implies that she is un-ladylike

Here’s a similar situation:

“I’m a man, but I can’t even open a pickle jar”

Obviously, being a man has nothing to do with opening a pickle jar, but it’s something expected of men. Hope that made sense.

Someone says:

>“I’m a man, but I can’t even open a pickle jar”
This should be “I can’t open a pickle jar.”, “I am a man.” or ,from left to right (for some reason), “I am a man.”, I can’t open a pickle jar.”. They are 2 sentences, not 1.

Nevreen says:


Nevreen says:

>“By the way, Hime-chan and Mayoi-san, how good are you at coooking?”


>Actually, I’m not particularly pleased with my phrasing here, but this review took way too longer to write than I thought it would, so I’m moving on.

You should have gone to bed way too longer ago.

Xythar says:

That’s actually a good example of why I’m not a big fan of honorifics, they make some sentences way longer than they need to be.

Dark_Sage says:

Thanks for the catches. I’m super tired, but I gotta get this Aniblog post out before I fall asleep. These fucking things almost take as much time as my fansub reviews do. :/

Nevreen says:

Anytime. QCing your blog lets me procrastinate on QCing boring shows.

thecowgoesmoo says:

>You should have gone to bed way too longer ago.


Mimgin says:

Nope, try again.

thecowgoesmoo says:

Fun fact: Google reveals that as of May 4th, 2012, “way too longer ago” has shown up in only two locations out of the entire Google-indexed portion of the Internet: this site and a flight sim forum.

Mimgin says:

You should have gone to bed way too long ago ¬_¬

Anon says:

->How do you girls feel about eating a guy’s homemade cooking?

->I’d be happy to.

I could be completely wrong here, and I’m sure you’ll correct me if I am, but that sounds like a more natural way to phrase it to me. It’s not perfect or anything, but at least it sounds like English.

Also I always though it was home-made and not homemade, but I guess that’s just a British English thing.

ReinWeiss says:

>Fun fact: “omelet” is the preferred American spelling whereas “omelette” is the preferred British spelling.

Goddamn. I always spell it “Omelette” and Firefox always tells me I’m wrong, so I change it. So fuck you Firefox, I was right the first time.

uSalt2 says:

“Show: Acchi Kochi”
You misspelled the title, causing an “Acchi Kocchi” entry and an “Acchi Kochi” entry to show up in the Review Summary tab.

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