Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – The shit I forgot to tell you about

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Sockpuppets, blog “families”, some guy trying to say we actually lost in round 2 because he voted for 80 times, and tonberryking. Detective_Sage makes an appearance here, so expect tl;dr shit.


Oldfags, I’m sure you remember this cunt. tonberryking was an extremely annoying tripfag on /a/ from ~2008-2010 (he isn’t still around, is he?). Everyone fucking hated this kid, and for good reason; he was desperate for attention and very, very stupid.

Well, wouldn’t you fucking know it, he made himself a blog and entered it in the Aniblog contest.

…where he got absolutely raped by Metanorn.

A great post where he talks about cyber sex on Twitter

I can’t help I just hate blacks and homosexuals. I just do. They’re not good people.

If you’re playing a character (and not very good I might add) you should definitely expect people to message you asking for sex roleplays. I mean, I’m a really horny guy so is it so wrong that I want to speak to a character I love in a sexual and erotic way online? No, I don’t think so. I mean, if you roleplay you should be up for any kind of situation as that character.

Other than shit like that, his blog basically talks about his experiences in Japan and how he’s adapting to life there. Even after all the time he spent on 4chan, his wit is bottom-of-the-barrel which indicates he probably has a severe learning disability.

I used to hate him because I thought he was stupid, but now that I realize he’s just retarded, I feel kinda bad for the guy.



“~80 of Whiners votes were scripted in by yours truly courtesy of Tor.”

Some dipshit tried to create drama by claiming he “scripted votes in Tor” to make Whiners win.

Kira’s a CSW staffer or one of their hardcore fans, so he thought he would prove a point by saying they were unjustly banned from the tourney because people can easily manipulate votes. Too fucking bad one of the tourney admins came in and told him “try again, faggot”

So any potential drama there fizzled out. Shame. It mighta been fun. :/



Blog families

As anime fans, I’d bet money you’ve seen people do family roleplaying. Shit like “KawaiibakenekoX is my imouto and Glompy_fluffy_XX_Love is my waifu!” Well, that’s exactly what fucking happened here.

is “married” to

I didn’t check their sites to see if they claimed any children or siblings, but I wouldn’t fucking doubt it.

I fucking hate these people. So, so much.



Astro and Tenchi’s samefagging

If you’re going to samefag, don’t make it so fucking obvious.

1. Everything Tenchi says has to do with “AstroNerdBoy”. He doesn’t make a single comment without referring to Astro by name and linking Astro’s site whenever he fucking can.

If he really hates ANB, why is he acting like a giant fucking billboard for the guy’s site? Beyond that, the only results for “Tenchi Truth” on Google are links to the Aniblog tourney’s main site and a post on CSW and Moritheil. So… he created a new online identity just for this tournament? Sure, that makes total sense.


2. There appear to be other characters that only exist for ANB. “Frank Ostrike” is a character that existed from 2008 to 2010. He has no presence on the internet besides ANB’s site and a blog dedicated to ANB’s “stalker”. Well, isn’t that convenient?

And this ZeroRyoko “person”? They sound totally legit.

This is a very serious situation indeed.

The sad thing is, this has been going on for at least eight years. It’s not that hard to believe someone could keep a lie going on for that long (Kristen’s been pretending to be a girl for how long now?), but to this degree? That takes someone who’s really fucked up in the head.


3. We’re supposed to believe ANB has someone who’s been stalking him for eight years, non-stop… all because he liked a Tenchi Muyo OVA.


For this Tenchi Truth creation to be real, he’d have to be really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really stupid. He would have to be one of the dumbest people to ever visit the internet, with absolutely no logic at all guiding him and a single-minded desire to comment on ANB’s site. People can be very stupid, but there is generally some thought process behind their actions. Here? There is none. It doesn’t fucking fit. Sense make does not it.


In all likelihood, Astro’s been sockpuppeting this shit for years for some stupid fucking reason. Hey guy, the joke’s over. Let it fucking die and move on with your life. In summary,

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  1. You missed the part where the tournament is on hold because of the folks who are all SRS BSNS about winning this thing and/or on a mission of SRS VNGNCE.

  2. Ooooh…the racist fuck who runs the Maschera blog is tonberryking? That explains quite a bit, now that I know that.

    On the other hand, “AstroNerdBoy” is one of those names that sounds familiar, but I can’t think of a damn reason why.

  3. I stopped reading ANB’s blog after Negima! ended. I only visited his site for the spoilers, lol.

    (Mainly because RSC was fucking slow when it came to Negima!.)

  4. Nah, I think Kristen’s only been around four years or so, so even s/he hasn’t managed that long. 8 years is some long-ass sockpuppetry.

