Hyobu Kyosuke is good so we’re gonna sub that

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ETA later today

Courtesy of Whine-Subs Hyobu Kyosuke - The Unlimited

Prepare your body.



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  1. This means that we’ll have to watch Doki for Tamako Market. That group has put out some decent releases in the past so hopefully they don’t disappoint here.

    Anyways, Hyobu Kyosuke has potential and i’ll be anxiously awaiting your subs!

            • No, that was a joke/lie. The log file I posted WAS accurate in the sense that I didn’t add anything to it, but the actual logs tell a different story.

              <Dark_Sage> Yo just came in to say that I completely support your Tamako Market plans. If there’s any support I can offer in terms of distro, etc. to ensure that you release first for the show, please let me know.
              <~Arashi> . 。O
              <~Arashi> Am I reading correctly
              <~Arashi> Oi someone hit me in the head
              <Dark_Sage> Nah, and I’m actually being serious
              <Dark_Sage> Anything short of lending you my staff or me, just lemme know.
              <~Arashi> …
              * ~Arashi must be dreaming
              <~Arashi> >.< * ~Arashi grabd Dark_Sage <~Arashi> get a grip man ;__; <Dark_Sage> Don't get me wrong. I just think it would be a great way to piss off Commie and gg. They pride themselves on speedsubs. If you're faster, they lose out on e-penis, which is their only sense of self-worth. <~Arashi> It's this kind of schadenfreude that makes me remember why I started subbing in the first place. <Roop> I have two servers ready for distro <~Arashi> I have one <~Arashi> # d_s <~Arashi> @ d_S <~Arashi> .access add Dark_Sage 3 <~Arashi> well Dark_Sage thnx for the offer. <~Arashi> and yes, we will try to get it out beofre any other group Fansubbing is boring these days, so I thought I'd stir up the pot.

  2. I hope this show isn’t “good” in the same sense that Fam and Arcana Famiglia were “good”. Did you double check with independent third parties?

    • I watched it first. That’s why it took so long to make an announcement post. Didn’t know we were doing it until I watched it. :S

  3. only in the darkness can I judge the nature of the crime~
    I can take, we can make, get it for new world… the solution~
    レベルよりも高い空を 流離い続けるoutlaws~
    孤独なんて翼になる 傷だらけの堕天使~

    Including OP/ED subs or not?

  4. Instead of working on shows that CR and other groups are already doing, I’m sure your editing talents would be better placed checking up Doremi’s Hyouge Mono. They’re doing a butcher’s job of it. Huzzah’s attempt at Ye Olde English was sometimes overdone, but it was otherwise enjoyable and one could make sense of the script. Now, the contrived plots of samurai tea masters remain almost as undecipherable to me in English as in Japanese :(


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