This Stupid Aniblog Tournament v.Finals (2 Remain)

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So how about we finally get this damned thing over with? Plus! A bonus for the newfriends.

Help, I’m New!

Fansub Reviews

This is what the site is all about. My goal is to help people choose the best fansub release for a particular series. Originality? In MY generianiepisodiblogosphere? Yes.

Poke around, choose a review, and you will find out exactly what this site is about.

This is the review summary, coded by Firebird (<3) of Hiryuu fansubs. Even if you get nothing else out of the site, use this fucking friendly link so you don’t make stupid silly decisions next time you want to watch a shitty animu cool anime.



If it’s not a fansub review or related to the Whine-Subs fansub group, it’s gonna go here. Here are some articles I enjoyed writing. But really, your best bet is to browse. I touch upon a lot of things — English in fansubs, anime conventions, anime reviews, AMVs, blah blah blah.

Gyarados as a Principal Protagonist of the Pokemon Red Supra-Bildungsroman

Why (Most) Episodic Blogs Suck – A Random Curiosity Case Study 




Okay, now that the new people are preoccupied, to everyone who supported Whiners so far: Thank you.

We’re up against Metanorn, which is basically Star Crossed, except it’s designed to be nigh unreadable. But forget about them for now. The real fun comes from the prospect of Whiners actually winning. You know how Guardian_Enzo flipped his shit when he lost the other day? It’ll be like that except on a hopefully grander scale. The lulz are almost palpable.

In short:

If Whiners wins the Aniblog finals, I’m sure someone will kill themselves.

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0 thoughts on “This Stupid Aniblog Tournament v.Finals (2 Remain)”

  1. D_S posting Mitsuki?
    Well, here’s my first and only vote in this tournament.
    (Not to mention that I;d like to see the DESPAIR once Whiners win.)

  2. I don’t think it’s even needed, but my vote go for, let’s prove that a useful blog is better than a generic clone boring and nothing helpful at all episode anime bloging. And yeah, always has been rulz.

    Also, the despair and stuff will be delicious.

  3. Even though I voted for you every time, I honestly never expected for you to come this far. It was an awesome surprise :D
    I can’t wait to see the final results…fingers crossed (but not really, or I wouldn’t be writing this…) :P

  4. Wow, that guy is so mad. I sincerely hope you win, even though it’s a stupid fucking tournament anyway. I love the butthurt episodic bloggers teaming up against mean ol’ Sage. So funny. Someone presents a valid opinion, and they dismiss it as “he’s such a bully!!!!1”. Just voted. I’d love to go around reading the front page of all the bloggers that have “called out” Whiners after you win. It would be so funny.

  5. ” I know this tournament has been a great thing for Lost in America, and it means a lot to me to know that there are readers out there who find what I’m doing here worthwhile.”

    Holy shit what a fag.

  6. lemme make some tl;dr exerpts from lostinanime for the lazy ones

    ” Whiners has done everything they can to make this tourney a crusade against “episodic blogs””

    “your whole reason for existence – never mind competing – is to talk shit about other people”

    “It must say something about how deeply ingrained Random Curiosity is in the anime community that Dark Sage and many others have tried to make the entire tournament about RC”

    “Even if Metanorn weren’t clearly the better site (which they are) I would have a hard time supporting a blog that stakes its entire case on slandering the alternative,”

    how cute~ :3

  7. Still think D_S is taking this too seriously as well. And it’s fucking hilarious. Everybody in this competition is butthurt and it’s kinda sad.

  8. I haven’t voted on a single round of this tournament due to it being dumb as hell, but I had to make an exception here because this opportunity for massive butthurt is too good to pass up. Good luck.

  9. ADD writing at its finest.
    and reviewing fansubs? you honestly thought that was an useful idea? you are only leading the worst of the worst into the community: all the fucking newfag hipsters. now they think they know jack shit about anime and its community just because you claim yourself to be original and everyone else to be “generic”. all while you don’t even know anything about it, why people like it, why people read it.

    and your posts….. jesus, they’re written just like deviantart style diary entries. all over the fucking place. come back until you can write something without adding pictures, changing fonts and hitting enter after every scentense.

    seriously, stop being such a brat and pretend like you’re above everybody else. being an internet-alpha is fine and all, but try to your act together!
    ..don’t worry though. if you can’t manage, i’m always there to tell you what a gigantic pile of shit you actually are.

      • you disagree? just look at all those faggots up there quoting stuff from enzos place, adding nothing but “Holy shit what a fag.” and “how cute~ :3”
        that’s the kind of shit infested place your blog is.

        • Disagree with what? One doesn’t agree or disagree with a trainwreck of butthurt pseudoliteracy; one just watches the entertainment unfold. Your pathetic, rage-filled rant was hilarious to read, but I don’t think you made a coherent point to agree or disagree with throughout the entire temper tantrum.