    • AniDB lists Chihiro as being founded in 2008, so four or five years (if he’s been in other groups before) sounds about right.
      Add to that the three years of pretending not to be Coalgirls, and you get your eight. :D

  5. Tonberryking’s blog is one of the only ones that’s managed to make me laugh:

    “25 years of life. 25 years of being a virgin. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE. I am so close to being a wizard, but seriously sex is stupid. Let’s just pound our ugly bodies into each other. As long as I have my right hand I’m fine. I have Kuroneko’s onahole and that’s all I need here. I love 2D with my entire heart and I don’t need anything else.”

  6. I didn’t ask to be entered. Whoever is the head of it put me in. I would have declined if I was asked. It’s just a dick sucking popularity contest.

    I don’t ask you to read my glorious blog either. If you don’t like it then don’t go to it?

  7. Thanks, Detective_Sage! For solving mysteries no one knows about! Hah hah, such drama~

    And that gif… Sort of makes me want to take a garner at that show.

  8. I don’t know much about the history of ANB and Tenchi (though the Tenchi fellow was around last Tourney to), but it is really, really annoying.

    It’s not annoying because of the drama or anything else, but it’s just so, ugghh, boring. Those comments are eye sores. Ugly, ugly eyes sores.

    And, yes, the gif is awesome.

  9. That’s funny. I started reading a couple of the tenchi comments and I had to skip over them ’cause my brain cells were dying too quickly. It’s a shame that Kyouko’s fallen in with these cretins. She deserves better article subjects.

  10. I may be one of the few who find this Tenchi chracter entertaining, in a retarded sort of way. Whether he’s ANB or not, a number of things in the “official” story don’t add up. Good observations and good drama, sir!

  11. ABT staff have apparently decided to censor my post there, so I’ll repost this here for you, since you seem hell bent to sentence AstroNerdBoy without a fair trial. Original post follows.


    I think you people need a little more perspective before you jump to snap judgements about this AstroNerdBoy thing. Warning: SRS BSNS Tenchi fan drama behind these links.

    Here’s something by a former mod at the Ayeka Fan Club, The History Of Tenchiverse Forums or History of the Tenchiverse Forums.

    The Absolutely True Ancient History Of Tenchiverse Forums is the response by the main accused baddie of that history, the person some people apparently believe is Tenchi, … who apparently decided to aquire the long defunct domain to rub it in: Announcement from Princess Ayeka: Club under a new Miss Management.

    This all ties in with AstroNerdBoy’s drama report from the 2010 tournament ANB Enters Round 2 of the Aniblog Tournament — aka: Drama Part 2 and this one from the other side from 2009 Setting the record straight.

    If some of you think this is AstroNerdBoy posting under an alias to rake in hits, I promise you it’s not. I just wanted you to see that nearly all of what’s called “drama” in the aniblogosphere is minor mood swings compared to when people really tear into each other over anime. It pains me to see what all this has done to the Tenchi fandom. Don’t anyone let this kind of distrust and anger destroy your communities.

  12. I admit that the new Tenchi Truth and all his defenders are sockpuppets of AstroNerdBoy. I have learnt that sockpuppeting will backfire and kill my own reputation. Sorry for the disreputable behaviour.

  13. Finally, people are starting to see the bullshit for what it is. Samefagging, sockpuppetry, the whole works ad nauseum pervade this fandom. I got my first whiff of this back on the AyekaFanClub before I left voluntarily. One day I asked AstroNerdBoy a question on the board and he said it was a sensitive matter and would pm me about it. Well, I got a PM, but from one of the ongoing troll accounts and then a hasty 2nd PM from him claiming to that the troll is PMing people claiming to be him and then proceed to give me a very similiar response! I guess he forgot to log out. That was the week I decided to leave the fandom and just lurk.

    I have to tell people, the squabbles they see in Tenchi Muyo fandom is a bit like professional wrestling. All the big players in Tenchi Muyo may seem like fighting but in reality it’s like the trash talking between the Hulk and the Rock, if they ever had to ‘fight’ one each other. Utterly fake and they both laugh about it over a beer at the end of the day. The real objective in wrestling is to draw viewers because all wrestlers have the same employer and in Tenchi Muyo fandom, it’s the opposite, to kill site via attrition of casual fans as they try to flee the carnage.

    Let’s back up here. AstroNerdBoy claims to have had a troll for 8 years, that means since 2004. He was a moderator for the Ayeka Fan Club since 2005. You’d think the place would have been troll infested since he came on board, his troll hassling him at his job endlessly, making random posts and the like. Let me tell you, as a one time Ayeka Fan Club member, I haven’t seen or heard of this troll as they describe it until he took over as head moderator of the place in 2007. Hmm, I wonder why the troll that supposedly followed him “everywhere” didn’t bother making an appearance at AstroNerdBoy’s most prominent online job until he had total control? Maybe because the troll isn’t real but a fabrication?

