Fansub Review: [Eveyuu] Sankarea (Episode 06)

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Sanka’s finished! I really shoulda put in that poll earlier. It gave me quite a bit of motivation to get these things done.

Oh, and sasuga Eveyuu, they put out the best release.

Release format: MKV (244 MB, 10-bit), MKV (234 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics, ~mero.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. The color choice here is good. They kept it limited to one English line per screen and only two parts for karaoke. This means the karaoke doesn’t get in the way of the credits like Hatsuyuki’s did. My main complaint here is that for the k-timing, the syllables popped out, which wasn’t a particularly good way to interest me in reading the romaji.

Ending. I love how the letters flow away after their syllable’s been hit. Seeing the final syllable float up into the air at the end of a line is great.



This only shows up for a few frames, so I don’t blame them for skipping it.

Childhood… Friend…   you mean?

Script Quality


The OP/ED made the most sense out of any of the groups on the show.  I’ll give ’em bonus points for having the songs make sense.

For example, “This story is no longer bound by its plot.” makes a whole lot more fucking sense than:

“The non-existent night vanished into the story.”


“and this becomes a story without a scenario.”


“The forgotten line was left out of the painting.”


Main Script.

He says “moe situation” in Japanese. Thank you, Eveyuu, for not going that route.

I would bet money that one of the other groups went full retard and did that.

This would make sense if the line were like “How come the missing dog turned in your room?!” but Sanka’s not a fucking common noun, so this doesn’t fucking work. Hint: take out “missing” and re-read that line.

“Since Sanka-san’s supposed to be missing, why is she in your room?!”

“out if it” -> “out of it”

“However, Rea’s metabolism has shut down, so maybe she doesn’t need to change.”

You could “Although” if you wanted to, but the comma’s kind of necessary here to keep the phrasing right.

Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Most definitely watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: A-

Script grade: A

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): A

Yes, the EveTaku-Hiryuu joint is as good as expected. And their version is far better than what the rest of the groups are putting out for the show. I was going to point out standout lines, but I’d have to go back through the release and cherry-pick them. Considering I need to be up in three and a half hours for work, I’m not going to do that.


I guess the only thing this release taught me is that #evetaku has turned into #gaiaonline. Goddamn. It wasn’t always like this, was it?

* @BKMDOG21 uses doogie tail to spank Senna_Wong
<@BKMDOG21> hmm
<@BKMDOG21> lets see that the first time i had a kittie upercut i hand my balls burned ,stepped on with high heels, cut off,i was burned,stabbed,crushed,punched slapped,… aww to much to remember i was abused since 1998 and i loved it all since pain give me pleasure
<+yepperoni> M, huh?
<+yepperoni> .quote random
<+Quotes> [Quote] #613 added by Senna_Wong 6 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, 3 minutes, 32 seconds ago.
<+Quotes> [Quote] <Imako> I’m an M! Kick me!
<+yepperoni> wow
<+yepperoni> ok
<+yepperoni> well that was oddly relevant
* @BKMDOG21 licks Senna_Wong dear kittie can i have more pain please?>
<@BKMDOG21> i’m gtting tired
* BKMDOG21 was kicked by Senna_Wong (…)
* BKMDOG21 ([email protected]) has joined #evetaku
* Baka sets mode: +o BKMDOG21
<@BKMDOG21> :)

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  1. You should have been there when there was “lygerzero0zero”, “lygarzero0zero”, “lygerzaro0zero”, and “lygerzero0zaro” all talking at the same time.

      • And you’re leading the group with the editor guidelines that say to use bento in your subs whenever you can.

        I do think Sanka is a show more suited to no honorifics, but a group is never gonna get docked points for using them.

          • To be fair, the episode he reviewed had legitimate editing derps, but that’s pretty much been resolved from ep2 onwards. Either way, I like fnord’s translation style too much to consider watching anyone else.

            • I’m assuming Dark_Sage is reviewing the visuals from the point of a leecher. Leechers usually do not pay that much attention to accuracy (in lack of a better word) of the typesetting unless there’s an obvious error.

              • I believe I asked herkz to review for me, and then he told me he was too busy… then he went and started his own review site. ┐(´ー`)┌

            • I agree, yet his gives grades ranging from A- to C+ for stuff that is generally okay and definitely not obviously wrong. It’s pretty much random and I have no idea how he decides.

          • I don’t review the typesetting from the eyes of a typesetter. If you see any “bias”, it’s because you’re applying your own standards as a typesetter to my views and then saying “Wow, Dark_Sage didn’t notice the font should be 5% smaller. Fucking biased faggot.” to something I thought was decent.

            For this review, what the fuck should I look at and say “Oh god, that was fucking terrible.”? I don’t see anything. Really, I don’t. And you know what that means? If I see something that’s terrible in your eyes in a release I’m supposedly biased against, I’m probably gonna say it’s just fine too.

