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An entirely non-comprehensive list of Whiners.pro processes and policies.

The Reviews


Good Computer

  • When there’s lag or glitchy encoding, you can be assured that it’s either not my computer’s fault or that most anime viewers would run into the same problem.

Default CCCP & minimal fonts installed

  • This should be what most anime viewers have, considering we fansubbers have been telling them to use CCCP since, well, forever. If someone didn’t mix the right fonts in or if someone fucked up the typesetting, they can’t bitch at me because it should be that way for most people.


  • Most ecchi anime demand two viewings.



The process I go through is relatively simple — I basically just watch an episode, take a screenshot of what I want to, upload it to Whiners, comment on it, then go back to the episode.

When groups have a really shitty episode, I have to do things a bit differently. I have to take screenshots of everything I want to and then pick out choice errors from the list. I do this for D-tier/F-tier releases.

Sometimes writing reviews takes an hour. Sometimes it takes weeks.


Check That

Everything I do and say is verifiable. Think I fucking lied about an error? Download the release and check. Think of all the e-cred you could receive by showing Dark_Sage as a terrible liar!

Just hold your mouse over the image for its title (or you can click on the image and see it in full 1280×720 glory). For fun times, check the timestamps on reviews that came after weeks of no reviews. [Like this one.]

[IB] Nazo no Kanojo X – 04 [720p] [10bit] [957E850D].mkv_snapshot_13.08_[2012.06.18_12.41.12]

Oh, and if I fuck something up, call me out on it. When I’m wrong I update the reviews/scores accordingly. Even gods make mistakes.


Enforced Apathy

I don’t care if my reviews made you cry, or got you fired from your group, or ruined your marriage. I really do not fucking care. You can whine about negative bias in the hopes that I’ll look more favorably upon your group in the future or you can whine about positive bias in the hopes that I’ll look more critically at groups you don’t like in the future.

You can whine all you want, but your thoughts are irrelevant to me. The basic gist is that I’m not here to curry favor from or please anyone but myself.

And I’m serious about pleasing myself.




These are mostly aimed at other fansubbers, but everyone is welcome to read along. ^___^


Episode Requests

I will not accept requests to review a certain episode. This should go without saying.

I will accept requests to not review certain episodes under sensible circumstances. For example, if a group fired its TL because they were a fucking idiot (like arashi), then I will gladly hold off on reviewing the episodes that the dipshit translated. Reviewing those would not be a good indicator of quality for the group’s overall work on the show.

**Please post all requests for non-reviews on the Review Queue. This is a lot better than trying to find a time when I’m on IRC and then hoping I don’t forget about what you said.



If a group has released a v2, I will acquire that version to review.

If a group has announced they will release a v2 of an episode, I will hold off on reviewing the v1 (but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll review the v2).

If a group has released a v2 solely on their own site, or in any other format that is not a complete re-release, I will not review that version. This includes patches that are unceremoniously dumped in the comments section of a release post. Maybe five people are gonna download that shit, so I’m gonna review the release that 5,000 people watched instead.



I won’t do re-reviews. I barely have enough time to finish a season as-is, so a potential doubling of my workload is not going to happen.

There are only two things that could make me do a re-review:

1. If I fuck up somehow. For example, if I review a v1 when there’s a v2 out, and the v2 fixes more than just a few typos that I can edit out of my review, I’ll do the whole thing again. My fuck-ups should not reflect badly on your group.

2. If you can somehow convince me. This will be nearly impossible and no, I don’t take bribes. (Seriously, I was offered $100 for a re-review once.)



If a group’s subs are a month behind the latest aired episode, they’re out of contention for my reviews. I refuse to review irrelevant groups.


TL Parties

These are a mystery. Even I don’t know the circumstances under which one of these will occur.

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Sapphi says:

I feel primed now.

Stushi says:

Optimus Primed? :P

Dark_Sage says:

Dark Love primed.

Xythar says:

A Whiners.promer

Mahjong says:

>I don’t take bribes.

Good coverup.

beta says:

The real question is how someone could get that tangled up in computer cables in a small area with no wiggle room. Boggles the mind.

Oh, right, the process. I thought all this was already fairly easily inferred from the reviews. Meh.

Dark_Sage says:

The post was originally just gonna have the policies so people don’t have to keep asking me about them on IRC. Then I realized it was kind of short, so I added in a bit of information that people new to the site might not know.

beta says:

Ah. In that case, you gonna pin it to the front page?

Dark_Sage says:

Nah, dude. I think the pins would break my monitor.

Name (required) says:

what’s your stance on ASCII vs UNICODE? using a stretched dash bothers me when I could be using a real em dash (u’0x2014′).

FalseDawn says:

Doesn’t that depend on the font? A lot of font sets don’t have the em-dash unicode.

Xythar says:

People only use {fscx300}-{r} when the font doesn’t have the actual em dash character. Or at least, they should be.

Do you mean it bothers you as a viewer or as a subber? I can’t imagine anyone even being able to tell the difference in the end product.

kyonyUU says:

The fucks given: none.

kokujin-kun says:

Actually, a slight fuck is given here. The fact that this is even an issue makes me die a little inside.

thecowgoesmoo says:

“Translation Party: These are a mystery. Even I don’t know the circumstances under which one of these will occur.”

Well, that’s pretty easy. At minimum we can deduce that:
1) 3+ groups doing the same show.
2) At least one group has to do miserably.
3) Must not be backlogged.
4) Must be a show that isn’t completely terrible.

Additionally we might be able to predict that these occur around the midpoint of a season., so if you do another one for this season, it’ll probably be around end of June/early August.

Azurist says:

Hey guys, Whiners is up in the aniblog tourney and it’s currently not doing well. Should we fix it?

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll get a post about this up in just a bit. Thanks for the love though. <3

Mahjong says:

Null set found a sack of aniblog rare candies.

skullfag says:

I actually know when TL Parties will occur. It’s actually pretty simple if you look at past parties and sage’s personality.

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