          Thanks for the entertainment, but you might need some lotion for all that butthurt if you keep going at this rate.

          • you’re not making any sense, dude. try again. maybe next time you can write something of value.
            i’ll cheer for you! you can do it.

              • oh, no. the language is just fine. but the content on the other hand…. but i suppose it “makes perfect sense” to you. no wonder you’re with him.

                nobody seems to realize that beside throwing around insults, nobody can hold a argument worth a damn.

                • With him? Oh god, please don’t tell me that you’re a yaoi fanboy. That’s all we need…

                  Go on, then, lolhipsters. If you think you can “hold a argument” better than people here, feel free to. At the moment, all I see is drivel from your side of things so I’m not entirely sure what’s meant to be argued, either way.

      • fansubbing reviews. what a joke. can’t into moon language? or maybe you’re getting a good laugh out of these “fansubbing reviews”?

        in any case, caring about what subs to use ,at least to this extent, is just pathetic.

        • Choosing subs isn’t important? If you’re too stupid to care about being able to understand what you’re watching, then you might as well watch that shit raw. You’re the pathetic one, wasting all your time and making yourself look like an idiot.

          Oh, by the way, you’re a fag. Just wanted to throw that out there.

          • “oh no! i need to watch my japanese cartoons with 100% accuracy!”
            choosing subs is not nearly as important as you think.
            guess what, if the show is good, you will still like it, even if there are mistakes here and there.
            and its not like fansubbers are complete morons.

            and know that it is still a FANsub. so no matter what, i’ll take what i get. go to hell with you small minded nit-picking. …now guess why this site is called whiners

    • Reviewing fansubs is one of the best ideas…ever.
      If anything, it at least points you in the right direction, which is the opposite of where you are right now.
      Newfag hipsters? Seriously? I doubt they even know exists, since they’re too busy reading summaries from CR.
      Oh, and “writing at its finest”. Do you really think people read stuff on the internet because of “fine writing”?
      Then again, you’re a CR fan, so of course you do. ^_^

      • on a serious note, i know that this is a useful site. (notice how in this place i could’ve just said “..u mad, bro?”)

        DS is talking straight out of his ass whenever he talks about “episodic blogging”. and the hipsters are the people regugitating his words without any knowledge. people can’t make their own goddamn opinions these days anymore.

  10. So… if you win, guys like lolhipster will start “giving feedback” here more often. I’m so voting for you <3.

    • Exactly. Dark_Sage needs to win this purely for the entertainment. I think Sage is totally right about the amount of butthurt people that will be trying to “take him down”. It’s so funny how seriously these anibloggers are taking this stupid tournament. Meanwhile, we’re just getting some entertainment. Keep at it, I say.

  11. Le Lurker is entertained by all the chaos and butthurt over this aniblog tourney. Hope you win. You got my vote.

  12. The comments section here and the link to LiA’s blogpost has made me laugh so much more than I have done in ages. Thanks, Dark_Sage, you’re getting my vote all the way on this :D

  13. are you enjoying this, sage?

    maybe, at this point, i should threaten you a little bit to make you feel scared. what do you think? you know, getting into your house and stuff.
    but alas, i dont really care about you all that much, despite what you might think. so i’ll rest my quest for today.

    actually i just wanted to say one thing:
    even though you guys are contained here in this little group, know that it still isn’t allowed to make up stupid opinions without thinking. the outside world still exists. other groups with differnt views also still exist, even if here, nobody is opposing your viewpoint. don’t stop thinking.
    people. at the very least, have some respect.

    jesus, …what a bunch of annoying motherfuckers you guys are. i know you won’t listen. so know that actually, i really am mad. you people are a fucking eyesore to me.

    • I’m sorry, but you are actually the worst troll I’ve ever come across. Your punctuation is atrocious, your message is muddled and it’s quite beyond me how you think anyone can possibly figure out what the hell you’re going on about.

      You get bonus points for throwing in the word “quest” but if you want to reach the upper echelons to out-troll fansubbers, you should try bandying around the word “crusade”.

      Until then, plz2lrn how to troll.

    • What gives you the right to say that our opinions are stupid? Nothing. Keep trying though; what little grasp you had on the English language is slipping away by the second.

    • “Several people died today over the winner of a tournament with no real value, but not a single fuck was given.”

  14. D_S, check out the Metanorn blogpost for the final – it’s being billed as Good Vs. Evil. Hope you win, Evil Overlord Dark_Sage.

    • “Good vs Evil”

      Really, it’s much more like Order vs Chaos. The established patterns vs balls to the walls whatever-is-thought-of-at-the-time.

      There’s no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ morality in any direction in this, they need to stop turning it into some Dynasty bs. Just different behavioral patterns.