            I know it’s surprising, but I’m actually not an A-tier typesetter who’s malevolently plotting ways to seem like an ordinary person when it comes to judging typesetting — I put all my skill points into English. You can tell because across all my reviews of karaoke/typesetting, I never get technical in the least. It’s not that I’m trying to fool you; it’s just that I can only judge these things by the aesthetics that I see as an ordinary viewer. And I think that works out just fine for these reviews and it still helps people make good decisions. If I accidentally inflate visual scores because I’m not as harsh on typesetting as I am on English, oh well. It should be relatively consistent, so it won’t affect how groups rank up against one another.

            tl;dr: Stop acting like I’m biased because I refuse to suck your group’s dick.

  2. For this show I only tried watching Eveyuu because (well duh) it’s Eveyuu working on it. Good job to Eve’s and ‘yuus!

    I have some nitpick questions regarding tense about some of the lines though:

    -At 13:26- (screenshot shows the last line)
    Rea: It seems like I’m constantly causing trouble for you.
    Chihiro: Not at all.
    Chihiro: I even got some valuable information on zombies out if it.

    Chihiro’s starting the zombie observation diary, and Rea’s feeling like she’s intruding on him and causing him problems, using up his room, and so on. Shouldn’t be last time be something like “I’m even getting some valuable information on zombies out of it”? It’s an ongoing process. I don’t think she’s just talking about previous incidents. If it they were both talking about what happened in the past, then the text as-is makes sense.

    -At 17:46-
    Chihiro (voice-over): Seeing the two of them made me extremely depressed.
    Chihiro (voice-over): They were no longer the same as the rest of us.

    Chihiro’s wondering about Babu and Rea. It should be “They are no longer the same as the rest of us”, since they’re continuing to be zombies? A bit later he thinks, “Simply put, they’re no longer human beings.” For that matter, isn’t that a logic error? Babu was never human, heh.

    • > It’s an ongoing process. I don’t think she’s just talking about previous incidents. If it they were both talking about what happened in the past, then the text as-is makes sense.

      I’m assuming the ‘it’ refers to the times she caused trouble before. Would be a bit disjointed otherwise. With that interpretation it should be past tense.
      Even if ‘it’ would refer to the general situation, he’s not getting any intel right now, so the past tense is correct. At least I think he’s not getting any, but since I haven’t had time to actually watch the show, I can’t be sure.

      > It should be “They are no longer the same as the rest of us”, since they’re continuing to be zombies?

      You need to keep the tense of the prior line or something. Ask me when I had more than four hours of sleep or wait for D_S.

      > “Simply put, they’re no longer human beings.” For that matter, isn’t that a logic error? Babu was never human, heh.

      I’d mark it down first as an error of the original creators and second as something found commonly in normal speech – unless the character never simplifies or makes no mistakes, this should be legit. ;)

    • >“Simply put, they’re no longer human beings.” For that matter, isn’t that a logic error? Babu was never human, heh.

      I rewatched this part, and the subs are “Simply put, they’re no longer living beings.”

      • Wow, you’re right. That error is by me typing.

        I can’t type or think straight late at night, sorry guys.

  3. Ignore herkz and his whining, he’s just platinum mad at everybody because his group serves up the fansubbing equivalent of fast food.

      • It is. I think Commie does a great job, in both the TL department and in the technical department. But….they are not my cup of tea. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of honorifics and the various Japanese stuffs that we all like to bitch about to the degree of vomiting.

        I’m in the weebabo camp, and nothing will change my mind. So Commie is never my first choice. But….props to the job that they do…I’ll never slight them for that.

    • I don’t really think so. There are series Commie has handled pretty well, so your statement is stupid. Maybe you hate them because of the lack of honorifics or some shit like that, but that’s not reason enough to state that kinda crap.

      So yeah, I pretty much agree with Xythar this time.

    • I’m pretty sure the only people who actually hate Commie subs at this point are weeaboos and bandwagoners. Their quality is pretty inconsistent (as is bound to happen with such a large staff), but overall, they’re a decent enough group and often do the best job on a show. If only they’d KFX’d the Nyarlko OP; I need my kawaii jumpy lyrics :(

      • >often do the best job on a show
        If you’re blind.

        I don’t see how they can hurf such a durf about typesetting looking nice when they still release re-encoded share raws and bitrated starved eyecancer every day.

          • I never said they are, but spending time on both serves the same purpose, which is making the release look prettier. Why bother drooling over some super cool typesetting in the same release as this eyecancer?

            And before someone goes ‘oh well leechers don’t care about encode quality durpadurp’, they sure as fuck don’t care about typesetting either. Both nice encodes and typesetting are just fansubber epenis, which is why it’s weird to see you so eager to attack others’ typesetting when your encodes are so shit.

            • Because nobody commenting on this post has anything to do with Commie’s encodes.

              I also (personally) care a lot more about typesetting than encoding, because for me good typesetting is a lot more obvious. I can barely see the difference in the screenshot you linked, and that’s a still frame – it’s even harder to tell when the show’s in motion. Unless the difference in encoding is like, the difference between Crunchyroll’s Tasogare 720p/1080p and the TV version, I generally don’t factor it into my decision.

            • Now, I’d like to know how much of that is due to encoding settings and how much of that is due to source differences. It’s clear they’re using two different channels, and your comparison doesn’t take that into account.

