Courtesy of Whine-Subs: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited Episode 01 Addendum: The ED’s Engrish

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Usually the Whine-Subs Addendums come AFTER we release the show, but whatever.


Since most fansubbers just transcribe Japanese scripts and cipher them into Engrish, Whine-Subs will proudly take this a step further by transcribing the Engrish in The Unlimited’s ED and ciphering it into Engrish. Checkmate, fansubs.


Secret Document A

Documents 01Documents 02Documents 04Documents 05Documents 07

In chief of
According to the
The origin of the name


capacity of an unknown level.
the degree of super-high, both types and lev
(but , I found that it was more than six times more than
capacity function as super-secret military army troops, were
hock who __ the forehead, with aroused ability
thr__th this __ the storage of Minamoto that you will need to
and future Kaoru Ito – Issue nine is lacking the protection, it was not broken even Shiho itself, th
the war __ Hyobu and __ solved __cause it is was.


Although usually natural politician people, irritability rather than its real, very popular. Although it endeared from members of Pandra, from whimsical to show the action
or just reckless __ without __ same time, or you may be amazed as Gara and anxiety. We also possess ruthless and brutal one side, I would be killed nonchalant
Esper also the same __ who do __ yourself again. Therefore, there are many that hate hate Hyobu Esper. I assert that because it was killed or betrayed by the normal in the
to the normal itself is ruthless and can not understand the feelings of Esper Esper only to same. There are things that helped normal girl once, that she just looked like Kaoru simply,
it is capricious reasons.but often also the headache of the members of Pandra, the principal is also seen depiction as if you are doing on purpose as fodder for the birth before the
and preferences sense is shifted considerably with the surroundings.

It is basically wearing school uniform does not suit the age, this is also the meaning of mourning for yourself and also fellow
Although it is intended to create a paradise of Esper frees us Esper that has been marginalized to normal, it has been assumed the completely excluded the normal
from the world, and claim that much and not give absolutely also be persuaded to Kaoru are. Because it was trying to kill even the Fujiko reason murder calmly, that gets in the way as
described above, those who do not like, but it would be Esper same, a paradise of Esper that ideal Hyobu, when compared exactly but “also say “the world of only” you agree with the
of the Esper yourself. “Italy – We predict the future using the brain of item (viii), and is intended to change the future for he also ideal above. Along with the leadership of the war in
future and therefore to eliminate the “ghost black,” and the queen of Pandra Kaoru on that draws children members, starting with Kaoru, I’m moving and trying to savior of Esper all
When it comes, I pull Kaoru does not mean that all members of the Pandra has been agreed, however. We also wanted to avoid last moment tragic Kaoru in addition to the ideals of th
in the final chapter of Part elementary school, it is trying to return the boy a book all at the expense of their own for that also.

Be placed in the custody of the house found the ability to see

in the sense of nasty” as the little brother

reasonably Fujiko things. During the war I had
member of the ultra-secret military troops army a predeces

lso Battle of Okinawa, when he visited Okinawa with the members of Pandra after th
the war dead regardless of whether the Esper also normal.
recovered – captain who knew that you predict the future from the brains of item
hooting the Hyobu in House seen bud is not at that time).
survive the massacre us super-secret military ability and executive force comma

yed by his superiors and the homeland that
in the same way as normal, leading to the
staff. The associate in childbirth 5 at the
ent in a tree Ken was 12 years old at that
as trapped in Te Babel.

with the worst crime Esper, Minamoto pot until it is told from paulownia
ecord, were in the facility, he is merely convenient to becau

from Pandra, this is what class of w
out poor physical conditi
le to), or is it


Secret Document B

Documents 06

embers and executive

of the leaders of Pandra 26 years old at the first appearance, now 29 years old. We can be in
mixed into it. Because, are easy to use carbon ____ also ___ (only a
fly by deformed wings long hair, use psychic powers also to assist as well.

admit, well, the ___ hiding the true identity of your neighborhood assoc
the rookie trainer even in Pandora, Mio and Patty had formed a duo with him well in rookie er
nking and flexible, when further confined with us Kaoru to safe large with ECM to “ordinary peo”

justment of the force or bad, when
from the shock of waking up to lost family
cool image contrary to the fat middle-aged father Moe attribute possession actually solid. Tun


Secret Document C

Documents 03Documents 07 Documents 08Documents 01

ne.” As the name suggests, Hadecchi in muscular transvestite. Regardless of the biological inanimate object (including itself), has the ability to
domen below the belly button (on the depiction groin) is release __ hardens at full power from Big Magnum and ___. To Hyobu are given fr
melting of steel” or “scythe Muscle”, the so-called __. In male pervert who loves beauty, and costumes and ___ muscle, there is
d the Minamoto. Responsible for the punch line, but the jokes out to demonstrate the intense transformatio

pretty racy, it also has experience from the original were bullied in elementary s
ubt also slightest sense of itself, better sense of normal around wrong with conve
e cause of the bullying, he would reach by joining the Pandra but was.
their youthful Rin very much. Sometimes to dress sensible out of necessity, at that time,

but it such so you have nailed the look of women in various destinations, and things “can not live’m dressed ugly like that,” says his.
It is a transformation that everyone around you admit, well, the basic character per capita is hiding the true identity of your neighborhood association has
Because a lot of veteran, has been contrasted with the rookie trainer even in Pandora, Mio and Patty had formed a duo with him well in rookie era. for example, p
Minamoto, possess also view a wide range of thinking and flexible, when further confined with us Kaoru to safe large with ECM to “ordinary people” is executive reckon
Because of the things you’ve been together washing underwear, it has been from the fall foliage but dislike.
is very high practical skills, claiming __ after acquiring the nationality federal Robieto, Japan became the ambassador to Japan federal Robieto. Or do
and the concession or negotiation over offshore oil mining rights with the Government of Japan, has demonstrated its ability as an ambassador without regret.
Appeared with the words for a moment, but also to the theater Sunday CM. I have emerged from the first episode to the anime version. Or partly for that reason,
above all the many other characters who the official site of the anime and it has been introduced as the “main characters” friend and foe alike.

Patty Crew

Member “black ghost” original. Children and girl of the same age. An ability to __ in the particle-based teleport body itself. If you take pri
the spell of the black ghost received by members or the release __ due to incomplete release three of the Children
You do not remember than Yuri was brainwa__ In addition, as the proportion is well
Hobby is lucky, but also to __ valve plate valve which charac
Referring to the dates
“dream rotten” __ hat was no l




Based on these documents, we made a number of decisions for naming options in our release. For example, the canonical name for Hyoubu is clearly “Hyobu”. The Japanese creators intended for his name to be “Hyobu” in English, so that’s what we’re going with. Any other naming is considered non-canon and completely against the principles of Great Nippon. Thank you for understanding.

We will also be using many of the revelations here in the Unlimited script track. We owe it to Japan.

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