  15. *inserts pro-D_S comments*
    *inserts anti-D_S comments*

    Now that it’s done, just want to say good luck for the finals~ I will be watching here with the popcorn..

  16. Holy hell this argument is almost as pointless as this blog.

    Because even if episodic blogs are useless, this blog is too. As long as the fansubs are watchable, nobody gives a flying fuck. And trust me, it’s not hard to find a watchable fansub.

    • >nobody gives a flying fuck

      You see, as easy as it is for you to make such a sweeping generalization based only on personal opinion, it’s even easier for me to refute it: I care, as do many other people who frequent this site.

      When I watch subs and see things like “I am better then you”, it irks me and takes away from my viewing experience. That doesn’t mean it’s not watchable, but it’s distracting for those of us who notice this kind of shit, and I’d rather watch subs in proper English.

      • But don’t you think that if you focus too much on the subs, it also takes away from the viewing experience?

        I would assume people would focus more on what’s actually going on in the anime at that moment after taking a cursory glance at the subs.

        • What are you, a bad reader? Do you have physical issues with your eyes? It’s possible to watch a show while reading subtitles. Crazy, I know, but you don’t have to focus all of your attention on the subs to the extent you block out the animation. You are, quite honestly, the only person I’ve heard bring up that point in my five years of fansubbing.

          You’d only “take a cursory glance at the subs” if you didn’t care about what was happening or if you were able to speak Japanese. Most people like to understand the show they’re watching.

        • That’s how you’re supposed to read subs. You quickly glance over them and return your focus to what’s happening on-screen. However, if the subs have poor phrasing or grammar, they catch your eye and force you to put more effort into actually reading them, distracting you from the show. If subs are done properly, they don’t draw my attention at all and I can just focus on enjoying the visuals.

          • To be clear, I don’t think D_S and I are defining “glancing over the subs” the same way. I obviously read the subs, but that takes next to no effort/time when they’re good. A quick glance is all it takes to read the subs if you’re not stumbling over mistakes that make you double-take.

    • “nobody gives a flying fuck”
      Well that is just wrong, I have been a long time fan of anime and to me which fansubber to choose from is a critical decision in my anime viewing. Sure, can choose any fansub group but small errors in subtitles lke others said really takes joy from my viewing experience. Furthermore your argument of “this site is useless” could not be more further from the truth. In my opinion I am just plain tired from reading summary after summary of the show if I want that I can just go to wikipedia. On that note this website is doing something that I have never seen before which is a real fansub review and not some dumbass poll showing which fansubber is better for X show (—>animelist).

  17. Oh yes, people getting butthurt over an anime blog popularity contest. Excellent. Voted whiners for lulz, but I’m not sure you necessarily need to win for the fallout to be enjoyable.

  18. Just seeing how crazy and thoughtless the comments of lolhipster is.
    Just seeing how self-conceited D_S is… ¬¬
    Oh, and I see a lot of people that can’t actually see what’s better, because they want to see bad things happening -.-‘

    Maaaan… I really think that giving different opinions about the animations, storyline and cast is much important than Fansub reviews (it’s not useless).

    I don’t really think that your reviews are bad. You seem to pay attention to a lot of details. But man, the way you described your opponent is really annoying and I’m sure you offended someone.

    And no, Metanorn isn’t a copy of Star Crossed. They are very different. I would like you to at least read the posts before talking bad about others.

    • I don’t know about other people who follow this blog, but I don’t really give two shits about other people’s opinions of the shows I watch. Without opinions, (if included) episodic blogs are either just A)spoilers if I haven’t watched that particular episode or B) “Remember that show you just watched? Well here is what happened in it!”
      The only thing I do care about is being able to understand what is happening in a coherent way via subtitles. Thus, the only thing worth writing about are the differences in subtitles from group to group.

      • Well, I really do care about other opinions, after all, when you are really aniblogging, and not “subblogging”, you can share your opinions about how good, or how bad was this show, and if you disagree, you can make opinions freely. And specially on Metanorn, you have various different points of views, after all they are fans of different genres and on top of all, they are from different countries and cultures, and it makes the difference.

        When you are talking about Sub Reviews, you can discuss just about how words are translated on a subtitle, and almost never you can discuss if it is right or wrong. Wait, you can discuss about what typing the fansub used, and if the color is right, and if the glow isn’t too excessive… Yeah, that’s about it. A little more meaningless, in my opinion.

          • Blogs can be used for anything, and it not excludes the discussion.

            And, no. It’s not what matters, after all I don’t watch anime for the subs, but for the show, to see the animation, the story and the characters developing. And I’m not saying that the subs are useless, because I can’t watch it without subs, but I think that the anime itself is way more important than the subtitles.

          • If you don’t want discussion, then why do people bother to comment here? The point of a blog is doing what you want on it.

