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And the winner is…

Congrats, ! You have won.


To everyone who entered, thanks for playing. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t win either.



Yes, as of this post the Review Summary is back in business. We’re still missing a few posts from Summer 2012, but I’ll have to work on getting those in sometime later (honestly, I may have to do remakes of them — I have the text and I have the images, but they need to go together). Oh, and if any groups used non-standard characters in their release titles, their images were probably corrupted in the migration. I think I saw around 6 reviews with those issues.

But other than that, we’re back. Wootz.



njd09 says:

Great job, !

Kamica says:

What’s next on the list? old fansubs? winter 2013 preview? crymore christmas?

Dark_Sage says:

Of those three, you’re most likely to see oldsubs first.

Humanity says:

More things to look forward to. Excellent.

P32L says:

“Whitewhitewhite”, eh? You some kind of supremacist?

P32L says:


And now I’m aware of how illogically “white” is spelt. Dammit.

FalseDawn says:

He’s a wight *chortle*

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