Fansub Review: [Hadena] Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse (Episode 01)

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Hadena, you are so fucking shit. But you know what? Crunchyroll is too. Hey everyone, let’s play a fun game. Details in the post.

The Incompetent Subtitler Game

  • Read the errors highlighted in the main script and then guess whether it was Crunchyroll’s fault or Hadena’s. (They both did terrible on the release, so keep that in mind when you guess.)
  • The results are spoilered after each mistake so you can check your answers.
  • Post your results in the comments. Winner gets self-satisfaction.




Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (357 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:

SubCompare screenshot comparisons:

Commie’s fansub reviews:




I do not accept this. Dragon Numbers, please go back to doing karaoke for your group.

Ending. You may think “tanoshimi” is the only Japanese word here. Nope. They actually put the text in black for a black background.

This is so fucking poorly positioned I have no clue what the fuck they were thinking.

Rating: Eyecancerous shit.



We know.

What the fuck are you doing?

I don’t think I called Commie out on this, but they shoulda done this too — this should be “Japanese Imperial Capital – Kyoto”.

But we’re doing better. Hopefully they don’t subtitle their typesetting in the future.

No, dammit! You sick, sick bastards!

Every time I see a sign, I’m on guard. This anxiety is killing me, Hadena.

Oh Hadena.

Hadena so beta.

No typesetting is right. :(

Wow. They should have left this untypeset like the previous screen. This is terrible.

Hadena, everybody.




{an8} is not difficult.

Encode fuck-up. Yes, you will notice this if you watch their release.


Script Quality


I’m not wasting my time on reading their karaoke. Their main script already caused them to fail.


Main Script.

This sounds terrible. Considering they’re talking about military shit, why not…

“The rules of engagement don’t apply to them!”

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

Who the fuck calls Napoleon the Corsican Monster? I had to fucking look this shit up. And which fucking king of England? There were a lot of them.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

We know the base is newly established because — get this — you just fucking told us it’s new!

Also, I believe you made contact with them, not then.

The first error was added by Hadena. The second was already in CR’s script.

This is a lot more clear than Commie’s version was. A whole lot. So these families are the Shogun’s vassals and not the ‘Royal Guards”? And they don’t need to be called Surface Pilots? Just “pilots” will suffice?

Jesus Christ, I understand this script about 10 times more than Commie’s.

Uncle. You capitalize his name/title.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

Wait, wait, wait. She’s the one who hasn’t been commissioned yet and it’s not the eyepatched guy just being embarrassed about his new promotion? Why yes, that does make more contextual sense than what Commie had.

Commie, you like to pick on Doki for all their TL errors, but their Tari Tari mistakes weren’t as bad as this. How the fuck did you manage to fuck up this translation so badly?

Comma after graduate, please.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

TSFs. You don’t pluralize acronyms by adding apostrophes.

This error was added by Hadena.

This is fucking terrible and whoever’s responsible for this should be ashamed and/or eviscerated.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

This looks like a complete sentence, but it’s really not. The “If” part begs for a finisher, but it never comes. Indicate this with an ellipsis at the end.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

Why is there a double space here? Your poor English is ruining my fap material.

This error was added by Hadena. And no, this was a complete rephrase on their part, not an accident resulting from replacing all of CR’s Ns in the script.

Hadena’s rephrase slightly diluted the effectiveness of the joke, but I still thought these lines were good enough to point to as examples of good script writing.

You forgot word.

This error was added by Hadena.

Are you fucking kidding me? Your editor didn’t know what a strait was, so they edited into “straight”? Fuck you, Hadena. Fuck you hard.

This error was added by Hadena. Obviously. Please tell me you got this right.

They say they? Who says who? This line is fucking confusing.

“I’ve been told they weren’t able to evacuate in time…”

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

Nice spacing. Also, BETA doesn’t refer to a single entity – it’s actually plural here. So “advances” should be “advance”.

Both errors were added by Hadena.

have -> has. Take out the “along with the UN and American armies” part and you’ll see why.

Hadena, here’s your new fucking editor test: “Do you speak English natively?” Just fucking ask that and you should be all right. These errors were not fucking added by someone who speaks English as their first language. They just fucking can’t have been. These mistakes are too fucking basic for anyone with more than three years’ experience with the language to fuck up. God fucking dammit, Hadena. God fucking dammit.

This error was added by Hadena. Duh. If you fucked this one up, find the nearest wrist-cutting implement and go to work.

No! This is not how you use a semicolon! Use a semicolon when you have two parts of a sentence that could stand alone but could also be combined with a comma and a conjunction like “and” or “but”.

This error was added by Hadena.

Capitalize “prefecture”. They fucked this up five times.

These errors were also in Crunchyroll’s script.

This error was added by Hadena.

“How?” They’re fucking moving in the supply base’s direction, that’s how.

“Why?” is the question here. She’s asking why the BETA are headed toward the supply base, now how they’re fucking doing it. Goddamn.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.

The first three screens function as one sentence together. Okay, that’s fine. The fourth one is its own sentence. It is independent of the other ones and should not be fucking linked. Goddamn.

This error was also in Crunchyroll’s script.



Watchability: Unwatchable.

Visual grade: D+

Script grade: F

Overall grade: F

If the script fails, the release fails.