            The entire controversy boils down to what you care about. “X is what I find more important, thus Y is useless (to me but let’s generalize that)” is the main argument around there.

        • If you think it’s impossible to have a discussion on whether a sentence is grammatically correct or not, you obviously haven’t been around here very much. English grammar has a lot of subjective/stylistic rules, and writing properly involves evaluating these rules and applying them in a coherent and logical manner.

            • That’s fine, and I can understand why Dark_Sage’s reviews might seem superfluous to non-native English speakers. However, for those of us who have a solid grasp of the language, script quality is a lot more important and is a worthy topic of discussion.

    • I’d stomach reading Metanorn or Star Crossed if it were not for just one damned thing. Both sites are just so damned boring to read.

      First impressions vs first impression. Episode by episode reviews. What do I get? What is the point? I’ll watch the show if I want to. Not read the play by play. This is akin to listening to a friend who proceeds to in excruciating detail explain what just happened on the TV show we were just watching between the ads. If I’m not paying attention, I’m not likely interested in the show. If I am, why would I find anything he says meaningful beyond sheer repetition?

      • Both have First Impressions, both have Weekly reviews, after all, almost any Aniblog have those two sections. What matters is not what it is, but what it have, what is it’s content. The style of the Star Crossed is simple and they give their opinions in short words and in a objective way, giving grades on each aspect of the show they are reviewing, while Metanorn is an aniblog written on a very different structure, having many times about two anibloggers reviewing an anime, and when you have different opinions coming from person who knows how to analyze an anime gives you the security to watch an anime and know that it will not be a dumb ecchi anime, or that it will have animations of 90s decade. Metanorn have a more subjective analysis, and reading to the posts of StarCrossed and Metanorn you can clearly see that there are many cases when both have opposing opinions.

        Oh, and generally, you watch the show before reading an aniblog. And if you didn’t watched it before, you can always jump directly to the opinion part of the post, since they do divide their posts into the synopsis part and the opinion part.

        But anyways, this is not the problem here… The problem is how claims to be soooooo above every other aniblog. While the other blogs that competed against Metanorn had a friendly atmosphere, D_S are way out of this path, and even if he claims that Aniblog Tourney is stupid, he wants to win soo much ¬¬ I simply hate this kind of person. Oh, but don’t worry, your reviews are good. And worth the time reading.

        • I fail to see how why I would rest safe knowing a blog wouldn’t cover given topics, even if I was very averse to reading about them. Both are subjective; SCAB is, as you say, simply more concise. Saying “XYZ anime isn’t very well paced” is just as subjective as “I didn’t like XYZ anime’s pacing”. Dark_Sage’s point is that his blog is 10x more original than 90% of the blog combine, rather a fair point. His contempt for aniblogs isn’t universal; read his day-by-day analysis for plenty of proof. That two people with opinions sometimes disagree is inevitable. Icec0ld’s point is that it is pointless to read such a blog, given that he doesn’t need what he just saw explained and interpreted.

          • Sooo .-. Are you talking that originality is all that matters? Well, let’s use anime as an example. If an anime with a totally original storyline that anyone has never seen before is bad voice acted, have bad animation and is very, very confuse, would you still watch it? ¬¬ Guess not. And nooo, aniblogs isn’t about explaining and interpreting animes -.-‘ Damn… You could read aniblogs sometimes and see that they give OPINIONS, and not simply synopsis.

            • Originality certainly isn’t all that matters, but it is definitely a large factor in any creative process. What point is there watching a movie which has a generic plot and stock standard characterisations? I would certain opt for the unique, but poor implemented film. In the same vein, I would much prefer reading an original article, even if it was poorly written, than a generic article.

              Anyway, the person you likely should be bringing this up with is Dark_Sage, not me, as it’s his sentiment.

              As for reading aniepiblogs, I have read some, and found them to be completely inane. I, along with many others, frankly couldn’t care less about John Citizen’s opinion on episode 8, and even if I was interested, I’d probably use a different medium to discuss them. As you said, they simply summarise an episode and provide a worthless commentary.

              Consider this: If half of all of the active episodic blogs shut down, what would we stand to lose? There would still be a hundred blogs that serve the same purpose, providing the same, generic discussion.

              • Somehow I feel like your first paragraph goes a little against the point of fansub reviews but w/e. It also reminds me of script vs typesetting. But as I said, w/e. Let’s talk about the more important stuff: what if generating and expanding this bland discussion is what a significant part of the anime watchers want?

                What we would lose if half the active episodic blogs were to shut down? Not much really. But the way I see it, there are people who want to share their thoughts, people who appreciate these, people who form a large community and in turn open their own blog to spread their way (*). Here is my answer to your question: We wouldn’t lose much on a larger scale, but for each individual who had the dedication to write something regularly, however generic it may be, it would be a missed oportunity to experience something semi-social with people who share your interests and a writing exercice.

