Courtesy of Whine-Subs: Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited (Episode 01v2)

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I’d have to be hospitalized before we drop this one. [v2 up now, we don’t talk about the v1]

Default Script


Crunchyroll base translation (which was actually pretty damn good). Generitranslations (“it can’t be helped”, etc.) removed, character speech slightly modified to make them less generic (Hyobu more flamboyant, Andy more American), English inaccuracies fixed, general flow improved. This was generally a pretty easy script to work with, so don’t expect absolute brilliance here, but it should be more enjoyable than CR’s, even if only slightly more.

Typesetting and karaoke were also added to both scripts. The songs used a lot of Engrish, so just be aware we’ll change ’em whenever official lyrics come out.



Unlimited Script

[this is the “joke” script, the “regular” script is enabled by default. you have to switch to see this]


This will be quite different from the Whine-Subs releases. I think you’ll technically understand the show with this release, but I suggest you try the regular version first. This is aimed at those with more advanced power levels who can handle layers of plot complexity.

Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited – Unlimited. The story so far:


The world’s peoples are divided into two camps — espers and normals (known derisively by espers as normalfags). Hyobu Kyosuke, the hero of the story, is a metrosexual sex deviant with a flair for the dramatic. He leads an organization known as P.A.N.D.A. — a group dedicated to combating the normalfags of the world who look down on espers and call them ESPies.

Episode 01 (spoilers!):

Breaking into a prison for espers run by a ruthless military dictatorship, Hyobu attempts to rescue his sister who has been captured and is being used as the prison’s cum dumpster. In doing so, Hyobu meets up with a young man named Andy Himomiya. Falling in love with Andy, Hyobu persuades him to join the otaku supergroup of deviants, P.A.N.D.A. But all is not as as it seems, for Andy is actually working for the normalfags. Will Andy be corrupted by the otaku and become one of them, or will he crush their deviancy once and for all? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in Hyobu Kyosuke – The Unlimited – Unlimited.



Nyaa 01v2:

Patch (for the poor bastards who trusted me to release an 01 without errors):




Nighty – OP TL

fotc – ED TL

Caly – KFX

Fgg – Didn’t want to typeset but did anyway

furzi – Encode

Sutai – made us drop Tamako

Dark_Sage – script stuff


v2 check for no v3 shenanigans:

We’re good this time.

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    • DS did not include an xdelta.exe on the archive file. Also, when you try to patch it, it will return an error [], saying that it can’t find the file on F:\(blah blah).

      If you have an F: drive then just put the files there and run the bat file. Else, you have to edit the bat file and enter:
      xdelta3 -d -s “[Whine-Subs]_The_Unlimited_-_Hyobu_Kyosuke_01_[1280×720][D161D9DF].mkv” “WhineHyobu01Patch.xdelta” “[Whine-Subs]_The_Unlimited_-_Hyobu_Kyosuke_01v2_[1280×720][0A5D52B0].mkv”

  1. Congratulations, you’ve done what nobody has been able to do in the last 21 years: You’ve found a way to make me watch the exact same thing twice in a row.

  2. The patch is a zipped folder with a batch script and a windows executable?

    Your critique and subs are stellar, but please. Nobody with a reasonably sized dick in their hands would ever use Winderp.

    Linux or gtfo. Gimme a $(diff | patch) for christ’s sake.

    • Status is Fuck My Job and 10 kbps internet. Eta tonight on hyobu. I’m not taking project lead on tamako so who knows when that will be out. Tomorrow I assume.


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