  4. Is anyone surprised that this is the best version of this show? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Evetaku and Hiryuu are two of the best, somebody would have to fuck up in an extreme kind of way for this joint to go wrong.

    • You mean like Brave 10?

      Brand name loyalism is pointless. You should always decide the group you watch on a per-show basis.

      • In my opinion, it goes quite a long to helping select downloads. Assuming a show has multiple groups translating, sometimes you can’t be bothered to download every version to compare. Dark_Sage is great for that. If you are implying there are other ways to decide, can you mention them?

        • I watch a few releases (or look at ji-hi, if there’s a comparison there) and decide for myself.

          It’s always been about the individual people working on the show, not the group name. And fansub groups share and exchange members all the time.

          • Ji-hi is your only external source? Why? I link to him because I feel he can help people come to a decision about which show to watch, but I don’t think his site should be the sole means of comparison between groups.

            What’s wrong with looking at my site and 8th’s to determine the best release? If I’ve fucked up somehow, I’d really like to know.

            • I enjoy reading your reviews, and I’m always interested to see what you have to say about the shows I’ve worked on. But I think for the most part we look for different things where fansub scripts are concerned, and it’s hard for me to decide when different episodes are used to compare (I tend to download a few versions of the same episode and either watch them or demux the scripts and look at those directly)

              I use ji-hi because it directly compares the same lines across groups, so I can get a pretty good feel for what the differences are.

              That’s just me, though.

            • To add to that, I wouldn’t say you’re necessarily doing anything wrong per se (other than reviewing different episodes for different groups, but we’ve talked about that before and I understand your reasons for it), it’s more just the nature of reviewing in general. I’m the same with games, movies, music etc.

              I use 8th’s site too but mostly just to identify the F-rank translations where basically nothing is right. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the other grades since I’ve always considered good editing to be a lot more important.

          • Yea, it’s like how Hadena is improving with every season. Too bad they still are super hit and miss since they’re staff is huge and they sub so many shows. Hard to get a feel on who are the good translators and editors without watching everything they release.

      • Believe it or not, I DO decide which group to watch on a per show basis, but I don’t have time to check out all of the releases myself, so I have to wait for sites like this one and 8th’s to release reviews. That can takes weeks or even longer. In the meantime, I need a system to determine who to use until the comparisons are up, and the system I go with is to base my decision on past releases.

        I have a policy to assume past releases will be indicative of current quality. Brave 10 was one release that was bad, and if I had bothered sticking with the show at all I would have switched groups. But this happens so rarely that this policy saves me a ton of time in the long term. Every other release I’ve watched by Hiryuu has been top tier. So unless they start releasing crap jobs on a regular basis, they will be my default choice whenever they are doing a show that others are doing as well.

            • Says the Commie editor whose group is so amazingly vilified by the majority of /a/nons that people will wait almost an entire week *not* to watch your subs. Can’t use someone else’s faggotry as an excuse for your own, bud.

            • C’mon, there’s no reason for anyone to care what /a/ think in either regard.

              I downloaded both groups to compare the subs for episode 6 and both were pretty good, so in the end it comes down to which style you prefer. Like I said, I don’t think it’s really fair to compare groups across different episodes, but there’s no reason we can’t just complement each other as well.

      • U mad bro? I’m sorry that your group’s quality is so erratic that it twitches around more than Michael J. Fox on speed, but really that’s what happens. Your group wants a large staff doing a large number of shows, and that’s perfectly valid, but you can’t complain when the quality of the work becomes so unpredictable. That’s the price your group pays to successfully sub so many shows. You want to be considered “the best” then you need to have more consistency in your releases. I never default to Commie the way I do with Hiryuu, EveTaku, UTW and so forth because I just never know what I’m going to get. For better or worse, that’s the consequence of the large staff strategy. Sorry if your feelings are hurt as a result.

        • It sounds more to me like you prefer the style those groups use. Our shows this season have all been relatively close in terms of script quality, in my opinion.

          I watch Hiryuu and UTW on occasion, though their editing style tends to be a bit literal for my taste, at least based on the shows I saw (stuff like HSDxD and Amagami). I don’t think I’ve watched any shows that EveTaku have done, but their Inuboku looked good I guess?

          • That’s true, part of my opinion is of course based on how much I enjoy the editing style. I prefer translations to be a little more literal. I’ve been watching anime for a little over 10 years, long enough to feel comfortable with enough of the more common Japanese idioms and puns to not need them Westernized for me. I don’t mind pausing an episode to read a translation note. Given my druthers, I prefer to see honorifics used, although I’m not TOO picky about that since I can hear them myself regardless. Not gonna lie, heavy localization does lose Commie points in my book.

            The best thing about opinions (and assholes!) is that everyone has one.

            • That’s fine, but the difference between that and actual errors / erratic quality is that we localise on purpose because it’s the style we like.

              I understand a decent amount of Japanese as well (not enough to translate, but I get a fair bit of what’s going on) and it annoys me whenever I see a phrase I recognise translated in the stock-standard cliche way. On the other hand, I really like seeing the new and creative ways that more liberal editors come up with to handle the same clichés.


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