                What made me discover the aniblogging world is wanting to read and talk more about a certain ridiculously hipster anime. Out of all the blogs I’ve checked in the tourney, only two of them reviewed it regularly (I’m not even asking for weekly, though they both did it so), and a few other bloggers barely mentioned it. There were hardly any big review for the end of its first season either (it’s a recent anime). This is a rare case, but it makes me aware of another point: diversity. There is diversity, like there would be between two fansubs groups’ releases. You find it in the writing style, in the people who frequent the blogs etc… but you (general you) don’t care about it. Because since it doesn’t interest you, you’re not going to look at what you consider as details. But again, to the people who are interested, it matters.

                JPNIgor’s reply to me further down made me think of something: the problem is more about the number of episodic anime blogs than their content. They are more or less the norm, and is the only fansubs review blog, so when (you know it’s going to happen) somebody opens another blog doing the same thing, what are you guys going to say? That it’s a cheap imitation and lack the original’s punch? If reviewing subs became the new aniblogging norm, what would you say? The exact same thing you’re saying about episodic blogs.

                (*) Not sure how to say that. It sounds a bit out of place, especially when considering the nature of this blog, but please forgive me as English isn’t my native language.

        • This is one of the best actual critique I read among this pile of trolling and popcorning. I agree with the importance of good subs but if the “generic” anime blogs are so popular, then they have an audience and probably (gasp!) their own personality. If a Whiners reader doesn’t care about episodics it’s fine, but there are people who do care about them. Example giving I see lots of people saying they will read first impressions to decide what to watch.

          There’s too much generalisation going on everywhere. Nobody would invest time into reading an unknown blog in-depth for a circle jerking tournament. D_S barely even mentioned Metanorn!

          I may have voted for Whiners if the people here were less “Episodics are good for nothing and all the same. D_S is better and the only one giving useful stuff.” and more “What we have there is original, remarkable, and frankly not half bad” because I believe it has a niche. (And entertainment of course) My only complaint would be that you don’t seem to know japanese yourself and that being accurate to the original meaning (especially on plot points) is what I think is most important in a sub.

          • Oh, thanks ^^

            Yeah, I agree that subs have their importance, since if something is not interpreted right by the fansub, you might get confused.

            And I can see that there is many people who really have their mind already made and their opinion is above any aniblog out there. But what pisses me off is this great amount of haters who is voting to Whiners because they want to see something, oooh big and great and never seen happen on this tourney. And this generalization too, I can’t stand watching them bad mouthing every aniblogs, when they haven’t read even half of them.

            And this “oh we are original, so we are going to win” is dumb. I bet that there was one time when the first aniblog appeared and it was original too, and then, later, appeared this many aniblogs around the web. is original, but I’m sure that one day, someone will get tired of just reading, and will want to write too, and then, there will appear other subblogs, too.

            • Why would they read two if they have an idea of one and they are all the same to them anyway? Metanorn is basically -oh wait no scratch that- only a cluttered SCAB. It makes me sad to see this behavior, even though I understand it. And who cares about one whiner (pun intended) anyway?

              But what matters is the present! Originality /is/ a good point. Besides, if you’re original and popular, you’re obviously going to see others do the same thing. It’s natural to expand an idea with your own spin. You could also find originality in episodic blogs, but it’s obviously not at the same level as when you compare it to Whiners.

              I myself compare the two groups releasing my favorite anime when I have the occasion so Whiners interests me. I don’t know if I would read it on a regular basis though. I’ll probably just look at his groups classment per anime to pick one group for the rest of the anime. I don’t care all that much about the subs as long as it’s watchable and mostly understandable.

              Despite what I said, I have to admit I would have gladly voted for Whiners for how entertaining this whole affair is. I’m already having a blast with the comments here! It seems my will to understand the inner workings of this community and my interest in the “betterment” of the aniblogging sphere (since this seems to be an underlying theme in the tourney) is stronger. Note that I don’t want to be holier-than-thou (or w/e is the correct phrase) but as an aspiring engineer how to optimize everything, make them more popular and understanding how they work is a passion.

              PS: Being able to italicize/embold/strike in your comments would be great!

  19. You know D_S, I don’t know enough about assholes to know whether you are one or not, but if it is okay with you, I will make a quick comment.

    Throughout this tourney, you have criticized anime-bloggers for getting butthurt over criticism. Now, I think you are absolutely right about that.

    Most of us anime-bloggers take negative remarks rather seriously and overreact quite quickly. This is likely not a good thing.

    But you know what, most humans are like that. Most of us react rather strongly to criticism.

    And you know what, that includes you to sweetie. I hope you don’t get upset by me saying this, but your comments on Enzo’s post (and a few of the tourney posts to) made you seem quite butthurt.

