Fansub Review: [GotSpeed] Mysterious Girlfriend X (Episode 04)

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Let me rock your world: GotSpeed is actually GotWoot in disguise.

Release format: MKV (215 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Tamayaki” (or whatever) is translated as “omelette”.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. Loved the color changes here.

Ending. I uhh… don’t really know if black text was the best option for an ED where half the time the text is on an extremely dark surface.



Yeah, title translations are hard these days.

That’s a weird fucking capitalization decision. You do realize that for titles when words are linked by hyphens, they still follow the same rules of capitalization, right? Of course you do. You’re fucking GotWoot after all. No way you wouldn’t know that.

“Mysterious Girl-Meets-Girl”

Maybe it’s just me, but I have an intense desire to know what she’s putting in her mouth.

These aren’t from the same scene. You can check the timestamps if you want. The beverage seems to be pretty important to the episode, why it’s not typeset I can only chalk up to incompetent staff.



I’m cool with this because it’s not a 20-second sponsor screen; it’s a 4-second, end-of-the-episode screencap.

Script Quality


This is not how alliteration works.


Main Script.

It’s fine to mumble a bit so long as the end result is understandable.

She says “Demo Urabe-san” here. You might think “ohmygod they forgot to translate ‘but'”, but you’d be wrong. It was intentionally left out because it would make the line unwieldy and cut into the flow of the rest of the phrase.

She actually said “Tsubaki-kun” here.

You can transfer a state over to something, but you can’t transfer that state into it.

“My physical and emotional states get transferred over to him.”

They nailed this line. Fucking kanpeki.

You mean “every day”.

Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: B

Script grade: B+

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): B+

There’s a reason why GotWoot is my favorite group, but there’s also a reason they didn’t want their regular name associated with this release. Still, this is a pretty damn good release. We’ll see how IB stacks up against it.

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random says:

GotWoot is only good when they care about the show they are subbing. When they stop caring about it, they start trolling it.

Look at what happened with Mirai Nikki, the last show they worked on.

Xythar says:

It got an A+, as I recall.

Dark_Sage says:

I think he’s saying the quality slipped afterward.

Sapphi says:

We never stopped caring, Mirai Nikki 4 lief! And we at GotWoot Corp. always do the best work regardless of whether we like the show or not. See: the hellish insanity that is Black Rock Shooter.

And I totally uguu’d at you saying we’re your fave D_S. We love you too!

random says:

I was referring to all the trolling in the GotSpeed releases.

janice says:

Mirai Nikki is probably the highest quality subbing we’ve done. There were no trolls in the GotWoot releases, just the GotSpeed ones. Did you even see the typesetting in the final batch episodes? It’s orgasmilicious. If anything, I think the quality improved as the series progressed.

Sapphi says:

I disagree, I think Koe de Oshigoto, Nana to Kaoru, and other assorted perverted shows we did were the best shows we ever fansubbed!

janice says:

I didn’t say MN is the best show we’ve subbed, but I think we put the most effort into it.

Sapphi says:

Dem signs.

random says:

I was only referring to the trolling, not the script/signs. Even if you removed the trolling in the GotWoot release, I recall at least one of your GotWoot releases for Onii-chan no Koto had trolling too. So it’s not only limited to GotSpeed.

Stop being trying to be gg 2.0. It makes you look retarded.

Sapphi says:

You seem to be really upset. :(

Keikaku not doori.

janice says:

Don’t tell me you’re still raging about What Is Love?

Nevreen says:

janice, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me… no more.

Sapphi says:

That was all a misunderstanding. Our encoder typo’d while he was writing the script.

thecowgoesmoo says:

If we wanted to be gg 2.0, we’d start by blogging in the chapter titles.

Xythar says:

You should! I always like reading those, and even gg barely do it anymore :(

Sapphi says:

Depends on who writes the chapters lol

kokujin-kun says:

[ggOTWOOT] has a nice ring to it.

Sapphi says:

Surely there’s a better joint name than that.

Sapphi says:

and go on IRC lol. :(

thecowgoesmoo says:

For the record, our usual typesetters are indisposed; we’ve been relying on the backup of a backup, and he’s pretty disgruntled. All the appropriate signs should be in at batch.

thecowgoesmoo says:

Also, the bottle is just seltzer/sparkling water. It’s not actually important, probably just Hoods trying to burn through airtime. They probably spent most of their animation budget on the fifth episode.

Xythar says:

And to be fair, drink bottles / cans / etc are the biggest pain to typeset because the surface is curved and they’re usually moving.

Sutai says:

I remember I went like “Is this important?” in the staff chan, cow said “Just do the first one.” and vale said “It’s not.” Vale knows his shit ( ¬‿¬)

SuperNub says:

>”Let me rock your world: GotSpeed is actually GotWoot in disguise.”

My whole life is a lie.

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