    Well, lets take the look at the way AstroNerdBoy operates. He lets certain posters run wild and promotes his buddies and they’re all either his lackeys or cat’s paws. He has openly admitted to openly aiding and abetting a poster that now goes by the name Jibril/Jibril Mudo. This was the alpha poster at the Ayeka Fan Club and while AstroNerdBoy banned people left and right for minor things he lets this atomic bomb keep dropping for a year or two since he signed up. And I seen this specific person in action on the board. Jibril Mudo is a dumb stooge of a broken record endlessly obsessed by his repulsive fetishes and clings to posting pictures like some people do to a life raft. While I hate this poster, he seems too dumb to orchestrate making a sandwich by himself, much less any ongoing mayhem and is way too easy to incite into stupidity.

    Then AstroNerdBoy promotes his right hand man going by JGZinv and also the guy’s sidekick, I guess lieutenants need bootlickers too. JGZinv presents himself as an ongoing All-American clean cut young man being down on his luck all the time and wearing his sunday suit every day. Nothing blander than this guy until you realize he’s a corrosive little toad doing the exact opposite of what he says he will as he dissolves any place he quietly and unassumingly resides at from the inside out, often without overt notice. I think he is that “Frank Ostrike” guy you mentioned. Too oblivious to realize how obvious he is but even worse than the first by the covert means he employs means few are guarded against him and has successfully killed multiple boards over the years.

    I call these 2 assholes his head lieutenants. I wouldn’t be surprised if the three of them live together, two as married gay couple and their pet human they keep on a leash or just as one big squishy, sweaty nerdy threesome. AstroNerdBoy also has more sock puppets, like that ZeroRyoko guy mentioned, whether or not AstroNerdBoy posts that himself or has one of his buddies do the same. But the exact makeup of his small stable of tricks doesn’t matter, just like increasing the number of wrestlers in a wrestling league doesn’t make it more legitimate. It’s trivial to always come up with more actors on stage. What matters is the objective.

    AstroNerdBoy is about one thing and one thing only, being the alpha and omega of the Tenchi Muyo fandom with his Tenchi Muyo FAQ being the infallible bible everyone has to follow. He’s not even content with heading what was once the most active message board. Being on message boards allows people input, to talk, to question the official line of things. At first, I thought he wanted to just kill off the Ayeka Fan Club out of some latent hate. But no, after he made sure that was good and dead, he sent his lieutenant to infiltrate an unwitting affiliate called NoNeedForTenchi to kill that too good and proper, a lieutenant he publicly distanced himself from and called a troll and yet did nothing to protect the board in his capacity as the No Need For Tenchi’s moderator, all the while destroying Funimation’s Tenchi subforum by burying it deep from view.

    Are you guys getting a sense of the pervasiveness in the fandom from having moderator capacity of one degree or another at least three different Tenchi forums and not doing his job on any of them? And is it coincidence that they all collapsed soon after he wheedled himself into those positions?

    And guess who heads the last two Tenchi boards surviving? Yup, the same two lieutenants. One board seems older and had to be infiltrated by the atomic bomb and the other brand new set up last year with a main lieutenant at the helm and a prodigy sublieutenant called Dagon123 who had a hand in helping a main Lieutenant destroy No Need For Tenchi and is such a obvious parody of a “classic” fan one assumes AstroNerdBoy enjoys setting up these profiles for his own amusement, content to smile and follow a ridiculous script and still have people take it earnestly. But like any artificially staged drama, the actors have to be defined extremely well and so sharply contrasted, to the point of being comical in real life, in order to get people to cheer for a “good” guy or “bad guy” and ignore the guy pulling the strings. Both remaining boards are filled up by lieutenants and sublieutenants at the top that led to the downfall of the other boards and a slew of unwitting fans who don’t even know what kind of trap they are getting into.

    Needless to say, a few months or years down the line, you’ll see both boards blow up in spectacular fireworks, as repeated history shows over and over again, scattering any concentration of fans to the wind and there will be nothing left but to go to AstroNerdBoy’s FAQ and read his version of Tenchi Muyo and that’s all any remaining fans will get to do and that’s what he wants at the end. Please note this isn’t limited to message boards, but places like DeviantArt or other avenues which these groups also have gotten infiltrated by the same exact posse doubtlessly aiming for the same results and end. Like weeds, they find any speck of fandom and start growing on it until only his site and voice is left.

    • How dare you implicate Astro in any of this nonsense. You know you probably couldn’t get that post past the aniblog people so you had to weasel it here in this backwater. The man works hard for his fandom and was there when we needed him the most!

      The truth is that Tenchi fans were flailing around in the darkness before he came along and for anyone to level these type of accusations against him is unconscionable. Please, please just stop rubbing your two brain cells and stop embarrassing yourself further.

      To the owners of this blog, I believe you proved your point and I call on you to delete the offending comments and your entry. Have you even asked Astro permission to use his name? There is no need to escalate this into a serious matter.

      • “Have you even asked Astro permission to use his name?”

        lol what, your “champion” going to send a C&D letter? Go suck some dicks.


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