    I am not really sure where I was going with this, but I guess, it is sometimes good to step back a little and think about your reasoning is totally right or not. (Not saying you are wrong, but it is good to occasionally think about whether you are or not.)

    Anyway, good luck in the final and if you lose, then I will give you a virtual hug or something. :P

    • I find it hard to be butthurt when I’m having so much fun. That’s pretty much my view on the entire situation.

      • i love how your standard replies are always
        -“lol butthurt”
        -“you’re illiterate”
        -and “i’m having so much fun here!”

        show me one time where you didn’t do that. you want to come across as a troll, but the truth is you’re just spineless.

        are you never going to take responsibility for any goddamn thing you said? and i know, i can’t smack you, that’s what i usually so to juvenile behaviour of this kind, so there is no point in being upset.
        still, the behaviour you promote, and all the “for teh lulz” comments here make me want to fucking puke.

        • If you’re consistently being told you’re butthurt and illiterate, perhaps you should look into why people are saying that instead of whining about how it keeps happening. ;)

        • Listen, cunt, you can’t accuse people of doing nothing but calling you names by calling others names. This is what we learned people refer to as ‘hypocrisy’. The reason why people accuse you of illiteracy is that you haven’t demonstrated the ability to write a grammatically correct sentence — a pretty solid standard for literacy. The reason why you’re accused of being butthurt is the angry, indignant and holier-than-thou attitude you adopt in your posts – the very definition of butthurt. Finally, the reason why others enjoy this exchange is just how pathetic you’re acting.
          If you want to have a proper debate, fine — but first you’ll have to show a modicum of maturity.

            • Lol, I love the tildes; they show just how much you’ve flipped your shit if you’re resorting to adding playful elements into your posts.

              • whoops~~ wrong again.
                can’t deal with me not “flipping my shit”?

                well, lets just say i’m changing my approach here.
                but actually i’ve been writing pretty playfully even before this. it just wasn’t as obvious. so it took the tildes to make you realize? i’m dissapointed~

  20. Anime fans on the internet are such fascinating creatures! I’m shocked that even Guardian_Enzo, who makes decent episodic reviews with an aura of maturity would stoop so low as to call Whiners a force of evil. All of this reveals that a great majority of us fans are a bit too aggressive towards each other even when we share such great enthusiasm for anime in common. Why is there so much butthurt? Can’t we all just enjoy or Japanese cartoons? Thank you so much for the entertainment, Dark_Sage.

  21. There really are limitless sources of autism to exploit here, so of course I voted for you. Who could pass up this much potential fun?

  22. I’m actually surprised there isn’t more butthurt. Hardly surprising that people get overly defensive and resort to petty insults when their hobby is being derided as inane, especially considering the nature of said hobby, no matter how truthful the observation is. Dark_Sage, you’re a class A shit-stirrer– and that’s why we love you.

    • ..which makes you what, shit eaters?
      funny how it’s probably true. you must really love “shit”. oh yes~ gobble it up, bathe in it. shit is so fucking awesome.

      the alternative: grow the fuck up.

      • >..which makes you what, shit eaters?
        funny how it’s probably true. you must really love “shit”. oh yes~ gobble it up, bathe in it. shit is so fucking awesome.

        You seem to be indulging in it more than anyone here.

        • oh believe me, i’m literally swimming in shit just by being here! now excuse me i’ll go take a shower.

      • Or perhaps you could look up words before dismissing them. Oh, and look up ‘hypocrisy’, ‘prick’ and ‘juvenile’ while you’re at it.

        • jeez~ if you’re gonna be like this, let me adress your points then.

          of course i know its hypocrisy. but i don’t care and it’s beside the point anyway. also, my pride won’t allow me to treat him in a respectful manner. the reason? because he is a juvenile prick.

          and in case you still don’t fucking get it: he is acting like a juvenile prick. everyone here is. most likely even i myself right now. but i don’t care. cometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

          did that give you enough insight? sometimes it’s just amazing how bad people are at reading in between the lines.

          • In case YOU don’t get it, he writes these wry posts for humour. No-one here, apart from apparently yourself, takes Dark_Sage seriously when he comes up with a colourful way of telling you to kill yourself. It’s your right to feel grated by his abrasive personality, but it’s incredibly pathetic for you to make it your personal struggle to post abusive replies to every comment you read on a given blog. The only one who thinks it necessary to “fight fire with fire” is yourself. I understood your motivation fifty comments back, but you still seem to be averse towards actually questioning them. In short, swallow your pride and stop acting the fool. Or don’t, I guess. Most seem quite amused by your butthurt comments. Perhaps we’ll be able to exceed the amount of comment on that Hyouka article.

            • >Perhaps we’ll be able to exceed the amount of comment on that Hyouka article.

              We’ve still got another day; let’s do this.

