Tales of World Destruction

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Why the new Tales game is going to be balls-out awesome.


Andriasang reports that the new Tales of game is going to be fucking ace.

Baba confirmed that the game is indeed a mothership title. The catch phrase for the game is “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?” This phrase apparently has some ties to both the story and gameplay systems.

Previous titles were “high fantasy” games with swords and magic. This time, the game will have a more modern theme. The game’s world view will be thick with cultural elements.

Hyped? I am.

I was probably the only person in the world who fucking loved Sands of Destruction (except for that fucking encounter rate), so I’m super psyched for this shit because it sounds very similar. This is probably our only chance to get a current-gen console RPG that has a mature plot and characters that aren’t immediately forgettable.

Who are these people again?

The previous games in the series have all been pretty generic, childish affairs (barring Yuri’s actions in ToV). But this game presents a unique and promising premise. It’s about fucking time J-RPGs stopped being shitty games aimed at pre-pubescents and got to innovating for once.

The new Tales game will be great because unlike Tales of Symphonia where you fight against a world order dedicated to causing your girlfriend to die to save the world, or Tales of Graces where you fight against a world’s orders that declare your childhood robot-girlfriend must die to save the world, or Tales of Vesperia where you fight against world guardians that consider your girlfriend a threat to the entire world, or…




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yo says:

This is all kinds of sad since Tales of Symphonia was the first one I played & I greatly enjoyed it (yay to nostalgia?), Tales of Vesperia annoyed me, & I have yet to toss in Tales of Graces…. It guess it’s all about the journey & not the destination?

Dark_Sage says:

I’ve had good times with all three games (Hell, Vesperia’s in my top-5 list). I love J-RPGs, even if they are aimed at kids.

I’m mostly just mad that this seemed like a cool new direction for the series until I figured out that this was the plot of every other fucking Tales of game. Then I realized what a wasted opportunity it’s going to be.

shirayuki75 says:

I laughed because it’s probably going to end with both the world and the girl being saved. But I’m still excited for its (hopeful) release in America. What battle system do you lean towards, TP or CC?

Dark_Sage says:

CC for sure. Grace’s battle system was leaps and bounds better than Vesperia’s, though I never got a hang of the A-Artes in Graces.

Haruya says:

Really? I have to admit, not having to use an Orange Gel every now and then was awesome, but I still prefer TP over CC.

Well… now that we´re in the topic…

Hubert or Asbel? Which character do you normally use D_S?

Dark_Sage says:

I play multi-player so Hubert and Pascal are already taken. I go with Asbel because he’s the only one in the game who can take a hit.

Acnologia says:

>Not using Malik

Malik Beam is where it’s at.

Dark_Sage says:

3 mages and Hubert would not end well. I need Cheria for my heals.

Xythar says:

Don’t spoil Graces, I only just got out of the prologue :(

This is going to take forever. Hopefully I will actually be able to figure out the CC battle system along the way.

Imperial_Neko says:

Well lets hope that the lastest Tales of game, Xillia, comes out in America first. I mean not all Tales games have been imported for various reasons, which sucks.

zanon says:

I’ll admit, somehow I’ve only ever played Tales of Phantasia. I thought it was excellent it back then. Years later as more came out I always meant to get back into the series, then never quite did. I think you have inspired me to bump them up to the head of my retardedly long backlog (god damn sales). Dr. Sage and his sage advice.

Marow says:

Tales of the Abyss is great! The only one in the series I’ve played, sadly. I would like to try Symphonia though.

Ritsuioko23 says:

Eh tales of is great. I like how they are all multiplayer unlike freaking FF. and the battle system is hack and slash so it’s not too generic. Though the new game sounds good but I need to read more before I get hyped. The only Tales of ham I flipped a lid for was graces f when I saw a trailer :)

Ritsuioko23 says:

Abyss was also good. Another thing you need to do is wait for actual gameplay trailers and story before you judge anything. It’s very ignorant when you judge a game without any news released on it.

Ritsuioko23 says:

Also Abyss didn’t have that storyline you think happens in every tales of game. Neither does Rebirth, Legendia or Innocence :3

Dark_Sage says:

Abyss was also a terrible game and Legendia is universally despised. Now that I think of it, people also hated Innocence.

Acnologia says:

Innocence was okay for a DS game, but it was way too easy (I played on Maniac from the get-go and still easily S-Ranked battles) anf L/Ruca was fucking annoying.

