Aniblog Tourney v.Semi-Quarterfinals (32 Remain)

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Also, since I’m wasting a space on the front page, I may as well list out some other shit related to Whiners. But Aniblog stuff up first.

Aniblog Tourney

As you can see, Whiners is losing. :(


Back story – 8th’s round:

8th was in a match with Caraniel in this round of the tournament where he was beating her by about 60 votes. Unfortunately, it turns out about half of his overall votes were fraudulently submitted. Some guy took this tournament way too seriously and decided to sabotage results by stuffing the ballots, which the admins detected with their new poll system. The bad votes were removed and 8th ended up losing once the results were fixed. Not the best way to go out.

But what happened happened, so there’s no use whining about it now. 8th’s spirit will just have to live on in me like a benign tumor.


So yeah, something similar’s happening here.

I’ll show Dark_Sage! He’ll regret being mean to me! Just wait until I get my hands on a proxy. Consequences will never be the same!

Some butthurt kid is doing ballot stuffing bullshit, and the results will end up getting fixed to remove the fraud votes. But I still need votes in general, because… well because, that’s how polls fucking work and I’d love to see Whiners win this whole damn tourney.

Tourney Link



Whiners (y’know, the site part of the site, not the vote begging one)

I intend to finish up all the outstanding reviews for this season by the end of tomorrow. Afterwards, I will go back in and do some manual updating of reviews so they reflect group statuses in the Review Summary accurately. I’d have done this earlier, but Shining Bread is impossible to watch without a lot of liquid tranquilizer; the show really fucking sucks.

I will also publish a Summer 2012 animu preview on… Friday or Saturday. After this is done, I’ll put up a poll so you can all decide what I’ll review first next season. Internet polls: like American democracy but with less vote fixing.

This will leave me with a bit of extra time to do… things. I’ll be sure to make it worth your time to check in between now and the beginning of next season.



Oh, and have some music, courtesy of “Dark_Sage and fotc chat on IRC about good song translations and translations in general before they stop talking to each other once they realize they’ve been doing this fansub shit for way too long, so out comes the bottle of scotch” night. Catchy stuff.

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  1. I was thinking in mathematical terms when I read that screenshot. For a moment, I thought, “That’s a lot of people who would rather not read any blogs at all than read Whiners.”

    • My first thought was the same, but then I realized that the likelihood of set theory coming up in anime circles, while not quite zero, is very close.

      Still, worth a chuckle.


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