63 thoughts on “Sometimes Drunk_Sage does stupid things… like buying 21 copies of the (2006-hit) My-Otome Zwei special edition boxset”

  1. Yes, because buying them at $2 each really set you back.

    Speaking of which, I need to pay you back for the one you got me. Also, I need to get you your Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 disc back.

        • You’re talking 6-7 shots there! Maybe over the course of a day I could, yeah, but I predict that by the time I finish in, say, a 12-hour period, the initial shots would be dried. It wouldn’t be artistic enough. Sure, I could display it in a gallery as the “Decay of Mankind” or something — you know, as some deep retrospective on the concept of death and aging as it relates to humanity — but as a proper “cumming on objects” art piece, it wouldn’t really be all there. For it to work properly, I’d need a couple other dudes to run a bukkake train on that bitch, and I don’t think I’d be able to find enough willing gentlemen in my hometown for that. Well, I suppose I could find willing ones, but not any gents I’d be able to share so intimate of a moment with, y’know? So that only leaves me with the option to decline your suggestion under the basis that it’s impossible to achieve the required goals for such a noble event.

      • Somewhere right now, an Otome fan is crying. You have to think to yourself, what are the chances that that person lives in my town? Now think to yourself, what are the chances he has shit taste?

  2. Took me a second glance to notice that six boxes were not in fact the same as the other fifteen. wtf? Or I guess it’s just the back cover, which happens to be rotated relative to the front cover?

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