Haruya says:

How I hated managing TP in that game…

alsozara says:

Serious? To each their own, I guess, but out of the titles I’ve played (Symphonia 1&2, Abyss, Vesperia, and nearly finished Graces) I thought Abyss was the best in the series by far, and Vesperia the worst (though Graces looks like it’s going to take this position).

Vesperia was hilariously shallow, and dropped most of its subplots part way through then promptly forgot about them. Yuri was cool, but that’s all he was. He had pretty much zero character growth, and a static character is a boring character IMO. For that matter Karol is about the only character in all of Vesperia that had a decent arc. I started off hating him and really liked him by the end, everyone else was either mishandled or barely developed at all.

Compared to Abyss where every character had mountains of backstory, and a pretty big arc, appropriate for the respective character, that tied in with the overarching themes of the story. It actually had some philosophical clout, and wasn’t afraid to kill characters off, or take other extreme measures where the story called for it. Forgettable is about the last word I’d use to describe it. It had plenty of faults. It was overwritten, poorly paced at points, and generally could have used some editing, but the good points far outshone the bad points for me.

I know I haven’t said anything about gameplay, but gameplays is secondary to characters and story in my book. Not trying to troll, just interested in hearing why you think Abyss is terrible and Vesperia is great.

anon9 says:

Can I assume you were also being sarcastic about Sands of Destruction?

ZenMorian says:

Sands of Destruction is great. Even if I still have no idea how the combo system works all those years later

TOTA says:

for me TOTA was one of the best games at the series, and i loved all the rest, don’t u dare talk badly about these games! some hold me! i ganaa kick him ifd [email protected]!

also it seem funny that u know so much about these “childish” games, i assume you played all of them yourself yea? so stop talk badly about them you little **…***..**@#[email protected]#

Mahjong says:

>**…***..**@#[email protected]#

Oooooh, such a fucking rebel.

Dark_Sage says:

Hold him, Mahjong! He needs to be held or he’s ganaa kick me!

Murasaki no Tora says:

You didn’t use Sophie. Wat. I don’t even know what to say. At least your party had Pascal though.

And Asbel is op. Hurrhurrhurr, Iron Stance with sword. Hurrhurrhurr I heal when I sheathe.

Dark_Sage says:

Asbel – Necessary because he can take a fucking hit.
Hubert – Necessary because this is multi-player and it’s my friend’s character of choice.
Pascal – Necessary because this is multi-player and it’s my friend’s character of choice.
Cheria – Necessary because of healing AoE artes.

What, you want me to drop Cheria for Sophie? Is she a better healer? Cuz that’s what I need my fourth character to be.

shirayuki75 says:

If you don’t have problems with Cheria, then keep using her. I hear that her AI has problems, though. Sophie was actually a really good healer for my team when I used Cheria; just set her to B artes only and turn off all artes except for healing ones). It’s generally difficult to get all of your characters together for an AoE healing arte, but if it works for you, disregard my opinion.

Dark_Sage says:

People bitch about her AI because they want her to use her OP A-Artes constantly on Evil mode. But they can’t turn off her A-Artes that aren’t so good, so she’s not an amazingly efficient God of Everything when the AI takes over. Too bad for them.

If you set her strats to make her constantly heal, she’ll constantly heal. And for my purposes, that’s great. Nurse is awesome because of its huge range, so it’s generally not a problem for me.

skiddiks says:

Cheria isn’t extremely OP until end game when your CC is 16-30. You need to control her though since her OP strategies are more-or-less using her A-Arte side combo and ending it with Indignation/Divine Saber (If you can get 25 CC, she can use her side combo twice then instant-cast Indignation aka Instant-nation).

skiddiks says:

My problem with Sophie is that she has the worst Burst-Artes and Accel in the game. Her healing is decent, but her offensive Bursts don’t flow at all with her. Her only good ones are Sword Assault (cause lol Iron Stance) and Gauntlet Blitz. I still used her for bosses though since Cheria + Sophie = party never dying.

tantei says:

I loved the charcters in tales of the abyss… :( I watched the anime though so that might have had an effect.

W0lf says:

Lol I’m an ex-FF player and haven’t played any RPGs since FFX. actually, I played XII as well but idt i ever finished it. X-2 was just wtf. I didn’t finish that one either.

And don’t anyone ask about XIII or I’ll slap you. Fuckin’ disgrace of a game.

skiddiks says:


Have some concept art for the new Tales.

skiddiks says:


>Xillia 2

Well, guess we’re not getting it anytime soon.

Uichan says:

Well, the last line in the teaser video for Xillia 2 basically proves your fears:


“Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of one girl?”

Oh well… I still love the Tales series.

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