Official Subs Review: [Funimation] My Santa (Episode 1)

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It’s Christmastime and you know what that means! Yup! Time to watch everyone’s favorite OVA – My Santa!


>reminding me I’d rather be watching Haruhi Suzumiya


>Ken Akamatsu


Nope, my time is worth more than that.



So instead, this is a letter of intent. Assuming I can get everything assembled, we’re gonna be having ourselves a translation party for Bakemonogatari with the following participants:

[qIIq] – A combination of people too stupid for gg (qq) and a Russian fansub group that thought the English scene would be fun.

[Koharubi] – Dark_Sage’s old group, with the subs edited by a Dark_Sage who thought editors were just supposed to check spelling and grammar issues.

[Koharubi] – No, I didn’t stutter. This Koharubi will be rintaun’s re-release for the blus. I can only assume it will be better, but AFAIK he did this all by himself so who the fuck knows?

[gg] – The group to whom I sent QC notes in 2008, informing them they sucked at English. Was I right?

[Aniplex] – A fucking sack of shit company which charged me fucking $150 for a fucking shitty Bake boxset so these better fucking be the best goddamn subs I’ve ever watched in my life.


That is, assuming I can get all that shit. Everything is dependent on the subs I can acquire, and you’ll only know which ones I managed to get when the translation party comes out. I’m basically telling you all this to add -Suspense-. Cuz, like, that’s what I’m supposed to do with a hype post, yeah?

Even if I can’t get everything up, I can assure you it will at least be enjoyable with Puddi’s TL Party system in place. Take it as a test run for what Winter 2013 has in store for us~


Oh, and





Humanity says:

So it begins…

thecowgoesmoo says:

Winner: nobody. You drink yourself into a drunken stupor, and we all facepalm ourselves into a concussion-induced coma.

Neko-Chan says:

Loving the background and shit banner <3

Oh Dark_Sage, you put quality into everything.

Dark_Sage says:

Every possible field <3

damon says:

wtf with this half neko girl in the background and shitty banner? Forgot to QC? ┐(‘~`;)┌

Dark_Sage says:

Umm, what? Excuse me? That is Mew Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew) and Snowflake (OC). They are two different individuals and they are not “half neko”. They are a race of superior beings with great powers known as Mew Mews. Please don’t tarnish their names with your dismissive tone.

Also, the banner carries on the GaiaOnline tradition of placing a Santa hat on your character around holiday time. The more hats, the more holiday spirit, and that’s exactly what you see in my banner.

Honestly, at least do a little RESEARCH before you post next time!

ahoge says:

Will you use qIIq HDTVs or qIIq-THORa BluRays?

Dark_Sage says:

qIIq-THORa’s version, though I’m not sure if there will be a difference or not.

Sheep says:

My body will be ready for this party. I will make sure of it.

kokujin-kun says:

>so these better fucking be the best goddamn subs
>I’ve ever watched in my life.

Bwaahahahaha! You’re such a kidder… oh wait, you’re serious? 0_o

FalseDawn says:

>Even if I can’t get everything up

You should see a doctor about that.

TL Note: gg means SHIT says:

I remember when gg kicked this guy from their TL team because they found out he was a bilingual English Major and professional translator.

Good times.

FalseDawn says:

They kicked him for being too good?

Dark_Sage says:

I doubt that’s the full story.

P32L says:

“TL Note: gg means SHIT” may be somewhat biased? Never!

Humanity says:

Maybe he was only bilingual in English and Spanish.

wethericers says:

>Translate from Spanish subs
>Spanish subs are translations of the English releases

Genius :D

archdeco says:

>I’m basically telling you all this to add -Suspense-.

This -Suspense- is killing me.

sakagamitomoya says:

This TL party: D_S Bias General

njd09 says:

The picture alone was worth my time, would read again

kkslider says:

Do you know if anyone translating and timing the commentary for Bake? I downloaded a translated one but the timing made it impossible to watch.

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