Commie’s release didn’t allow me to understand the show in the same way Hadena’s did, but Hadena’s release added more errors into the script than there were in the first place.  Crunchyroll almost looks like your best bet for this show and that’s fucking sad considering how fucking terrible their script was. Seriously, do they actively hire retards or is that just a new Crunchy policy?

Could a good group pick this up, please?

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Dark_Sage says:

I was too distracted by the initial fail to realize there was more of it at the top. Brilliant tactic, Hadena.

meesles says:

oh god hadena why

herkz says:

Only the best of best groups can make a CR script worse.

Thanks for this, Hadena.

Dude says:

16 correct guesses, 3 wrong ones, all of them assuming Crunchyroll wouldn’t make such stupid errors. Deeply disappointed in CR, and completely unable to grasp how someone could be able to add so many terrible errors to a script as Hadena did.

njd09 says:

Oh man, this is fucking terrible. Crunchyroll’s script is a lot worse than I remember. I must not have been paying much attention to the subs when I watched this, though I did remember the ‘have’ error and a few others. I would have had one hell of a job if I had to QC this…dear god.

Side note: That game was fucking fun. Great way to pass the time at work. I got 15/21 correct. I’m starting to recognize the typical Hadena mistakes. The double space is absolutely textbook.

Eurocanard says:

“They’ve produced a great number of pilots, despite not being one of the Shogun’s vassals.”

There’s an error in this line, too. “They” is plural, while “one of” needs a singular subject.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s not a mistake. They is not always plural and the line is fine as-is. This is how people speak.

Name goes here says:

They’re referring to a family. There is no error.

Xythar says:

I didn’t know トタルイクリプス translated to “Hadena Fansubs”, but that screenshot of the eyecatch has set me straight. You learn something new every day.

Rem says:

Hadena Fansubs presented by Total Eclipse

FalseDawn says:

I got 15. And a lot of those were lolworthy. Why re-release a simulcast script if you’re going to make it *worse*?

thecowgoesmoo says:

“I don’t think I called Commie out on this, but they shoulda done this too — this should be “Japanese Imperial Capital – Kyoto”.”

Actually, I forgot to mention this with Commie as well, but it’s “Imperial Japanese”, not “Japanese Imperial”. That’s because the usual name for the empire was Imperial Japan (alternatively Japanese Empire or Empire of Japan).

thecowgoesmoo says:

“Who the fuck calls Napoleon the Corsican Monster?”

Oh, just some hack writer named Leo Tolstoy. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of him.

FalseDawn says:

Classic literature? In mah fansubs?! Wtf?

I haven’t heard anything that crazy since Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead was re-enacted in Suzumiya Haruhi…

w says:

“TSFs. You don’t pluralize acronyms by adding apostrophes.”

Not to be That Guy, but Wikipedia kind of implies that TSF’s isn’t necessarily wrong, but that TSFs is just more right. For what its worth, my grade school teachers (midwest USA) all taught us to include apostrophes, though I personally prefer not to.

kyonyUU says:

just say “teachers”. Black_Fag probably hates the Midwest (in particular Minnesota IIRC)

Koby says:

Rather pointless to even bother reviewing Hadena. They’ve pretty much been built upon fail. At this point everyone knows not to even bother downloading from Hadena even if they’re the only option.

Rem says:

Yet they have so many downloads for every release. Mysterious.

Koby says:

Well when something like this happens; I think it’s fairly obvious that the majority of the human race should be wiped from the gene pool.

Nevreen says:

I think that’s actually more of a joke, because people go into the express lanes all the time with more items than they’re supposed to.

Passerby says:

Huh? Are they using “!?” or “?!”? iirc their standard is “?!”. Well, perhaps their standard changes every time.

P32L says:

Y’know, considering their English contains such gems as “you want to get burnt to crisp”, I doubt such trivialities as style weren’t considered.

Passerby says:

I guess you’re right. btw, I know pretty much of Hadena’s fail-making style (everyone knows), so I can differentiate between CR’s or Hadena’s.

0.0 says:

Found it…

Someone says:

Ok I can’t pinpoint what the error is, LOL.

thecowgoesmoo says:

“My apologiZes…”

Someone says:

Yeah, just realised after I woke up. LOL.

Murasaki no Tora says:

This release appears to be absolute shit. However, my all-time favorite Hadena fuckup has to be:×720-x264-AACA02D3C9D.mkv_snapshot_21.12_2012.01.16_22.30.25.jpg

(Hope it’s okay to link to an older review.. it’s just.. so fucking funny. LOL. =w=)

lol says:

impressive how ppls can give a shit to ridiculous ppl retards critics
u guys r nothing but haters who doesnt even make sense in ur comments, instead, is more like this blog is about HATERS FLAMING SUBS
is not like im protecting hadena here, no, they’re sux, of course… but like at ur manners… rofls… haters speach ftw? itll be very interesting if those reviews uses a logic POV and not a hater language, becuz instead of using arguments to prove that theyre sux, what u r doing here is just flaming them with the bad education that u got from ur parents
grow up kid, go have sex, leave the hater life, itll be good 4 u ;)

csb says:

Can you rewrite that in a more readable language like, you know, English?

njd09 says:

tl;dr HATERS

csb says:

Thank you. That actually sums it all perfectly. <3

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