            • maan~ …ok, serious talk then.

              do you really believe someone like me cares about abrasive language? think about it for a second.
              that’s why i said hypocrisy is beside the point. because abrasive language is not the issue.

              it should’ve been obvious, but of course you don’t know what the problem at hand is. otherwise you wouldn’t defend such a useless person as dark_souls.

              honestly, i don’t feel like going anymore. there won’t be an end. you people are just too dense to even read my posts. keep playing kiddie games in this rotten place. just make sure you don’t spread your cancer.

              keep up the lulz, you fucking morons.

              • If you managed to read that far, then you surely read the part about questioning your motives. Look, I understand that you don’t like this site or its users, but whinging about it isn’t going to change anything. If you can’t help but riled by D_S’s posts, there’s an incredibly simple resolution. And no, you haven’t adequately explained the greater problem beyond “your opinions are stupid and they make me mad!” (great literary skills there, BTW).

                  • I understand that this bloke is likely too
                    stubborn and idiotic to listen, but feeding
                    the troll is just too tempting.

                • goddamnit just stop replying, will you? do you always need to have the last word~?

                  there really is no point in explaining. but you are wrong again. this site is just an fansub-review blog with an rather low quality community. i don’t care too much about all that. i was doing something out of principle here.
                  perhaps by doing this, i gave that motherfucker the attention he wanted. but i just think it was something that needed to be done.

                  like i said. doing something out of principle. can you relate? i knew i wouldn’t be able to talk normally with such a scumbag, but maybe someone else could see what i was talking about.
                  as for those who can’t…. figure it out yourself. i don’t owe you shit. and this is my last word.
                  wasted enough time on this already~

                  • If you didn’t want me to reply, you probably
                    shouldn’t pose questions to me, even if they are
                    rhetorical. Your principle is to… call out this ‘hipster newfag community’?
                    If it’s your principle to make retarded comments,
                    that’s fine by me, but you might wanna take a
                    good, hard look at yourself.
                    I wasn’t making out this site to be any more than
                    a drop in this ocean that is the internet, but
                    that’s exactly it: it’s just not worth the

                    • annoying. i said i wasn’t gonna reply but i just have to address this. this is as wrong as it gets.

                      “calling out this hipster newfag community”?
                      maybe that’s something you would do.
                      but fine. to end this, let me serve you the dish straight: i was trying to make people see that maybe, dark souls behaviour was immature and not just all “lulz”. that it was ignorant and stupid.
                      and i don’t need this kind of shit spreading around.
                      you need to have some respect for your fellow peers. EESPECIALLY when you know nothing about them.

                      forming stupid opinions like this is just not allowed.
                      glorifying it like some stupid zombie horde makes it even worse. “lulz” whatever. you’re just a pain in the ass. it’s just like i said before. learn what it means to be mature.
                      that said, i’ll just hope that somebody gets the point.

                      i’ve outlived my usefulness around here. goodbye.

                    • You just had to reply to me, eh? Those words
                      were YOURS and YOURS ALONE. I don’t know how
                      you intended to discredit people’s sense of
                      humour, but it fell flat. As I said earlier,
                      we like Dark_Sage for his shit-stirring and
                      wry posts. If you’re so offended, you can
                      fuck off back to your reputable community,

                    • >i said i wasn’t gonna reply but i just have to address this.
                      never say
                      >and this is my last word.
                      ’cause it’s never true

  23. Usually I don’t bother with these types of contests, but looking at all of the butthurt on here is making me laugh! I voted for Whiners because I want to see MORE…and most definitely want to read it all if you manage to win.

    I’ve got my popcorn ready for the show!

  24. Reading the comments section over at metanorn was a good laugh. Here’s hoping you win for the continued laughter.

  25. All the butthurt comments, such a great read first thing in the morning. Fuck it I’ll vote this time around in the hopes D_S wins, maybe some other blogs will implode or some shit if it happens. All for the lulz.

  26. funny, i frequent randomc and LiA since some of the things they write there actually makes sense.

    however, i also happen to like this site since it gives people a heads up on whose subs are the best to use for X shows also for the dorama and entertainment it provides. much like this post :))

    already voted in favor of whiners. ( ¬‿¬)

  27. Do those anibloggers noticed that if D_S serious and he only care about vote count, he can gather some fansub groups and spread the fun on their site.
    Overcome 700 votes is very easy if he decided to do that.

    • Well, he’s definitely serious about this thing.

      After all, he wouldn’t have spent this much time on it if he didn’t.

        • Oh, I’m sure that’s the case.

          But actual intended goal aside, he’s still taking this seriously so that he can achieve it :)

        • >some of the comments

          By that, you mean hipsters? I’m fairly sure he has more cumulative posts than anyone else by now. Kinda jealous, honestly, I can’t imagine devoting that much of my time and energy to a single page. Just goes to show how much his devotion to this site is ;)

    • I’m pretty sure every fansub group would tell Dark_Sage to suck a dick if he asked them to put up a post about this on their site. Because being arrogant and abrasive is the first requirement to being a true fansubber.

  28. Wow. This tournament suddenly took on new meaning with Guardian_Enzo’s post and the comments following it. Talk about passive-aggressive.

    Win or lose, the righteous indignation from the other side is very amusing. Keep it up, D_S.

  29. I love all the comments on the aniblog tourney site – they’re all like “I HATE YOU but imma vote for you anyway~” lol.

  30. Damn, too many comments.
    >shitty animu cool anime.
    >If Whiners wins the Aniblog finals, I’m sure someone will kill themselves.
    >Support sustainable populations.
    This is why I love your blog.You have my vote, again.

      • By Kyokai’s progressive logic:
        > “If this came under cheating, I wouldn’t have done it.”
        After some denial:
        > “Do you really think 2-3 votes matter?”
        After being called out by D_S on this issue:
        >”Sue me?”

        Ethics is not written in black and white. Just because it’s not written, doesn’t mean you should do it. I think I know who the real asshole is here.

        • Especially as 2-3 votes for each voters matters indeed. It means the victory against Star Crossed is doubtful at best and there are no doubt she’ll win cheating against Whiners…:P

        • I find it hilarious bloggers are calling D_S mean while being as back handed, snobby and backstaby as humanly possible about a mother-fucking blog popularity vote

        • @Lurker

          Much agreed.

          I just finished reading all of Kyokai’s responses and as far as I’m concerned, he embodies some of the things wrong in the the anime fandom community from what I can tell. You know, taking little competitions like this WAY too seriously to the point of becoming the butt-end of jokes and the like. I mean, he seemingly has no problem with cheating and if it had been the other way around, he’d be on here getting mad.

          The way he’s acting is one of the main reasons why I don’t see myself ever joining an anime-related fansite or forum, ever…or even subscribing to any aniblog.

      • Wow, just wow. I don’t mean to prejudge anything, but if you feel the need to cheat in order to win anything, ESPECIALLY an Internet competition, you MUST know deep down inside that you really have barely any amount of substantive content to offer, contributing to the idea that you site is just another run-of-the-mill aniblog site (read: generic garbage).

  31. By his logic it is okay as long as you have the machines and are not using proxies. This also means that people who have access to more than two or three machines can use all of them.
    Now, that’s about thirty IPv4 addresses and over two-hundred IPv6 addresses in my case – then again, I cast my single vote for DS, so I guess Kyokai would call it unethical if I were to act like him and use all the machines I can. It’s not about what is done but about who does it, after all.

  32. I just spent the last half hour reading all the lolhipster butthurt, and I have to say, his presence has provided enough incentive for me to actually vote in this silly tourney.

    Kudos, lolhipster.

    • Yeah, doesn’t seem likely that Dark_Sage is going to win, but I think all the “HA! WE DID IT! WE BEAT THE EVIL DARK SAGE!” might be almost as entertaining as the butthurt that would result from D_S winning.

      • Really? I personally think giving morons an ego boost will give them free rein to act like dickheads. But then again, I normally get grated by trolls.

        • This whole tournament is dumb, and the only reason I pay it any attention is because of the massive amounts of butthurt going on. I really don’t care about the results of the finals other than D_S winning would cause a massive boost in lotion sales. From that perspective, watching the anisphere celebrate their triumphant victory in something as pointless as the anime equivalent of American Idol would be almost as amusing.

          • At least in American Idol, there is money involved. Here, it’s just bragging rights over who had the longest advertisement campaign.

        • According to Yi, the tournament is just an advertisement campaign, so I see why they are desperate to win. It’s for their genuine survival. So I don’t hold any animosity towards them for that. I can see why they vote on multiple devices, and actively encourage others to do so as well.

          However, if I think of this as an actual competition, the ethical complications blows my mind.

  33. So if Metanorn was using multiple machines to vote more than once per person… Wouldn’t that mean they only won the semi final due to cheating? There was only like a 15 vote difference, after all, and Metanorn has like 10 staff members.

    They are truly sad and desperate.

      • I had no idea you could even do it. Only a terrible poll site would let you vote multiple times from the same IP address.

        • They used different machines that have different IP adresses (like voting from work or school) and said they didn’t feel it was cheating (or as much cheating as IPs wars anyway). That’s why the organisators checking for redundant IPs is pointless.

          We all know Kyokai did it, but it probably happened on practically every round from practically every blog (to a varying extent). It just got less attention than the big finale. D_S says he has inside info, but that’s another matter.

  34. I guess I should have voted from my phone and both of my laptops instead of only from my desktop.

    Sorry D_S, I let you down.


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